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<ul><li><p>Experience The Fun On Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Packages </p><p>Buddhism is one of the most ancient and the largest religions of the world. Buddhism tour in </p><p>India providing Buddhist pilgrimage tour in India and its sub - continent. Millions of Buddhist </p><p>pilgrims make their way to India and Nepal with different Buddhism tour Itineraries and </p><p>packages. Several Buddhism destinations in India are related to life and passing away of the </p><p>Buddha and Buddhism. Buddhist tour Itineraries covers almost all the important Buddhist sites </p><p>in India as well as Nepal. </p><p>What Is Buddhism - </p><p>Buddhism first came to be in the world in the 6th century BCE, and has remained a famous </p><p>philosophy since its rise till today. It started in present day Nepal, when Siddhartha Gautama, </p><p>born a prince, attained enlightenment at the age of 29. After this, he was requested to teach, </p><p>and as a result taught the first Wheel of Dharma. </p><p>Buddhist tour in India has its own significance and joy. This journey enables you to explore the </p><p>renowned Buddhist temples, stupas, vihars, pilgrimage destinations etc. Buddhist attractions </p><p>are world popular and have become major piece of attraction for the global Buddhist </p></li><li><p>enthusiasts lot of Buddhist lovers come in India from varied parts of the globe to cherish the </p><p>footprints of Lord Buddha. Buddhist pilgrimage tour packages in a journey are mainly </p><p>dedicated to the famous Buddhist destinations located in across the India. </p><p>Buddhist Destination in India - </p><p> Ajanta Ellora </p><p> Patna </p><p> Kushinagar </p><p> Nalanda </p><p> Sankasya </p><p> Sanchi </p><p> Kaushambi </p><p> Sarnath </p><p> Sravasti </p><p> Kashmir </p><p> Rajgir </p><p> Vaishali </p><p>What the Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Packages Include - </p><p>http://www.fourwheeldriveindia.com/buddhism-tours/</p></li><li><p> Tours Nights of hotel accommodation on twin sharing basis. </p><p> Breakfast during the stay. </p><p> Air Conditioned vehicle as per the tour. </p><p> Assistance on arrival &amp; departure transfers. </p><p> All applicable taxes included. </p><p>What the Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Packages Not Include - </p><p> Airfare and Train fare. </p><p> Personal expenses like Laundry and Extra meals etc. </p><p> Guide &amp; Driver tips &amp; gratuities. </p><p> Accompanied language guide. </p><p> Entrance fees for the monuments mentioned. </p><p>Source - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/experience-fun-buddhist-pilgrimage-</p><p>tour-packages-india </p><p>https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/experience-fun-buddhist-pilgrimage-tour-packages-indiahttps://www.linkedin.com/pulse/experience-fun-buddhist-pilgrimage-tour-packages-india</p></li></ul>