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A short discussion of Experience Centered Design Curriculum


  • 1. Experience-CenteredCurriculum DesignO closely related to child-centered designs inthat childrens concerns are the basis fororganizing childrens school world.O But they differ in the childrens needs andinterests cannot be anticipated.O Curriculum framework CANNOT bePLANNED for all children.

2. Teachers taskO Tocreate a stimulating learningenvironment in which students canexplore, come into direct contact withknowledge and observe others learningand actions.O To provide opportunities, not to mandatecertain actions. 3. STUDENTS essentially design their own learning ; theyCONSTRUCT and REVISE theirknowledge through directparticipation and activeobservation. 4. For John DeweyO Interest was purposeful.O Education should commence with theexperience learners already possessedwhen they entered school.O Experience was essentially the startingpoint for all further learning.O Children exist in a personal world ofexperiences. 5. O Their interests are personalconcerns, rather than bodies ofknowledge.The easy thing is to seize upon something in the nature of the child, or upon something in the developed consciousness of the adult, insist upon that as the key to the whole problem. -Dewey, 1900 6. StartingInterests Point Experience-Centered Design PersonalPersonalExperience Concerns 7. Dewey wanted EDUCATORS to: O ANALYZE childrens experiences and seehow these experiences shaped childrensknowledge. O THINK of the childs experience as fluidand dynamic. Thus, the curriculum wouldcontinually change to address studentsneeds. 8. O Those who have faith in each studentsuniqueness and ability.O Those who believe that an open, freeschool environment will stimulate allstudents to excel. 9. TEACHER who has design an experience-centered curriculum has designed potential experiences for students to consider.STUDENTS are empowered to shape theirown learning within the context furnished by the teachers.