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Tod Newcombe and Steve Towns from GOVERNING, and Michelle Leach from California Department of Insurance are invited to talk about their IT management challenge they met in their work.


  • 1. March 25, 2010 Digitizing Data Governments Growing IT Management Challenge SPONSORED BY

2. Opening Remarks Tod Newcombe Editor GOVERNING 3. Todays AgendaOpening Remarks Moderator, Tod Newcombe, Moderator, GOVERNINGSponsor Remarks Shail Trivedi, Senior Government and Utilities Business Consultant,Experian QASPanel Tod Newcombe, Editor, GOVERNING Steve Towns, Executive Editor, GOVERNING Michelle Leach, Project Manager, Paperless Workflow Project, California Department of InsuranceQ&AClosing Remarks Moderator, Tod Newcombe, Executive Editor, GOVERNING 4. Sponsor RemarksShail Trivedi Senior Government and Utilities Business Consultant Experian QAS 5. Experian QAS Address data quality software and services provider Capture, validate, cleanse and standardize customer contact information at point of capture Deliver a real-time customer data verification solution (business or consumer) in order to: Cut costs Improve data qualityImprove customerBilling/MailingStandardizationserviceCall CenterEliminate typosReduce call volumeRework Eliminate guessworkReduce talk timesEliminate incompleteTraining Increase 1st contactinformationresolutionIncrease accuracy Over 11,000 customers globally Working with both State and Local Government Agencies 6. GOVERNING Tod Newcombe Editor GOVERNING 7. Digitizing Data Trends in GovernmentCapturing data from paper still predominatesPaperwork continues to growManaging information on paper is costlyWhat drives the use of paper in governmentThe goal: enterprise content managementThe barriers to digitizing data 8. GOVERNING Steve Towns Executive Editor GOVERNING 9. Digitizing Citizen Service QuestionView & SubmitTransact DownloadOnline* Online**(Print & Fill) Building Permits46% 20% 28% (county) Building Permits60% 22% 22% (city) Tax filing and32% 31% 62% payment (county) Tax Filing and17% 11% 42% Payment (city) Parking tickets or16% 12% 35% traffic citations (county) Parking Tickets or21% 19% 67% Traffic Citations (city) 10. Sharing, Storage and ManagementSharing Digital InformationAbout 50 percent of city and county governments haveadopted information and data standards that promote datasharing.About 20 percent said they currently are working on this.Storage and Management About 50 percent of respondents have developed city- or county-wide approaches for knowledge resource management. Roughly 20 percent are working this. 11. California Department of InsuranceMichelle Leach Project Manager, Paperless Workflow Project California Department of Insurance 12. Paperless Workflow InitiativeWhen the California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner took office in January 2007, one of his top priority initiatives was to make the department as Paperless as possible.The Project Vision is: Improve services and reduce waste of State resources by eliminating thelarge volume of paper-based transactions and recordkeeping that exists throughout the department.Install an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) and transform to using electronic-based transactions and recordkeeping 13. Paperless Workflow Feasibility StudyIn December 2008, the CDI completed a Feasibility Study to determine a solution for the Commissioners Initiative. In summary, the business case for approval of the project is based on the following benefits to the State: Reduces staff time for maintenance of paper files. Saves office storage space. Eliminates staff time to manually process paper forms. Reduces staff time to locate, retrieve, version, and archive documents. Increases staff time for handling their regulatory workload. Provides quality on-line services to consumers and industry. Aligns with efforts to operate using green methods to support acleaner environment. 14. Paperless Workflow Project FundingBy May 2009, the CDI got approval from the State Department of Finance to procure an Enterprise-wide Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). The total budget for the fully implemented system is $10M. The budget would be divided over three fiscal years. The California Legislature approved the project and funding, withconditions that the CDI submit a request for budget approval eachfiscal year, and provide an annual report on the progress of the project. 15. Paperless Workflow ProcurementIn September 2009, the CDI awarded a contract to a solution vendor. There were some delays during procurement, resulting in 11 months tocomplete the process. The CDI released a Request for Offer and Statement of Work definingthe requirements for a solution and asked vendors to submit a proposal. The CDI received and evaluated five proposals based on criteria fortechnical requirements, vendor experience, and cost. 16. Project Phasing The project is divided into three fiscal year phases:Phase One: All hardware and software will be purchased and installed during this phase in support of the full three year project implementation. This phase will provide a limited release production deployment of seven key processes and validate technology, security and system integration within the CDI infrastructure.Phase Two: Deployment of the full enterprise document repository and implementation of the solution for selected high-value processes (beyond the seven key processes deployed in Phase One) which will be determined by conducting a business process analysis.Phase Three: Deployment of scanning capabilities to capture incoming documents into the repository and route to the appropriate users/processes. Replacement of CDIs existing document management systems will also be accomplished. The phase will include further implementation of remaining high-value business processes. And, public access to CDI documents stored in the repository will be provided. 17. Paperless Workflow Project Team The Project Team is organized into sub-teams, and consists of the following vendor and CDI staff resources*: Project Office (1) Vendor Staff; (1) PM Consultant; (1) CDI Project Manager Technical Team (3) Vendor Staff; (4) CDI IT Staff Functional Team (1) Vendor Staff; (5) CDI IT Staff Training Team (1) Vendor Staff, (2) CDI Program Staff. (1) CDI IT Staff Testing Team (2) Vendor Staff, (2) CDI IT Staff Communications and Organizational Change Team (1) PM Consultant, (1) Vendor Staff, (3) CDI Program Staff Records Management/Taxonomy Team (8) CDI Program Staff Legal Support Team (2) CDI Program Staff*resources are not based on full time 18. Paperless Workflow Project TimelineThe Project milestones are scheduled as follows: Phase One Project Kick-off November 16, 2010 Planning/Analysis/Requirements February 05, 2010 Design April 30, 2010 DevelopmentJune 14, 2010 TestingJuly 05, 2010 Training July 19, 2010 Production July 26, 2010 Phase Two Production June 17, 2011 Phase Three Production June 17, 2012 19. California Department of Insurance Thank you Michelle LeachDepartment of InsuranceInformation Technology Division(916) 492-3362 20. Q&A Moderator, Tod Newcombe, Editor, GOVERNINGShail Trivedi, Senior Government and Utilities Business Consultant, Experian QAS Steve Towns, Executive Editor, GOVERNING Michelle Leach, Project Manager, Paperless Workflow Project, California Department of Insurance