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Literary Response and Analysis Standard 3.9: Philosophical Influences. Existential Inventory. Please print this slide show, follow the directions, and staple it to your reading response. What defines you?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Existential InventoryPlease print this slide show, follow the directions, and staple it to your reading response.Literary Response and Analysis Standard 3.9: Philosophical Influences

  • What defines you?On a blank piece of paper, draw an outline of yourself.On the inside of the figure, fill-in the space with words or images of what you believe best defines you as determined by you, not by others.On the outside of the figure, create several thought bubbles that contain both positive and critical statements, words, or phrases about you as said by others.StatementComplete this existential statement: Stripped of all that defines me that is not me, I am . . .

  • GuidelinesUse blank paper or format on computerMust be multi-coloredTakes creative risksName, date, period, assignment number, and title written on back of the existential inventory

  • Existential Inventory Example

  • Higher Order Thinking Skills Lower Order Thinking SkillsCreativityBlooms Taxonomy 4.5 to 5/A

    3.5 to 4.4/B

    2.5 to 3.4/C

    1.5 to 2.4/L

    .1 to 1.4/K Write one sentence explaining what you did well according to the skill being learned using the language of Blooms taxonomy. Then, write one more sentence explaining what you could do better or differently next time and how you could move up one level on Blooms Taxonomy.Student Directions for Written Evaluation0 Errors = 4.5/A to 5/A 3 Errors - = 1.5/L to 2.4/L1 Errors = 3.5/B to 4.4/B 4+ Errors = .1/K to 1.4/K2 Errors = 2.5/C to 3.4/C

    EvaluationGrading ScaleLiterary Response and Analysis Standard 3.9: Philosophical Influences

  • Grading CriteriaOutline of Body 10 things about you (words, statements, or images) inside outline of body 6 thing about you inside thought bubbles Existential statement Multicolored (See next slide for Blooms Taxonomy Grading Scale)

  • Printing DirectionsOn the tool bar, click on File, click on Print.In the Print dialogue box, in the lower left corner under Print What, click on the drop down arrow and select Handouts.Then, under Color/Grayscale, select the best on for your printer.Next, under Handouts, click on Slides per Page, and choose 9.Lastly, click on OK, and the file will print.Staple Directions to your assignment.

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