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Existential Graphs Software. Dr. Russell Herman Department of Mathematics and Statistics University of North Carolina at Wilmington August 2003. Overview. Test engine Using Peirce’s Alpha Model for Existential Graphs. Designed to test the engine Not ready for the end user. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Existential Graphs SoftwareDr. Russell HermanDepartment of Mathematics and StatisticsUniversity of North Carolina at WilmingtonAugust 2003

  • OverviewTest engine Using Peirces Alpha Model for Existential Graphs.Designed to test the engine Not ready for the end user.Ultimate Goal: To make assertions using predicate logic.Outline of TalkIntroduce the InterfaceSimple ExamplesFuture Development

    All men are mortal.Socrates is a man.Therefore ?????

  • Interface Engine TestExpression EntryVariable ListTruth Table Full or SelectParsed ExpressionsConclusions- not implemented yet

  • Interface Menu ItemsBuilt-in ExamplesModus PonensModus TollensConditionalInstructionsSymbols

  • Example 1 - Not A and BThe Steps for Entering this ExpressionType in ExpressionNot = ~And = +A, B can also be full words or phrasesBut cannot be one of ~, +, *, ( , )Example laterClick on AddThe expression is parsed

  • Example 1 Not A and BAdd ExpressionVariables ExpressionSheet of AssertionTruth Table0s - True1s - FalseAssertDetermine when the expressions are true together

  • Example 2: Modus PonensAdd Several ExpressionsConditional >A>B meansIf A then BTruth Table =>Click AssertOnly True when both A and B are True

  • Example 3 Apples and OrangesCan Use WordsAdd Statements:Apples and OrangesandIf Apples, then BananasTruth TableConjunction of last 2 columns true?Assert & ConcludeApples, Oranges and Bananas are all true

  • Pocket PC Version - ExpressionsModus Ponens and Modus Tollens

  • Pocket PC Version - TablesAssertion Table only shows rows in which all assertions are true. Here is Modus Ponens from which only B true (0) can be concluded.

  • Pocket PC Version 4 VariablesApples and OrangesSeveral Variables with many charactersThe Assertion Table only lists rows in which conjunction of expressions is true.

  • What is Missing to Date?Automated Minimum User InputRead Large Sets of StatementsOutput ConclusionsUse Quantifiers All, Some, None, Requires Peirces Beta Model

  • What is Doable?Automated and Read Text FilesHide EngineAllow Manual Entry or Read TextParse words like and, or, not, if .. thenLast Two Features have recently been added!

  • Read Text FilesCreate the Text FileOpen FileParseAssertResults:Red - False (1)Blue - False (1)Green - True (0)Yellow - False (1)

  • Expressions with and, or, notCreate Text FileBut without symbolsOpen File, Parse and AssertThe Conclusions are the same as before

  • Last ExampleResults:A - ? (0 or 1)B - False (1)C - True (0)Enter and Add Two ExpressionsAssertWhat can one conclude?

  • What needs workAutomate ConclusionsMay output simple combinations of statementsMay need user input to determine what types of combinationsImplement Peirces Beta/Gamma LogicAlpha version is equivalent to Boolean LogicBeta Version follows basic rules and free of user creativity

  • SummaryWe have a prototypical engine that canCreate truth tablesParse simple statementsCan read in sets of statements from filesCheck validity of non-quantified statement setsWe seek an engine that Is more automatedCan treat quantifiers (all, some, none)Can parse more complicated statementsCan make logical conclusions automatically

  • Thank you!A copy of this presentation is located at http://people.uncw.edu/hermanr/tech.htm

    Questions and suggestions can be directed toDr. Russell HermanOrDr. Pattricia Turrisihermanr@uncw.edu turrisip@uncw.edu UNC Wilmington, Wilmington, NC