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Astronomy is observation and Astrology combines an imaginative human social skill to make guesswork on behavioral trends. Take it with a pinch of salt!


  • 1.Astrology: Is Your Destiny in the Stars? What is the purpose of the Sun, Moon and stars? What are they made of? Where did they come from?

2. The Sun is the most obvious object of veneration to primitive peoples. It takes no great sophistication to perceive that the Sun is responsible for seasonal changes and that all life on Earth is dependenton its heat. What could be more natural than to regard this beneficent body as a god? Andfrom the deification of the Sun it is a short step to the deification of the Moon and stars. 3. o The first thing a community would notice would be the alternation of day and night. o Next, they would observe the solar year with its changing seasons. o The members of the community would be aware that there was a high point of summer and a low point of winter, and also that there was a half-way pointbetween winter and summer and between summer and winter. o These points are what we would now call the solstices and the equinoxes. 4. The next thing that a simple community would become aware of would be the fact that there are approximately twelve lunar cycles in the solar year. In dividing up the year, it would be natural, therefore, to divide it into twelveparts. The next question is: how would onecharacterise these twelve parts? 5. This is where the stars would come in. At first the Babylonians marked the stages of the year by identifying them with particular stars that rose at different seasons. This proved to be unsatisfactory since the stars were unpredictable in the times at which they were visible. They then hit on the method of identifying the twelve months with twelvedifferent constellations along the ecliptic. It was this system which developed into that of the zodiacal signs. 6. Varaha Mihira, is one of the most revered arbiters in matters of Indian astrology. He lived in the sixth century AD. Like Ptolemy, he summarised all the astronomical and astrological knowledge of his time. Under the influence of Greek astrology and mythology, the Indian gods were widely adapted to those of the Greek pantheon, and the days of theweek were named after the planets. The twelve signs of the Indian zodiac are also mostly translations of the Greek signs, and their characteristics and properties were borrowed from the Greek tradition. 7. The system of the houses also entered, under Hellenic influence, into Hindu astrology. Following the Western pattern, the houses were related to the affairs of everyday life.The first house governed the native's body; the second his material possessions; the third hisrelatives; the fourth his dwelling, and so on. 8. But in addition to these Greek elements there were a number of concepts which were purely Indian. One of these was the doctrine of Karma and reincarnation which became one of the fundamentalteachings of Hindu astrology. The Karma is the factor which determines the progress of the soulthrough its various incarnations. 9. According to Knappich, Karma appears in the following three aspects: first, as Sanchita, the sum or result of acts committed in the previous incarnation; which are subject both to the influence of the previous life and to the exercise of free will in the present one; thirdly, as Agami, future, unrealised acts. Thus the progress of the soul from oneincarnation to another is conditioned by a mixture of free will, Karma and fate. Astrology was widely used by the Hindus to determine what stage a man's soul had reached. 10. One account of the practice of astrology in India is to be found in a book by the eleventh-century Persian traveller Alberuni, who entered India with the Muslim armies. Alberuni was a distinguished astrologer in his own right and his main work The Elements of Astrology is admired to this day. Alberuni's India contains a detailed examination of Hindu astrology.Although himself a Muslim, Alberuni is careful to treat the Hindu beliefs with respect, and writes of their practices withgreat understanding. 11. After Alberuni's time, Indian astrology cameincreasingly under Western influences, the Greek infiltrations having been superseded by Muslim. Modern Indian astrology, however, still retains such individual features as the lunar mansions and the concept of Karma. 12. The Planet, our earth, is but a single function of the Solar System which stands intimately related and dependent upon other bodies and systems, thus the natural universe is bound together. There are various kinds ofdispositions and peoples which are produced by the constant revolutions of the solar bodies and celestial influences which give certain strong natural tendencies to the character. 13. We are all aware that Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn each affect us differently, eachawakening its own train of thoughts and emotions. It would be absurd to to suppose that all these influences are not governed by a regular law of nature. 14. What is Astrology? ASTROLOGYA type of divination based on the theory that the positions and movements of the stars, planets, sun, and moon at the time of a persons birth have direct influence on a persons life. 15. Zodiac One of the keys of astrology is the zodiac. In western astrology, the zodiac refers to twelve zones in the sky and each zone has a star constellation that originally fell within its zone. Each zone has a name (such as Gemini, Taurus, Leo etc), and each zone has a symbol. A horoscope is a forecast based upon astrology. 16. Horoscope Compatibility Matching (Based on Astrology) A first step in arranging marriage for majority of Indians is ascertaining the compatibility of horoscopes of prospective husband and wife. This process, also known as kundali milan orguna milap, is followed extensively in the arranged marriage system in India The Horoscope or Birth-chart (popularly known as Janam Kundali) is a map of the heavenly bodies, which shows the positions of the planets and their relation at birth of a newborn taking into account, the time and place of birth. 17. A birth chart is a must for any Vedic astrologer to make predictions.The Horoscope shows the sign of Zodiac and the relative position of planets and nakshatras positioned in the twelve houses of the map. The "houses" of the chart indicate specific areas of our life in which actions will be performed, which will be strong or weak depending on the nature and situation of planets that influence them. 18. Origins of Astrology The positions of stars relative to the sun predict the agricultural seasons. The positions of stars can be used to tell time at night. The Babylonians and Egyptians early developed techniques for doing these. 19. Origins of Astrology First clear evidence in Babylonian civilization Astrology was used to tell future, together with other forms of divination, such as liver-looking Idea: gods communicate, if humans use the right techniques 20. Facts about Astrology. The process whereby someone looks at the stars to determine a forecast or horoscope is extremely varied. Daily horoscopes are rarely similar and usually differ greatly from each other. Compare the horoscopes you find in the magazine, to the one you find in the newspaper, to the one you find available on the shelf of the check-out counter at the grocery store. They are all different. 21. The Future is not ours to see Astrology is no more accurate in predicting future events than mere chance. Horoscope predictions use generalities and are usually very vague. 22. The James Randi Educational Foundationin Florida offers a one-million-dollar prize to anyone who can show, under properobserving conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult poweror event. To date, no person has ever been able to prove that they have paranormalpower and claim the prize. 23. Misuse of Astrology It is sad to observe certain section of Astrologers involve in practices which induces fear and fatalism in masses, just for the sake of manipulating them to fulfill their own agendas. It is unfortunate that superstitions have been ruling over the minds of Indians in the name of Astrology 24. Critical Remark Astrological beliefs have often induced inaction, as people have no courage to live the life and hence all their efforts are geared towards avoiding the crisis in life. As their astrologer told them of the forthcoming difficulties, they gave up their efforts and rather preferred to wait for the better times. 25. Only thing many people seem to have achieved through astrology is to remain worried about their forthcoming crisis and hiding in a cocoon to safeguard themselves. But sadly, in this whole process they miss the joy of accomplishing their potential, because of the misuse of astrology by way of presenting it as a tool for definitive predictions by certain segment of Astrologers to fulfill their narrowmotives. 26. Renaissance Astrology Geronimo Cardano cast a horoscope for Englands King Edward 6: Illness at age 55 But he died at 16! Cast own horoscope: Death at 75 Fulfilled by suicide! 27. The Twin Problem Astrological horoscopes are based on the position of the planets & Zodiac at a persons birth. Though identical twins often have very similar character, they sometimes have very different lives. Fraternal twins often have very different character. Time twins have very few similarities. 28. This is debatable Astrology is condemned by the Holy Book of almost every religion as an attempt to live without dependence on God. If you believe that God is there, then what is the need of astrology. 29. The EndDont fall in Trap! To Believe in astrology or not, the Choice is Yours