evidenced based practices: implementing ebp’s in adolescent treatment

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Evidenced Based Practices: Implementing EBP’s in Adolescent Treatment. Loretta Hartley-Bangs LCSW Zucker Hillside Hospital Mineola Comm Tx Center. Matrix. Goal: Improve the quality and availability of addiction treatment services. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Loretta Hartley-Bangs LCSWZucker Hillside Hospital Mineola Comm Tx CenterEvidenced Based Practices: Implementing EBPs in Adolescent Treatment

  • MatrixGoal: Improve the quality and availability of addiction treatment services.

    Definition: a situation or set of circumstances that allows or encourages the origin, development, or growth of something.An arrangement of parts that shows how they are interconnected.

  • Information is provided to educate the client and family about addiction

    Family takes an active role in treatment.

    Goals and objectives are clear, allowing the client to know what is expected of them.

    Exercises that promote self esteem, dignity and self worth.

    Knowledge can lead to insight.

    How Does it Work?

  • Families seeking help

  • Continuum of FamiliesMost FamiliesSomewhere in between

  • Madsens framework is based on 4 commitments:Striving for cultural curiosity and honoring family wisdom.Believing in possibilities and building on family resourcefulness.Working in partnership with families and fitting services to them.Engaging in empowering processes and making our work more accountable to clients.

  • MFG OUTLINEWeeks 1-4 Group rules and expectations. Rationale for MFG Adolescent brain development Communication Common behaviors in Adolescent Chemical abusers. Common behaviors in parents of kids who are using drugs.

  • ParentsAll parents go through full assessment.If necessary set up with SA or MH treatment.Intake includes toxicology.Attend 2 MFGs per week.Ongoing Process oriented group.6 week psycho-education group.

  • OutcomesMore consistent attendance.More communication between parents and staff.When referral is necessary more agreement and follow through from parents.Approximately 20-25% of parents are begun in their own SA or MH treatment.Increased rates of completion of treatment.


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