everything you wanted to know about aging, its causes and prevention

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1. Everything You Wanted to KnowAbout Aging, its Causes andPreventionOne thing in our life on which we have absolutely no control is the agingprocess. Our skin grows old with age and it is a natural process which can bedelayed but cannot be prevented or reversed. Visible signs of aging appearon our skin with time. They appear in the form of fine lines and winkles.Adventure Works: The ultimate source for outdoor equipment 2. Key Factors That Cause Aging of Skin It is natural for our face to lose someof its youthful fullness as the skinbecomes thinner and drier due tovarious reasons. Our genes areprimarily responsible for the way ourskin looks but there are other factorsas well that determine the state ofour skin. These include the sunsharmful rays, diet, some types ofmedications, and the general skincare we observe to keep our skinlooking young. 3. Suns Rays Can Cause Skin Damage and Burns Suns UVA/UVB rays can severelyimpact the condition of your skinaccording to studies. Keep your skinprotected by staying indoors whilethe sun is strongest. If you have to goout, use a sunscreen with a high SPF.Make sure you apply it at least 20 to30 minutes before stepping out inthe sun. If you have to remain out inthe sun for long, you may have toapply the cream at frequentintervals. 4. Sleep Well To Prevent Skin from Aging Faster Lack of sleep can cause your skin toage faster than normal and lead toformation of wrinkles and lines.When you dont get enough sleep,the body produces a hormone calledcortisol which has the ability tobreak down skin cells. Sound, deepsleep can keep your skin flexible andhelp in retaining its elasticity. 5. Keep Skin Hydrated To Prevent Wrinkles Poor hydration is one of theprime reasons why skin developsvisible signs of aging. In order tokeep your skin moist and elastic,your skin needs water in goodquantities. Lack of hydration cancause skin cells to lose itselasticity, leading to formation ofwrinkles and fine lines. 6. Eat a Balanced Diet for Healthy Looking Skin Poor eating habits can affect thequality of your skin and make thosesigns of aging more visible. Your dailyfood intake must have a balance of allthe essential nutrients that your skinneeds to look youthful and radiant.Vitamins that come from freshvegetables and fruits as well nuts andseeds are highly recommended byskincare experts. They are all effectiveand proven anti-ageing foods as theycome packed with skin-friendlyantioxidants. 7. Did You Know That Your Expressions Can CauseWrinkles? Very often, the first wrinkles thatappear on your face are thosecaused by repeated facialexpressions. Laugh lines, frownlines, forehead folds and crow's-feetare all caused by your specificstyle of expression. If you tend touse a lot of facial expressions, youare more likely to see wrinkles onyour face and especially in thoseplaces most affected by yourexpressions. 8. Please Read More about Anti-Aging , visit herehome-remedies-for-wrinklesHome Remedies WrinklesAnti Aging Cream


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