Everything You Need to Know about Scandinavian Interior Design

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Everything You Need to Know about Scandinavian Interior Design

Everything You Need to Know about Scandinavian Interior DesignEugene Chrinian

Everything You Need to Know about Scandinavian Interior DesignSince first bursting onto the design scene in the 1950s, Scandinavian design has been making waves around the globe. Now one of the most popular interior design styles, this look is most commonly known for its highly minimalistic forms and dedication to simplicity. If the Scandinavian style is right for your home, its important to know what the aesthetic entails, so you can incorporate all the right elements. Here are the most important tips you need to know about the Scandinavian look:

Go monochromeWhen looking to bring the Scandinavian aesthetic into your home, begin with the color scheme. The classic look is a monochromatic theme, with accents in gray, brown, and black. However, the most prominent color in Scandinavian interior design is white, which emphasizes the light in every room of the house and places more focus on the furnishings. As such, you should feature white prominently on your walls for a bright, clean look. Dont limit your use of this shade to your wallsScandinavian homes are famous for their white wood floors.An alternative to stark white, grey has begun to emerge as another popular choice for walls in Scandinavian homes. Try using this hue when painting your walls, whether as an accent or as the dominant color. Even in a primarily monochrome color scheme, you can add the occasional splash of color to wake up the room. Another popular color choice for Scandinavian design is pale blue, which does not often appear in other minimalistic styles.

Bring in a fireplaceFireplaces typically play a dominant role in the living rooms of North American homes, but this isnt the case in Scandinavian interior design. Instead of featuring the fireplace in the middle of a wall, Scandinavian homes more often have a simple, understated fireplace in a corner. The goal of this look is to bring warmth to the room while also serving as a sleek, artistic element, so you should consider style as well as function when selecting a fireplace.If you arent able to put a fireplace in your home, you can create a similar aesthetic by clustering a group of candles and lighting them. Not only will this add warmth and soft light, it will also mimic that same cozy feeling that a larger fireplace conveys.

Get inspired by natureNatural features are another important aspect of Scandinavian interior design, echoing the love of the outdoors that the people from this region share. There are countless ways in which you can bring elements of the outside world into your home. For example, take inspiration from the forest and use fallen branches as decorations. In addition, these pieces can make excellent functional elements in your home. You can mount finished branches to the kitchen wall as a rack from which to hang pots and pans, or small potted herb plants. Use wooden accents throughout your home to achieve a truly Scandinavian look. Wooden floors are a must, but also opt for wood furnishings such as coffee tables and armchairs. Exposed wooden ceiling beams or natural wood plank ceilings will also provide a woodsy, cozy aesthetic.

Pay attention to lightingScandinavian homes always strive to make the most of the natural light in their homes, particularly during the dark, cold winter months. When looking to achieve the same effect, you should emphasize your windows in any way possible. Always stay away from dark, heavy drapes and shades in favor of thin, sheer curtains. Following the typical Scandinavian color scheme, the curtains should always be white or a very light color, in order to allow in the maximum amount of light. These minimal treatments are particularly important if you have floor-to-ceiling windows, which are another hallmark of Scandinavian design. When natural lighting isnt enough to brighten your home, you can opt for a number of Scandinavian favorites for artificial lamps. Take inspiration from these homes and use simple pendant lights or votive candles. Globe lights are another excellent option, thanks to their minimalistic forms and many size options. For a distinctive Scandinavian look, opt for globe lighting in a polished copper hue.

Emphasize function More than anything, Scandinavian homes are famous for their ultra-minimalistic appearance. This aesthetic places particular emphasis on functionality and form as a way to create a home that works well for the inhabitants and their needs. As such, your Scandinavian-inspired home should primarily include items that are useful rather than unnecessary. Eliminate clutter wherever possible, and keep your decorative flourishes and tchotchkes to a minimum. If your rooms are in need of a bit of design interest, try hanging a few simple, bold pieces of art, or mirrors that will reflect light around the room without overwhelming the space. Much like modern interiors, Scandinavian homes also favor furniture with clean, fluid lines. With the lack of frilly decorations, the furnishings themselves serve both a useful and artistic purpose. To achieve the look, opt for tables, couches, and other pieces that offer the best of both functionality and subtle ornamentation.