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Everything is changing with the time in this real world. But a city which remains its heritage, culture, value, lifestyle and tastes of the traditional famous foods with the moment in time, even becomes more popular with passing the time. Lucknow, some of the best historical places in India, and becomes well-liked when it comes asbest eating out places in India.So this time, I am going through some of the best foods and most famous food joints of Lucknow what/where you can eat/taste there. However, Lucknow city is fully packed with lot of famous restaurants located in top class hotels and posh areas. Still Ill share here top traditional, most demanded and mainly famous food places which searches everyday on web whenever anyone planning to visit Lucknow and look for these must go food corner and restaurants of this historical city. Just check it out-Eating Out in Lucknow:Restaurants, Foods & PlacesTunday Kababi

There is no doubt Tunday Kababi offers Indias best Kabab for foodies. Tunday Kababi is the landmark of the best eating joints in Lucknow which is famous for its delicious peppery Kabab-Parathas. And the best thing about Tunday Kababi is that it offers excellent quality of foods in low to average budget. However, there are twobranches of Tunday Kababiin Lucknow, one is located inNazirabadnearAminabad, and second is located near Akbari Gate,Chowk. But dont be confused here; Chowk is the old and mainly famous joint of Tunday Kababi. But it only offers Kabab-Paratha, no other dishes. But taste this recipe at-least once, I bet you will not tasted this kind of delicious Kabab Parathas across India.Delicious non veg foods are the specialty of Lucknow, so if you want to taste additional famous non-veg dishes of Lucknow city, visit Tunday Kababi Nazirabad. It offers all types of non-veg foods. Both places are most famous restaurants in Lucknow for eating out till late night. So if you are planning to visit mostfamous tourist places in Lucknow, dont forget to visit Tunday Kababi. It is the hub of eating outs in Lucknow.They also have a branch inGomti Nagar, Address:Near Akbari Gate, Chowk, LucknowAddress:Naaz Cinema Road, Nazirabad near Aminabad, LucknowIdris BiryaniIf you want to taste the real flavor of Biryani, then youre at the right place. I think no need to discuss about the specialty of this food joint,eating outlet, Idris Biryani is one of the most famous food places in Lucknow to eat mutton biriyani. But do not over expect about the accommodation of this biriyani shop, it looks like a typical road side Dhaba, but wait a minute; this food joint is going to serve you one of the best biriyani platter of Awadh. So forget about the class and quality of customer service for some time if you are a foodie, just order a plate and experience the unique taste of this most favorite dish offers by Lucknow city.Address:Patanala near Chowk, LucknowDastarkhwan

However, there are numbers of Dastarkhwan named restaurant in Lucknow; some at street side and sometime at good locations, but one (Dastarkhwan Hazratganj) is best of all.It offers best of best Mughlai non-veg foods of Lucknow with very very large menu of chicken and mutton items But it is not heaven for Mughlai food lovers only; they also have a huge range of veg items too. So it doesnt matter you are addicted to what type of north Indian food, Dastarkhwan serves you allAddress:U. P. Press Club, Near China Bazaar Gate, HazratganjRoyal Cafe

Royal Cafe, one of the most famous, finest and best family restaurants in Lucknow which serves veg and non-veg both types of famous Lucknow foods that is worth to money, located in heart of the city Hazratganj. Great location, excellent accommodation, superior quality, tremendous customer experience, and decent crowd are the unique identity of this popular restaurant. Now Royal Cafe has become the first choice among youngster in Lucknow as situated in the top shopping market. However, Royal Cafe offers full dining options for foodies in Lucknow, but there are some must eat mouth watering and super tasty recipes which you should definitely eat whenever you get a chance to visit Hazratganj. And these food items are basket chat (tokri chaat), aloo tikki, paani puri, golgappas, biriyani and non veg kabab. Address:9/7, Shahnazaf Rd, OppositeSaharaganj Mall, LucknowPrakash KulfiAgain a most popular food place in Lucknow, located in Aminabad and very close to a most famousnon-veg restaurant Tunday Kababi. Prakash Kulfi is one of the best places to eat desserts in Lucknow and must try eating joint after eating Kabab Parathas at Tunday. However, cool faluda kulfi isthe main desert of Prakash Kulficorner, but it also has some delicious creamy and fruit kulfi which explores the traditional taste of the city of Nawabs. So if you are visiting Aminabad for shopping or eating out, try a bowl of sweet creamy faluda kulfi. I bet you will forget all prior experience of delicious dessert.They also offer packing facility, , you can also order for pack your favorite kulfi. Address:12/13, Fruit Lane, Aminabad, LucknowSri Lassi CornerSri Lassi Corner, again a top famous eating joint of Chowk Lucknow which is very close to the main shop of Tunday Kababi Chowk. As the name seems Sri Lassi Corner, it offers verities of Lassi (local north Indian drink mixtureof sugar, milk & curd).Sri Lassi Corner is mainly famous for its spicy, delicious, mouth-watering and finger licking Chole Bhature. It is best places to eating out in Lucknow till late night (11 PM). The specialty of Sri Lassi Corner is that it serves non-oily Bhature with black Chole which you wouldnt see usually even at a very good restaurant. Address:Kamla Nehru Marg, Near Bata Shoe Company, Chowk

The kabab express

I loved my experience at Kabab Express. The garden seating in the back of the restaurant transports you to a nice scenic setting away from the hustle and bustle of Lucknow. The food is tasty and high quality. You can sit back and enjoy the kababs in a relaxing environment. The fish pasanda kabab, the chicken tawa kabab, the muton glavatti were delicious. The fish was fresh and crispy. I wish they had chilled beer to go with the nice food. Service was above average, but then the place was sort of empty :)Address: Carlton Hotel, Rana Pratap Marg,Hazratganj, Lucknow