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Everything about Beauty Is From Real Nature Do you believe that there is an animal in every womans inner world? And the animal symbolizes womans unique character and real thinking. The animal may be as cute as rabbit, and also may be as wild as leopard. In a world, the animal is the symbol of womans deep heart which she is not willing to show the public. The inspiration from image of animal has too much to do with woman naturally. The animal shaped jewelry cannot only set off womans sexy body and looking, but also it symbolizes the most emotional thinking of woman. To some extent, animal jewelry holds too many secrets of woman so that all the women linger to the world of animal jewelry and enjoy the small world that just belongs to women themselves. All the fans of jewelry know that a beautiful brooch never be absent in any records of jewelry history. In 1940s, women were proud of their slim and thin body, because the advantages they had could provide convenience to wear long dress. When women were in long dress, they look as proud as cat. Jewelry is the best expression for women. From then on, many jewelry markets have become lively with time going on, such as Dubai jewelry wholesale market. Women have loved their men and jewelry in their own small world so that they always like to choose what they need by wholesale Swarovski crystal jewelry. And at the same time, all the increasing art and improving design thinking cannot be separated from the influence brought by religion, society and culture. Elements included in religion, society and culture have been filled with air and breathe as well as thinking. The art products have conquered so many generations of women who are changeable and sensitive. The fine jewelry achieves all the shinning times and crests age in its own age. Of course, at the beginning of human civil age, a long time ago, when the Egypt had been listed in vulnerable group, gold and other metal had been worn by people, and the metal had been carved into animal shape or some special totem. It is said that in that moment people never thought that they want to be more beautiful by wearing something on their bodies, they just did their best to protect themselves from dangerous world. They thought that the metal was the best and the most powerful weapon, which was may the biggest and strongest support for them on the aspect of spirit. We can understand it well because during the difficult past time, surviving is much more important than beauty.