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motivational ppt on being extraordinary everyday!


  • 1. Everyday 6 billion people wake up and for most of them its itggoing to be an ordinary dayg y dayy

2. but it doesnt have to bedoesn t be 3. There are so many ways to b t be extraordinary t di 4. W Why not havepassion ineverything you do? 5. WhyWh not bt be courageous? 6. Why not have a positive attitude?itittit d ? 7. Why not findybeauty in everything? 8. Why not be a leader?A coach? A mentor? 9. Why not go where no one has gone before?... Or at least where you have never gone before. 10. Why not dream big? 11. Why not attack every problemwith d h determination?? 12. Why not have conviction,character,character value? 13. Why not believein yourself? 14. Everyday, every momentis a chance to turn itall aroundaround 15. every second is precious so 16. Why not be extraordinary?