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<ul><li><p> Eugene, Oregon (541) 484-4771 Atlanta, Georgia (404) 267-1471 </p><p> www.evergreenengineering.com 7/16 </p><p> MECHANICAL Material Handling Systems Equipment Design and Analysis Piping and Fluid Flow Systems Design and Analysis HVAC and Air Handling Design and Analysis Energy Systems Design and Efficiency Analysis New, Upgrade, and Retrofit Machine Design and Analysis CIVIL / STRUCTURAL Structural Design and Analysis Structures, Facilities, and Equipment Testing &amp; Evaluation Cold Region Engineering Site Development Technical Audits and Reviews ELECTRICAL Power System Design and Analysis Arc Flash Analysis Facility Electrical Design Existing Power Systems Documentation Design Control and Instrumentation Existing Power Systems Expansion Design CHEMICAL Chemical Piping &amp; Fluid Flow Systems Design and Analysis Process Analysis &amp; Update ENVIRONMENTAL Engineering, Permitting, Routine Reporting Assessments and Due Diligence Spill Control and Countermeasure Plans Equipment Upgrades and Selection Process Water Control and Permitting Solid Waste Disposal Wastewater Treatment Boiler MACT audits </p><p> EVERGREEN ENGINEERING, INC. ENGINEERING DI SCI PL INES </p><p>Engineering/Design Services </p></li></ul>


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