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  • July 2427 2005, Woods Hole,MA, U.S.A.

    Chapman Conference on the Role ofMarine Organic Carbon and CalciteFluxes in Driving Global ClimateChange, Past and Future convenedat the Woods Hole OceanographicInstitute. Contact:Tel.: +1-202-777-7333E-mail:

    July 2430 2005, Charlotte,NC, U.S.A.

    International Conference on Energy,Environment and Disasters(INCEED 2005), Bridging the Gapsfor Global Sustainable Development(UNESCO, ISEG, GADR and othersupporting organizations). Mainthemes include: Energy systems;Energy in transportation, civil andindustrial systems; Pollutant emis-sions, fate and transport processes;Human health and ecological eectsof pollution; Wastes and contami-nated site treatment systems; Wastecontainment systems; Natural andtechnological disasters and their im-pacts; Disaster and pollution pre-vention and managementtechniques; and Monitoring andvisualization systems for riskassessment and decision support.Contact: INCEED 2005 CARC 238,Global Institute for Energy andEnvironmental Systems, U. of NorthCarolina at Charlotte, 9201 Univer-sity City Blvd, Charlotte, NorthCarolina 28223, U.S.A.Fax: +1(704)687-2182E-mail: giees@email.uncc.eduInternet: www.iseg.giees,

    Aug. 811 2005, Calgary, Canada

    Earth System Processes 2Conference organized by the Geo-logical Society of America andGeological Association of Canada.Contact: Diane Matt, P.O. Box

    9140, Boulder, CO 80301-9140,U.S.A.Tel.: +1-303-357-1014E-mail:

    Aug. 2226 2005, Cairns, Australia

    Dynamic Planet 2005, a jointassembly of IAG), IAPSO, IABOwill focus on the theme Monitoringand Understanding a Dynamic Pla-net with Geodetic and Oceano-graphic Tools Contact: DynamicPlanet Conference Secretariat, GPOBox 2609, Sydney NSW 2001,Australia.Tel.:

    Aug. 28Sept. 2 2005, Bled, Slovenia

    10th International Symposium onthe Interactions between Sedimentsand Water organized by the Inter-national Association for Sedimentand Water Science will explore as-pects of freshwater and marine sys-tems and their sediments. Contact:Dr. Nives Ogrinc.E-mail: iasws@ijs.siInternet:

    Sept. 48 2005, Gent, Belgium

    WETPOL International Sympo-sium on Wetland Pollutant Dynam-ics and Control organized by theGent University, Antwerp Univer-sity, and the Belgian Federal SciencePolicy Oce will focus on pollutantdynamics and control, environmen-tal toxicity and ecosystem develop-ment in natural wetlands, controlledooding areas and constructed wet-lands for wastewater treatment.Topics include: Cycling of nitrogen,phosphorus, carbon, heavy metalsand organic pollutants in wetlands;

    Hydrology, water quality and redoxreactions; Sediment dynamics;Modeling of pollutant removal andfate; Wetland design and operation;Functioning of plants in the wetlandenvironment; Assessment and eval-uation of ecological eects; andModeling of fate and eects.Contact: Gijs Du Laing, Laboratoryof Analytical Chemistry and AppliedEcochemistry, Coupure Links 653,B-9000 Gent, Belgium.Tel.: +32-9-264-5995E-mail: wetpol@biomath.ugent.beInternet:

    Sept. 58 2005, Oslo, Norway

    2nd International Conference onSubmarine Mass Movements andtheir Consequences 2005 organizedby the International Centre forGeohazards (ICG) and the Geo-logical Society of Norway (NGF).Conference themes include: Bestpractice in deep-water investiga-tions of slide prone areas; Newfrontiers in submarine slide studies;Slope instability as a function ofgeological setting and sedimentproperties; Geotechnical criteria forslope instability, from eld evidenceto models; From static to dynamicbehavior of a sediment mass;Triggering, disintegration, slidedynamics, and run-out; Mecha-nisms of slide generated tsunamis;Impact of debris ows and turbid-ity currents on seaoor structures;Risk and mitigation: probabilitymodels, design and developmentsolutions in areas prone to massmovements; and Legal issues: therisk aspect related to costs andinsurance. Abstract deadline: June1, 2005. Conference proceedings tobe published in a special volume ofthe Norwegian Journal of Geology.Contact: Marianne Bliksas,Geological Society of Norway,c/o NGU, N7491 Trondheim,Norway.Tel.: +47-73-90-4468

    EVENTSEnviron Geol (2005) 47: 883887DOI 10.1007/s00254-005-1264-8

  • Fax: +47-73-92-1620E-mail:

    Sept. 711 2005, Zaragoza, Spain

    6th International Conference onGeomorphology (geomorphology inregions of environmental contrasts)is organized by the InternationalAssociation of Geomorphologists. Aspecial session focuses on evaporitekarst processes and problems.Contact: Organizing Secretariat,Geomorfologia, Facultad de Cien-cias, Universidad de Zargoza,C/Pedro Cerbuna 12, ZarSagoza50009, Spain.E-mail: iag2005@posta.unizar.esInternet:

    Sept. 711 2005, Menton, France

    6th EWRA International Confer-ence Sharing a Common Visionfor Our Water Resources orga-nized by Ecole Nationale Superi-eure des Mines de Paris (CentredInformatique Geologique). Theconference focuses on a sustainableusage of water and aquatic eco-systems. Conference topics: meth-ods, criteria and procedures whichare implemented for the actualdelivery of sustainable managementat water basin level with particularemphasis on the interfaces that areneeded in order to bundle togetherthe water sciences and their socio-economic counterparts. Contact:Mme Y. Olzenski.E-mail:

    Sept. 1114 2005, Paris, France

    AAPG International Conferenceand Exhibition with the theme NewTracks to New Highs focuses on themajor future challenges for theindustry nding new petroleumresources and optimizing their

    recovery, while prioritizing safetyand environmental considerations.Contact: AAPG Convention Dept.,P.O. Box 979, Tulsa, OK 74101-0979,U.S.A. Fax: 1-918-560-2684E-mail:

    Sept. 1116 2005, Freiberg, Germany

    International Conference UraniumMining and Hydrogeology (UMHIV) focuses on uranium mining andmilling sites, mining sites withconsiderable amount of uraniumand radionuclides as byproductse.g. phosphate production, aban-doned mines, clean-up measures,natural attenuation, monitoringmeasures, modeling techniques, andrisk assessment studies. Topics in-clude: Impact on groundwater andsurface water from radionuclideemission; Analytical speciationtechniques for uranium and relatedelements; Microbiology; Long-termstorage of radioactive waste/riskassessment studies; Passive insitutreatment techniques; Phytoremedi-ation; Geochemical and reactivetransport modeling (modelinguncertainties, model calibration,parameter identication); Casestudies: active and abandonedUranium mines; Case studies:Uranium mine ooding; Casestudies: tailings with signicantUranium content. Contact: AndreaHasche, Coordinator UMH IV,TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Insti-tute for Geology, Gustav-Zeuner-Str.12, D09599 Freiberg,Germany.Fax: +49(0)3731-392720E-mail:

    Sept. 1119 2005, Beijing,P.R. China19th International Congress onIrrigation and Drainage organizedby the International Commissionon Irrigation and Drainage. Themain theme: Use of water and land

    for food and environmental sus-tainability. The conference focuseson improving water and landmanagement for increasing e-ciency in irrigated agriculture andharmonious coexistence withoodwater. Contact: InternationalCommission on Irrigation andDrainage (ICID), 48 Nyaya Marg,Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021,India.Tel.: +91-11-2611-6837E-mail: icid@icid.orgInternet:

    Sept. 1214 2005, Naples,FL, U.S.A.Pedometrics: Frontiers in Pedo-metrics organized by the U. ofFlorida/IFAS. Topics include: Soilsensor and remote sensor applica-tions; Interfacing GIS and geosta-tistics; Pedometrics interfacing withother disciplines; Environmetricsapplications; Advances in soilmapping; Advances in soil sam-pling and monitoring; Pedodynamicmodeling; Advances in soil infor-mation systems; SCORPAN,CLORPT and hybrid applications;Integration of pedometrics intoroutine soil surveying programs;Reconstruction of soil-landscapes;From point to globe scaling issues;Space-time modeling; and Newconcepts for soil-landscapemodeling. Contact: SharonBorneman, P.O. Box 110750,Gainesville, Florida 32611-0750,U.S.A.Tel.: +1(352)392-5930E-mail: spborneman@ifas.u.eduInternet:

    Sept. 1216 2005, Seville, Spain

    22nd International Meeting on Or-ganic Geochemistry (IMOG) orga-nized by the European Associationof Organic Geochemists. This mul-tidisciplinary conference focuses onorganic geochemistry, with a wide


  • spectrum of subjects involving geol-ogy, biogeochemistry, environmen-tal geochemistry, chemicaloceanography and hydrology,petroleum geochemistry (includingnatural gas), organic-rich rocks andsoils. Papers are sought in the fol-lowing broad areas: petroleum andcoal geochemistry; biogeochemistry;environmental geochemistry; andnew trends in organic geochemistry.Contact: Viajes El Corte Ingles,Teniente Borges 5, Seville 41002,Spain.Tel.: +34-95-450-6605E-mail: secretary@imog05.orgInternet:

    Sept. 1419 2005, Belgrade,Yugoslavia

    International Conference on Envi-ronmental (Geoecological) Problemsin Karst organized by the Interna-tional Association of HydrologyNational Committee of Serbia andMontenegro. Contact: Igor

    Sept. 1822 2005, Dresden, Germany

    European Metallurgical ConferenceEMC 2005: Perspectives of the non-ferrous metals industry in an era ofconsolidation. Keynote presenta-tions on the EU EnvironmentalLegislation, and the ICMM andworldwide sustainability in miningand metal production. Topicsinclude: Resources availability,utilisation and conservation; Ad-vances in the winning and rening ofnon-ferrous base metals, light metalsand minor metals; Novel applica-tions for non-ferrous metals andpotential; New developments andtrends in recycling and waste gener-ation minimisation; Enhanced envi-ronmental control in compliance toenvironmental regulations; Process

    control and optimisation for pro-ductivity increase; Enhancement oftechnical education and professionalfurther education; Consolidation inthe non-ferrous metal industrystructures for improved competitivi-ty; and Sustainability consider-ations: economic, ecological andpolitical aspects. Contact: GDMBGesellschaft fur Bergbau, Metallur-gie, Rohsto- und Umwelttechnik,Paul-Ernst-Strae 10, D38678Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany.Tel.: +049(0)5323-93790E-mail: gdmb@gdmb.deInternet:

    Sept. 2429 2005, Erlangen,Germany

    International Conference on Sys-tem Earth Biosphere Couplingfocuses on the fascinating newresults of integrated Geobiolo-gy-research in the disciplines of Geo-and Biochemistry, Paleontology,Sedimentology, Mineralogy, andGeophysics. Together with theAnnual Meeting of the GeologicalUnion (GV) and the German Asso-ciation of Geoscientists (DGG), it ishosted at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg,Germany. Field trips and shortcourses are planned. A list of con-ference topics/sessions can be foundat the website. Contact: Prof. Dr.Andre Freiwald (Chief-organiser),Institute of Paleontology,Loewenichstr. 28, D91054Erlangen, Germany.Tel.: +49 (0)9131 85 26957E-mail:GV-DGG-2005@pal.uni-erlangen.deInternet:

    Oct. 48 2005, Alicante, Spain

    International Workshop Fromdata gathering and groundwatermodeling to integrated manage-ment organized by the SpanishNational Committee of theIAH. Among others, topics include:

    Management of environmentalparameters and Hydrologic Infor-mation Systems for water resourcesmanagement and environmentalplanning. Contact: MargaridaValverdeE-mail: gerencia@fcihs.orgInternet:

    Oct. 1719 2005, Kyoto, Japan

    Lead & Zinc 05 InternationalSymposium on Lead & Zinc Pro-cessing provides an internationalforum for the lead and zinc pro-cessing industries. It focuses onprocess fundamentals, operationalpractices, and various environmen-tal issues. Comprehensive reviewson mining issues such as aciddrainage and waste treatment arealso planned. Special emphasis willbe placed on less energy intensivetechnologies which are in harmonywith environmental conservation.Topics include: Global factorsaecting the production of zinc andlead including environmental andhealth issues; Surveys of existingsmelters and reneries for primaryand secondary zinc production;Zinc production technology; Leadproduction technology; Productapplications and marketing; Recy-cling technologies and issues; andFundamental research and basicstudies related to new processes.Contact: Eiji Okada, The Miningand Materials Processing Instituteof Japan (MMIJ), 9-6-41 Akasaka,Minatoku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan.Fax: +81-3-3403-1776E-mail:

    Oct. 2328 2005, Shanghai,P.R. China

    7th International Symposium onLand Subsidence (SISOLS 2005)provides a forum to scientists todiscuss problems related to landsubsidence, to present technological


  • innovations and achievements, andto exchange ideas, information andresults. It will give the opportunityto discuss a sustainable approach toland subsidence, intended to seek acompromise between the use ofnatural resources and mitigatingnegative eects caused by theirexploitation. Issues will focus on thesustainable development of subsur-face resources which may includeland subsidence, distinguishing nat-urally occurring subsidence fromanthropogenic causes of subsidence,predicting potential hot spots, inparticular those located in coastaland low-lying at areas, and trans-forming scientic information intointelligent policy management andenvironmental control. Contact:Center for Land Subsidence ofthe China Geological Survey, Sym-posium Secretariat, Mr. Gong Shi-Liang, SISOLS 2005, 930 LingshiRoad, 200072 Shanghai, P.R. China.Tel.: +86-21-56061423E-mail:

    Nov. 611 2005, Mendoza, Argentina

    International Gondwana 12 Con-ference, a joint venture betweenArgentina, Brazil and Chile seeks tostimulate the exchange of ideas be-tween scientists with common inter-ests in the history of the Gondwanasupercontinent, to develop theunderstanding of the processes atwork in the past and their signi-cance to the problems that mankindfaces at present, and provide guid-ance to the search for importantnatural resources.Internet:

    Nov. 911 2005, Singapore

    Enviro Asia 2005 exhibition of thelatest technologies, solutions, sys-tems, equipment and services in allelds of environment managementand technology comprising watertreatment, waste management, air

    pollution control, clean energy,cleaning management and pest con-trol (focusing on creative recyclingconcepts, resource ecie...