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Our Summer brochure is here! The brochure outlines the events held at Geelong Regional Libraries between, December 2013 to February 2014


<ul><li><p>A T T H E </p><p>SUMMER 2013</p><p>LIBRARYWHAT S ON</p><p>AUTHOR ENCOUNTERS</p><p>HOLIDAY FUN!</p><p>THE SUMMER READ</p></li><li><p>WELCOME TO OUR LIBRARIESWe are all looking forward to summer after another hectic year in which the pace of life seems to have gained even greater momentum! </p><p>For many of us summer is a chance to relax, unwind and recharge the batteries. It provides a glorious opportunity to enjoy some sun, go to the beach, spend time with family and, of course, enjoy some fabulous books.</p><p>Once again we partner with the State library of Victoria to present the Summer Read which celebrates Victoria as a centre for writing, books and readers. Make sure you visit the library to borrow your favourites from this years list and go in the running for some great prizes by recommending another great read.</p><p>We have some terrific events to inspire you over summer including an absolute highlight, a special author event with acclaimed literary genius, Margaret Drabble. We are also delighted to host the presenter of ABC TV series, Whos Been Sleeping in My House, archaeologist Adam Ford.</p><p>Our Summer program involves plenty of eKnow How activities to help you build up your digital literacy and, as always, you can rely on us to provide some excellent literacy-based fun for children and young people over the long summer break from school. The science of spying is the focus for Holiday Fun activities on this occasion. I look forward to seeing you at the library!</p><p>CR ANDY RICHARDS / CHAIR</p><p>BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL WHEREVER YOU SEE THIS SYMBOL</p><p>Unless specified, events are free of charge, however places are limited.</p><p>HOW DO I MAKE A BOOKING?</p><p>Online go to our website, choose your event, make your booking and print your ticket.</p><p>In person go to your local library and staff will book on your behalf.</p><p>By phone 03 5272 6010.</p><p>Group bookings 03 5272 6010.</p><p>Geelong Regional Library Corporation</p><p>BOOK NOW</p></li><li><p>AUTHOR ENCOUNTERS</p><p>eKNOW HOW</p><p>PROGRAMS FOR ADULTS</p><p>YOUTH PROGRAMS</p><p>ALL ABOUT KIDS!</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>08</p><p>10</p><p>14</p><p>HOLIDAY STUFF!</p><p>HOLIDAY FUN!</p><p>01</p><p>CONTENTS</p><p>02 03 18</p><p>SPECIAL EVENTS 02</p><p>The Summer Read</p><p>The Summer Read is back and gives you the chance to celebrate Victoria as a centre for writing, books and readers.</p><p>Margaret Drabble</p><p>We bring you a unique opportunity to enjoy an evening with acclaimed novelist Margaret Drabble.</p><p>Holiday Fun!</p><p>This summer we invite you to join us as we unlock the mysterious secret world of spies.</p></li><li><p>02</p><p>SPECIAL EVENTS</p><p>ADAM FORD: WHO'S BEEN SLEEPING IN MY HOUSE?</p><p>Archaeologist and cultural heritage expert, Adam Ford, is the presenter of the popular ABC TV series, 'Who's Been Sleeping in My House?'. Throughout an archaeological career spanning 25 years and on expeditions across the world, Adam has thrown his energy, enthusiasm and humour into unlocking the mysteries of the past whilst suffering the effects of spiders, scorpions, heat-stroke and dysentery. Adam talks about his experience of piecing together the past as well as the amazing discoveries that he has made whilst recording the series and some of the unexpected emotional impacts that the findings have had on the current custodians of the houses he's looked at.</p><p>Thursday 27 February Waurn Ponds 6.30-8.00pm</p><p>BOOK NOW</p><p>Summer is the perfect time to pick up a book and read. After the often hectic pace of life throughout the year, the Summer Read encourages us all to relax and recharge. Visit the library to browse the books and borrow your favourites. Recommend another great read and you'll be in the running to win great prizes! The Summer Read is presented in partnership with the State Library of Victoria and Public Libraries Victoria Network. For details, visit</p><p>In celebration of the Summer Read, we are running a photo competition with the theme 'My Summer Holiday!' Further info and competition rules at</p><p>THE SUMMER READ &amp; PHOTO COMPETITION</p></li><li><p>03</p><p>SPECIAL EVENTS</p><p>AN EVENING WITH MARGARET DRABBLE Presented in partnership by Geelong Regional Library Corporation, GPAC and The Wheeler Centre</p><p>Margaret Drabble is a consummate chronicler of London, which she knows as thoroughly as any novelist has ever known any city, according to Joyce Carol Oates. Her insightful, affecting novels about the inner lives of conflicted women as they navigate the change-filled terrain of the 1960s onward (including ambition and motherhood), have been much celebrated and loved. </p><p>Her eighteenth novel, The Pure Gold Baby, explores single motherhood and disability, through the life of anthropologist Jess, who has an affair with a professor that results in pure gold baby Anna, a special needs child who will need Jesss care for the rest of her life, altering its course forever in complex ways. </p><p>The Australian declares Drabble a former editor of the Oxford Companion to English Literature at the height of her game in this adroit novel, one that has been compared to her 1965 classic The Millstone. </p><p>Book now for this rare opportunity to hear one of the most acclaimed novelists of our time speak about her latest work and the writing process. Enjoy the opportunity to see Margaret in Geelong first!</p><p>Tuesday 25 February Geelong Performing Arts Centre 6.30-8.00pm (including book signings)</p><p>Cost: $20, $12 Concession </p><p>BOOKINGS: In person: 50 Little Malop St, Geelong Phone: 5225 1200 Online:</p><p>BOOK NOW</p></li><li><p>04</p><p>AUTHOR ENCOUNTERSMeet these authors and hear about their books and the writing process</p><p>Amongst chaos and devastation, Krissy Nicholson learns about the power of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Set in humanitarian disaster zones around the world, Krissy's story is about her journey as an aid worker and her search for a soul mate.</p><p>Thursday 5 December Waurn Ponds 6.30-8.00pm</p><p>KRISSY NICHOLSON: TSUNAMI &amp; THE SINGLE GIRL</p><p>BOOK NOW</p><p>Geelong artist Mirjana Margetic will talk about her book, The History of Serbian Migration in Victoria. The book is an exploration of heritage and identity.</p><p>Friday 6 December Corio 7.00-8.00pm</p><p>MIRJANA MARGETIC: THE HISTORY OF SERBIAN MIGRATION IN VICTORIA</p><p>BOOK NOW</p><p>Come and hear Trader Faulkner talk about his career in theatre from 1950s London stages to more recent times and places. Trader's tales include anecdotes from some of the biggest names in showbiz from the last century including Richard Burton, Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier.</p><p>Wednesday 19 February Belmont 6.30-8.00pm</p><p>TRADER FAULKNER: INSIDE TRADER</p><p>BOOK NOW</p><p>AUTHOR ENCOUNTERS</p></li><li><p>05</p><p>eKNOW HOW</p><p>Learn about our newest eBook Platform Axis 360. Download the app and continue your journey into the world of eBooks. </p><p>Tuesday 10 December Queenscliff 2.00-3.00pm</p><p>Monday 10 February Drysdale 1.30-2.30pm</p><p>AXIS 360 eBOOKS</p><p>BOOK NOW</p><p>This one hour session for the beginner will explore Android tablets. Bring along your own device and get some tips on how to get the most out of your tablet. </p><p>Monday 6 January Geelong 2.00-3.00pm</p><p>Thursday 30 January Ocean Grove 2.00-3.00pm</p><p>Monday 10 February Geelong West 6.30-7.30pm</p><p>Thursday 13 February Waurn Ponds 2.00-3.00pm</p><p>ANDROID BASICS</p><p>BOOK NOW</p><p>Book a 30 minute one-to-one session to help you use the library's eCollection and get the most out of your library.</p><p>Mondays Corio 2.00-4.00pm</p><p>BOOK A LIBRARIAN</p><p>BOOK NOW</p><p>Would you like to learn how to borrow and download eBooks from the library website? This session will guide you through the set up and downloading process and by the end of the session you will have your first eBook to read! </p><p>Monday 20 January Waurn Ponds 2.00-3.00pm</p><p>Thursday 23 January Bannockburn 3.00-4.00pm</p><p>Thursday 6 February Torquay 11.00am-12.00noon</p><p>eBOOKS</p><p>BOOK NOW</p><p>This session is for new users of the Ancestry Library Edition database and will provide an introduction to the site for those interested in discovering more about their family history.</p><p>Tuesday 11 February Lara 2.30-3.30pm</p><p>DISCOVER YOUR ANCESTRY </p><p>BOOK NOW</p><p>eKNOW HOW</p></li><li><p>06</p><p>iPAD BASICS</p><p>Find out why iPads are so popular and get some tips on how to make the most of your iPad in this beginner's session. Bring along your own device or use one provided by the library.</p><p>Wednesday 22 January Barwon Heads 2.30-3.30pm</p><p>Thursday 23 January Belmont 2.30-3.30pm</p><p>Tuesday 28 January Chilwell 2.00-3.00pm</p><p>Monday 3 February Geelong West 6.00-7.00pm</p><p>Wednesday 5 February Newcomb 2.30-3.30pm Geelong 10.00-11.00am</p><p>Thursday 6 February Belmont 2.30-3.30pm</p><p>Monday 10 February Drysdale 10.30-11.30am Highton 2.30-3.30pm</p><p>Tuesday 18 February Waurn Ponds 6.00-7.00pm Ocean Grove 6.30-7.30pm</p><p>Thursday 20 February Belmont 2.30-3.30pm</p><p>Monday 24 February Belmont 2.30-3.30pm</p><p>Tuesday 25 February Queenscliff 2.00-3.00pm</p><p>Wednesday 4 December Newcomb 2.30-3.30pm</p><p>Monday 9 December Belmont 2.30-3.30pm Geelong 2.00-3.00pm</p><p>Tuesday 17 December Waurn Ponds 6.00-7.00pm</p><p>Monday 30 December Belmont 2.30-3.30pm</p><p>Monday 6 January Belmont 2.30-3.30pm</p><p>Wednesday 8 January Newcomb 2.30-3.30pm</p><p>Friday 10 January Bannockburn 3.00-4.00pm</p><p>Monday 13 January Geelong 2.00-3.00pm Highton 2.30-3.30pm</p><p>Thursday 16 January Belmont 2.30-3.30pm Torquay 11.00am-12.00noon</p><p>Monday 20 January Drysdale 2.30-3.30pm</p><p>Tuesday 21 January Corio 2.00-3.00pm Lara 10.30-11.30am Waurn Ponds 6.00-7.00pm</p><p>BOOK NOW</p></li><li><p>07</p><p>eKNOW HOW</p><p>Book a 30 minute one-to-one session to help you make the most of your iPad or iPad Mini. You can borrow one of the library iPads or bring your own.</p><p>Tuesday 10 December Waurn Ponds 2.00-2.30pm, 2.30-3.00pm</p><p>Tuesday 14 January Waurn Ponds 2.00-2.30pm, 2.30-3.00pm</p><p>Tuesday 28 January Waurn Ponds 2.00-2.30pm, 2.30-3.00pm</p><p>Tuesday 11 February Waurn Ponds 2.00-2.30pm, 2.30-3.00pm</p><p>Tuesday 25 February Waurn Ponds 2.00-2.30pm, 2.30-3.00pm</p><p>iPAD HELP DESK</p><p>BOOK NOW</p><p>Want the latest Better Homes and Gardens or a magazine of your choice delivered straight to your device using Zinio? Come and learn how to access this free service.</p><p>Monday 16 December Belmont 2.30-3.30pm</p><p>Friday 10 January Belmont 10.00-11.00am</p><p>Thursday 16 January Waurn Ponds 2.00-3.00pm</p><p>Wednesday 26 February Newcomb 10.30-11.30am</p><p>ONLINE DIGITAL MAGAZINES</p><p>BOOK NOW</p><p>Prepare for the new school year by delving into a variety of our eCollection databases which both teachers and students will find useful for research and study.</p><p>Friday 24 January Newcomb 2.30-3.30pm</p><p>Tuesday 4 February Belmont 6.30-7.30pm</p><p>Thursday 13 February Corio 4.30-5.30pm</p><p>TOOLS FOR TEACHERS</p><p>BOOK NOW</p></li><li><p>08</p><p>PROGRAMS FOR ADULTS </p><p>Did you know that Book Club Kits are now available for loan to book clubs which join the library as group members? There are 75 exciting titles to choose from with more to come. Containing 12 copies of the same book, each kit is available for loan for up to six weeks. Information about the title and links to reviews and discussion questions can also be provided. Get your book club involved in this new initiative, FREE to library members, and enjoy the benefits!</p><p>BOOK CLUB KITS Join us in the library for a 30-minute story time for adults. Just relax and let us read to you! </p><p>Thursdays Geelong 12.30-1.00pm</p><p>Fridays, commencing February 7 Waurn Ponds 11.00-11.30am</p><p>BOOK BITES</p><p>BOOK NOW</p><p>CONSERVE ENERGY AND START SAVING</p><p>Learn how to conserve energy in your home and reduce the cost of your energy bills. Derek Ryan from the Geelong West Neighbourhood House will talk about insulation, walls, heating, lighting, double glazed windows and a variety of other topics. Get to know your house better and start saving today!</p><p>Monday 2 December Geelong West 6.00-7.30pm</p><p>BOOK NOW</p><p>NOW AVAILABLE!</p><p>Have a game or watch the art of Chess and Checkers. Indoors in Winter and outdoors in Summer. No bookings required.</p><p>Saturdays Bannockburn 10.00-11.00am</p><p>OVERSIZED CHESS AND CHECKERS</p></li><li><p>09</p><p>PROGRAMS FOR ADULTS</p><p>Learn how to make your very own paper at this two hour workshop with Tim Spencer! Adults and children. 10+</p><p>Thursday 23 January Geelong West 2.00-4.00pm</p><p>THE ART OF PAPER MAKING</p><p>BOOK NOW</p><p>Come and chat about the books you have been reading, hear recommendations and meet new people. No bookings required.</p><p>Third Tuesday of the Month Ocean Grove 2.30-3.30pm</p><p>First Tuesday of the Month Waurn Ponds 2.30-3.30pm</p><p>Third Thursday of the Month Torquay 7.00-8.00pm</p><p>BOOK CHAT</p><p>Learn how to make wonderful Christmas trees out of a single magazine! Perfect for table decorations.</p><p>Thursday 12 December Geelong West 2.30-3.30pm</p><p>MAGAZINE TO CHRISTMAS DCOR</p><p>BOOK NOW</p><p>Gardening expert Lorna Martin will discuss edible organic gardening principles including no-dig vegetable gardens, composting and worm farming, and how this contributes to a healthier lifestyle.</p><p>Wednesday 19 February Newcomb 6.30-7.45pm</p><p>EDIBLE GARDENING FOR GOOD HEALTH</p><p>BOOK NOW</p><p>Meet new people and enjoy some friendly rivalry over games such as Scrabble and Checkers.</p><p>First Wednesday of the Month Bannockburn 6.00-7.00pm</p><p>GAMES GROUP</p><p>BOOK NOW</p></li><li><p>10</p><p>YOUTH PROGRAMS</p><p>Are you a fan of Anime and Manga? Come along to Manga Club to meet other otaku and draw. Discuss and share all things Manga. No bookings required. Ages 12+</p><p>Tuesdays December 3, 17 &amp;31 January 14 &amp; 28 February 11 &amp; 25 Belmont 5.00-6.00pm</p><p>Wednesdays December 11 January 8 &amp; 24 February 5 &amp; 19 Newcomb 5.00-6.00pm</p><p>Thursdays December 12 January 9 &amp; 23 February 6 &amp; 20 Waurn Ponds 5.00-6.00pm</p><p>MANGA CLUB</p><p>Explore what makes your favourite cartoons, games, books and movies awesome at Pop Fiction. Join in to create stories, comics, videos, memes, and talk about everything popular culture. No booking required. Ages 12+</p><p>Tuesdays December 10 &amp; 24 January 7 &amp; 21 February 4 &amp; 18 Torquay 4.00-5.00pm</p><p>Wednesdays December 4 &amp; 18 January 15 &amp; 29 February 12 &amp; 26 Waurn Ponds 5.00-6.00pm</p><p>POP FICTION</p><p>Ready for a break at the end of the week? TGIF Game Time is a chance for you to sit back with a controller, deck, or pair of dice and play games new and old. No bookings required. Ages 12+</p><p>Fridays December 6 &amp; 20 January 3, 17 &amp; 31 February 14 &amp; 28 Waurn Ponds 4.00-5.00pm</p><p>TGIF GAME TIME</p></li><li><p>11</p><p>YOUTH PROGRAMS</p><p>Forget about sweet Valentines as this one hour session will explore the broken-hearted world of black out poetry. Ages 12+</p><p>Friday 14 February Ocean Grove 4.00-5.00pm</p><p>BLACK HEARTED POETRY</p><p>BOOK NOW</p><p>So you love the living dead when they war with flora? Come join other Zombie fans to explore the digital world of this epic battle as well as make a zombie chibi head. If you write and perform the best zombie drone chant you may be the talk of the town. Ages 8+</p><p>Friday 28 February Ocean Grove 4.00-5.30pm</p><p>PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES</p><p>BOOK NOW</p></li><li><p>HOLIDAY STUFF!</p><p>Secrets need to be kept safe from prying eyes so come along to this session and make a safe from a hard back book. Ages 12+</p><p>Wednesday 8 January Geelong West 3.30-4.30pm</p><p>Thursday 16 January Lara 3.00-4.30pm</p><p>Monday 20 January Queenscliff 2.30-4.00pm</p><p>BOOK SAFE</p><p>BOOK NOW</p><p>Develop a shady character or a crime fighter and then bring them to life in a comic. Ages 12+</p><p>Monday 13 January Geelong 2.30-4.30pm</p><p>Friday 17 January Torquay 2.30-4.00pm</p><p>Wednesday 22 January Ocean Grove 2.30-4.00pm</p><p>Friday 24 January Geelong West 2.30-4.00pm</p><p>COMIC CRIME</p><p>BOOK NOW</p><p>Create your very own pinhole camera. Ages 12+</p><p>Tuesday 14 January Waurn...</p></li></ul>