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<ul><li><p>8/6/2019 Events 4 July 2011</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Weekly Friday NewsletterTerm: 2 Week: 10</p><p>4 July 2011</p><p>NOTICES</p><p>Maori Language Week: This week is Maori Language Week. Manaakitangaistheme for Mori Language Week2011. Manaakitanga is about how we make people feel welcome when they are in our company, and how we give</p><p>regard to and care for others when hosting visitors. We will be using opportunities through out the week to</p><p>practice manaakitanga.</p><p>Gifted and Talented Chess Tuition: A reminder thatnext term we are planning a series of weekly chess sessionswith a trained Chess Instructor. Ten children will be selected to participate. We have already had a number of</p><p>parents indicate that their child would be interested in taking part.</p><p>Parent Helpers urgently needed: As yet we have not had any offers of regular parent helpers from Kowhai andKauri to support with the walk to and from the Wellington Library every fortnight. If you are able to help, please</p><p>let the Co Principals know.</p><p>Black Tie Night: All CTMS children will be performing at the Black Tie night on Monday 11 July. We are allpracticing very hard for the event! We are hoping parents and children will come dressed in formal clothing. This</p><p>will also be an opportunity for the community to farewell Murray. Many thanks to the PTA who are helping with the</p><p>organisation of refreshments. Please return the tear off slip by Wednesday 6 July.</p><p>Welcome: This week we welcome Tuhina Sambhus to Kauri Homegroup.BP Challenge: Over the past four weeks students at CTMS have been involved in a number of survival technologychallenges. The staff has identified a number of teams who will represent CTMS in the Wellington Technology</p><p>Challenge this coming Thursday. These students are chosen not only for their creative and innovative skills but also</p><p>by their ability to work in a team. Thank you to those parents who are providing transport and have offered tosupport the teams at the event.</p><p>Swimming: The swimming instructors have requested that parents take their children swimming during the week toreinforce the swimming skills taught during their school swimming sessions at Sportswide.</p><p>BOT Meeting: Please note the next BOT meeting is held on Thursday 7 July at 5:30pm. The agenda is posted onour website.</p><p>..</p><p>Black Tie Night Monday 11 July 6pm (Please return slip to office by Wednesday 6 July)I will/will not be attending the Black Tie Night on Monday 11 July at 6pm.</p><p>Numbers attending:.</p><p>Signed:.</p><p>Name:.</p><p>Monday 4 July Kauri/Kahikatea LibraryJenny and Brigid CRT Day (Anne-Marie relieving)</p><p>Tuesday 5 July Orchestra and Band practice</p><p>Wednesday 6 July Technology Years 7/8</p><p>Thursday 7 July Special Student Council practice assembly: Mia, Sol, Vinamra,Cosmos, Arabella 9amBP Challenge Years 3-8Swimming Programme at Sport wide Gym 1pm-3pmBOT Meeting 5:30pm</p><p>Friday 8 July No Spanish (Raquel on PD)</p><p>NOTICES:</p><p>Black Tie NightSchool musical groups,</p><p>orchestra &amp; piano student</p><p>performances</p><p>Monday 11 July at 6pm</p><p>End of Term 2Friday 15 July</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Events 4 July 2011</p><p> 2/2</p><p>2</p></li></ul>