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<ul><li><p>8/3/2019 Events 31 October 2011</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Weekly Friday Newsletter</p><p>Term: 4 Week: 2</p><p>31 October 2011</p><p>Term 4 ends</p><p>Friday 16 December</p><p>Board of Trustees Update from Raewyn Carmichael-Returning Officer</p><p>CTMS Board of Trustees Election Results: The following people are duly elected.</p><p>Mid-term Election Results: By-election Results:</p><p>David Conwell Alison Finnie</p><p>Jane Dancer Heidi Snelson</p><p>Lynne OConner</p><p>Notices:</p><p>Kids 4 Kids Concert: This term all CTMS studentsare participating in the Kids 4 Kids Xmas Song Concert with</p><p>Suzanne Prentice. The children have begun learning the songs and have each been given a song booklet with all the</p><p>lyrics. This is to ensure everyone knows all the songs before the concert. The concert date is set for Thursday 8th</p><p>December and will be held at The St James Theatre on Courtney Place. Tickets are now on sale through Ticketek.</p><p> No tickets will be sold at CTMS. Further details</p><p>Australian Mathematics Competition: As part of the Gifted &amp; Talented Programme we had a number of students</p><p>participate in the mathematics competition and achieve very good results. Congratulations to Yr 5 Jack Paine</p><p>(Distinction), Yr 4 Phoenix King (Credit), Yr3 Josh Paine (Credit at Yr 4 level), Yr 6 Leeza Speranskaya (Credit), Yr</p><p>6 Constance Stirling (Proficiency). These students will receive their certificates in assembly next week. Several</p><p>students who were to be part of the maths competition were unable to sit the activity due to illness that week.</p><p>Very unfortunate timing but we hope they will be able to do it next year!!</p><p>Sunhats: As the weather warms up and we move into the summer season we will need to activate our school sunhatpolicy. Students will need to bring a wide-brimmed sunhat for school. This hat will need to remain at school so it is</p><p>available each day for school use.</p><p>Board of Trustees 2011 Survey:Self Review and Strategic Planning are an important role of our Board of</p><p>Trustees. To assist the BOT in this process we are asking our parent community to complete the following surveys.</p><p>CTMS Survey 2011 and Information and Communications Survey</p><p>Thursday Sport: This Thursday all CTMS students will be travelling by bus (kindly sponsored by Community Trust</p><p>NZ) to the indoor ASB Sports Stadium to take part in an indoor athletics programme. This opportunity is in</p><p>preparation for those children representing CTMS at the Central Zone Athletics competition.</p><p>Telecom promotion: If you are a Telecom customer, you can turn your bill into a storybook for our school. All you</p><p>have to do is switch to online billing be 24 November 2011 at Get your friendsand family behind this great promotion!</p><p>Sewing Working Bee: We need a team of willing parents to sew 70 feathers onto our Kapa Haka headbands. This is</p><p>not an onerous job and can be done at home!</p><p>Term 4 Long Term Plan: Please find attached our Term 4 Long Term Plan.</p><p>Jonathan Crehan: Check out our piano teachers new website!</p><p>Monday 31 October Kowhai Library Visit</p><p>Tuesday 1 November Katrina-CRT Day (Leigh relieving in Kowhai)</p><p>Wednesday 2 November Brigid-CRT Day (Leigh relieving in Kahikatea)</p><p>Technology Years 7/8</p><p>Thursday 3 November Assembly: Hosts: Tommy, Alex, Ruby N, Sarah</p><p>ASB Kilbirnie Sport Centre sports session 12:30pm-3pm</p><p>Friday 4 November School Financial Audit</p><p>NOTICES:</p><p>School EOTC Week21-23 November</p><p>Kids 4 Kids Concert</p><p>8 December</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 Events 31 October 2011</p><p> 2/2</p><p>2</p></li></ul>