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Presentation to ~100 non-profit and government leaders in Fairfax VA on DIY messaging related to public relations.


  • 1. Review From Yesterday Online Mktg Social Public Media Relations
  • 2. We do use Twitter and Facebooklinks in our ranking....We are also trying to figure out alittle about the reputation of anauthor on Twitter or Facebook. --Google executive Matt Cutts December 17, 2010
  • 3. Promotion TodayTraditional Broadcast Newspapers Media USPS New Social Media Niche Sites Media Online News Sites
  • 4. Traditional media didnt lose relevance There are more opportunities (to smaller audiences) than ever before
  • 5. New media more than compensates Lower cost Easier access Better audience targeting Thorough understanding of engagement
  • 6. Channels Social Non- Traditional Media Traditional Media Bloggers New Facebook Niche Ways to Twitter Sites Pitch & Engage
  • 7. Our Conversation TodayWHO does all this work?WHAT tools do they use?HOW it is paid for?
  • 8. Who
  • 9. Who Resource ListInternsITT Extern Program 135 hours or no degreeTraining Futures, No Va. Family ServicesChantilly HS and other FCPS (minor payment)Advisory Board MembersLocal Chamber of Commerce networking
  • 10. How?Think A New WayUse Untapped Currency
  • 11. How Do We Pay? Find people who want something from you, not just do-gooders
  • 12. Untapped Currency Links from your website to theirs A badge on their site as a digital certificate Joint press release or allow them to issue one Exclusive opportunitiesWhat can you give an organization or person that doesnt cost you money, but is valuable?
  • 13. What Tools?200 active, reputable social media tools online. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & more Multiple Users for accounts Low Cost Metrics Message Scheduling!
  • 14. Press Release Distribution $100-$400 / release
  • 15. Be A Source 30,000 Journalists 210 Queries Sent Daily Up to 3 Emails
  • 16. Blog It - FREE
  • 17. Keep Track 10 free licenses $15,000 value Non-profits Schools
  • 18. There Is A Better Way