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  • 1. How to get the message right andmeasure the response?Promoting Events viaSocial MediaBy : Abby

2. Overview Social Media? Social media is a social instrument of communication! In web 2.0 terms, this would be a website that doesnt just give youinformation, but interacts with you while giving you that information. 3. WHY SOCIAL MEIDA? Direct invitation can get lost or ignored We are all busy and tend to ignore things Difficult to get RSVPs once invitations are sent Phone / Email RSVPs are high-maintenance Paper? Yuck! 4. IsSOCIAL MEDIAManage to Reach Target Audience? 5. Social Media Revolution Incredible rise in popularity of social media over the past decade has been one of the biggest stories in technology this century. 500 million active users worldwide onFacebook. More than 170 million tweets are sentfrom Twitter daily across the globe. Hospitality business can no longer rely on traditional broadcast advertising in this rapidly evolving online space http://www.youtube.com/watch?v (Daniel Tyte, 2011). =3SuNx0UrnEo&feature=related It is not just about Trend, It is Fact! 6. Company Target AudienceCommunicationIt must be a two-way thing wherecompanies are prepared to listen andnot just talk. (Daniel Tyte, 2011)Customer 7. Develop a closer relationship with audience and potential new customers.Social Media Relations Provides centralized information referencepoints Make it easy to RSVP Make it easy for others to help you promoteyour event Gets your event in front of a lot of people 8. Risk of Social Media Neglect to keep sites fresh up to date. Informal approach and have inconsistent message. 9. Tips on Getting the Most from Social Media MarketingPlan withOrganizing & Promotion & social mediaInviting Distribution toolsPost eventOptimize the social mediaevent for socialcommunicationmedia sharing 10. YOUR MessagesEvery time my phone beeps from a Twitter alert, I know that we arebeing talked about or mention positively. (Jamie Howell, 2011)its a very friendly community on Twitter and it promotes mush more ofa community feel than is sometimes possible in real life. (LauraCowen, 2011) 11. YOUR MESSAGES.If you dont devote time to networking with your fan base, pluscontinually strive to create a fresh buzz about your sites, they will soonlook tired and stagnant. (Clara Saffer, 2011)In several years blogging, reading and discussing events, Ive read lotsof garbage as well as excellent tips on social media. This leavesyou, dear reader, with nothing but confusion. (Solaris 12. View your slides from anywhere! 13. ConclusionKeep yoursocial sitesare constantly refreshed withupdated information in order to deliver a clear messages toaudience.Thank you.