Evaluation of Standard Chocolate Chip Cookies with Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

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    A-7aluation of Standard Chocolate Chip Cookies withuten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

    thor(s): C. Kipper, G. Syler; Southeast Missouri Stateiversity, Cape Girardeau, MO

    arning Outcome: At the conclusion of the session,ticipants will be able to recognize gluten-free recipedifications.

    ten is a protein responsible for structure and firming ofery items. Gluten intolerance, Celiac Disease, is anoimmune disease in which the mucosal lining of the smallestine is inflamed by the alpha-gliadin and other proteinponents of gluten leading to nutrition-related issues. The

    rpose of this experiment is to determine the acceptance often-free (GF) chocolate chip cookies. Fifty volunteer subjectsted 2 samples of cookies and completed a sensory evaluationeach sample. Subjects evaluated appearance, taste, textureoverall preference. One sample was prepared using a

    ndard chocolate chip cookie recipe, the other samplestituted glutinous rice flour for all-purpose flour. Thendard cookie recipe was preferred by 68% of the subjects.pearance was measured on a Likert scale of 1 to 8 with 1took and 8too light. The mean score for appearance was 4.46the standard cookie recipe and 4.08 for the GF cookie recipe.

    ste was measured on a Likert scale of 1 to 8 with 1like anddislike. The mean score for taste was 3.56 for the standardkie recipe and 4.36 for the GF cookie recipe. Texture wasasured on a Likert scale of 1-8 with 1too crunchy and 8toowy. The mean score for texture was 3.50 for the standardkie recipe and 4.24 for the GF cookie recipe. The resultsgest success when preparing other standard recipes in a GFnner. Registered dietitians must be aware of simpleect of Flaxseed Flour on the Physical, Textural andnsory Properties of Blueberry Muffins

    thor(s): L. Daisley, L. Nguyen, S. Palacci, L. Sardelli,Wekwete, R. Ghatak, K. P. Navder; Nutrition and Foodence in the Urban Public Health Program, Hunter College,w York, NY

    arning Outcome: To maximize the health benefits byorporating ground flaxseed in blueberry muffins.

    xseed, being a rich source of -linolenic acid, soluble fibercilage and mammalian lignin precursors, imparts manylth benefits, including protection against cancer, loweringlesterol and improving laxation. This study was conducted tolore the possibilities of substituting 0 (control), 20, 30, and

    ground flaxseed (w/w) for white flour in blueberry muffins.mpared to the control muffin, all flaxseed enhanced muffins

    decreased spreads, decreased weight, and decreased height.tural measurements made using the TA.XT2 Texture

    alyzer (Texture Technologies Corp., Scarsdale, NY/Stablecro Systems, Godalming, Surrey, UK) showed the flaxseedanced blueberry muffins to be more tough, and less springy.sory properties evaluated by untrained panelists using aonic scale showed flaxseed enhanced blueberry muffins to beeptable up to the 40 % level. This level of replacement yieldedery acceptable, dietary fiber enriched muffin with a 6,608%8 g) increase in omega-3 fatty acids and 50% (1.19 g) increase

    dietary fiber compared to the control group.

    nding Disclosure: None

    STER SESSION: SCIENCE/EDUCATION/MANAGEMENT/FOODSEstitutions which will produce acceptable GF products.

    nding Disclosure: None

    4 / September 2010 Suppl 2Abstracts Volume 110 Number 9nsory and Textural Properties of Value-Added Sweettatoes Brownies

    thor(s): I. T. Forrester, S. R. Brown, A. Wolpert, K. Taylor;rgan State University, Baltimore, MD

    arning Outcome: To know non-traditional use of sweetatoes in food product development.

    eet potatoes were used as fat replacers in the formulation ofwnies, and were evaluated for sensory and texturalperties. Fat was replaced at 50, 75 and 100% in an effort toimize the sensory characteristics (appearance, color, flavor,ture and overall acceptability). Texture, color and flavor ofwnies with 100% reduced fat content, correlated well withrall acceptability. Internal and external color scores werehest for the control and for brownies with 100% fatlacement. Brownies, substituted with 50% fat, as well astrols, received the lowest overall scores. Objective texturelysis showed major differences in the profiles among theious formulations. The study shows potential for the use of

    eet potatoes as a fat replacer in brownies.

    nding Disclosure: The Title III Institutional DevelopmentUndergraduate Educational Serviceectiveness of White Bean Puree as a Fat Replacer onPhysical, Textural and Sensory Properties ofeesecake

    thor(s): M. LoConte, J. Paglia Tanzman, S. Rangraj,Tanaka, B. Wekwete, R. Ghatak, K. P. Navder; Nutrition andd Science in Urban Public Health Program, Hunter College,

    w York, NY

    arning Outcome: To evaluate the effectiveness of white beanree as a fat replacer in cheesecake.

    ite beans have been reported to replicate the functions of fatvor, and texture) with fewer calories. This study wasdertaken to examine the effectiveness of this fat replacer inesecake, a popular American dessert. Cheesecakes werepared by replacing cream cheese with pureed white beans at

    control), 15, 30, and 60% levels (w/w), respectively. Comparedthe control, cheesecake batters with the bean puree were moreid as indicated by increased line spreads. Penetrometerasurements showed the 15, 30 and 60% variations to be lessse and more tender. Sensory results showed all threeiations with bean puree to be creamy and acceptable. The

    variation was most liked by untrained panelists usingonic scorecards in the categories of flavor, texture, aftertasteoverall acceptability, and resulted in a 6.9% reduction in

    ories and 12.8% reduction in fat per 100 g serving. This studywed that because of their nutritional value, low cost andilability, white bean puree can be used as an acceptable fatlacer up to 30% level in cheesecakes and its effectivenessuld be investigated in other baked products.

    nding Disclosure: None



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