European Microfinance Network Jorge Ramirez - European Microfinance Network Microfinance in Europe Microfinance in Europe V Reunion Anual Consorcios Espanoles

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  • European Microfinance NetworkJorge Ramirez - European Microfinance Network

  • DefinitionEuropean Microfinance Network

  • European Microfinance NetworkMain features

  • European Microfinance NetworkHistory

  • European Microfinance NetworkMission

  • European Microfinance NetworkStrategy

  • European Microfinance NetworkMembers

  • Spanish Members (15)*European Microfinance Network

  • European Microfinance NetworkEMN strengthens its members and develops exchange

  • European Microfinance NetworkEMN develops research, increases visibility and creates links between stakeholders

  • European Microfinance NetworkEMN participates in improving the regulatory environment

  • European Microfinance Network

  • European Microfinance NetworkCharacteristics of microfinance in Europe

  • European Microfinance NetworkThe social context

  • European Microfinance NetworkThe financial context

  • European Microfinance NetworkExisting SMEsNew traditional enterprisesMarket gap to be filled by banksIncome-generating activitiesMicroentreprises set up by excluded personsMarket gap to be filled by specialised insitutions Market segmentation

  • European Microfinance NetworkPart of existing programmes of development banksPolitical pressure at the basis Sometimes image problem for reaching out to clients and make them pay

    Small scale (exemption: Prince Trust)Finance seen as added value for enterprise supportInspired by international practice Integrated non financial services Recent developmentStrong growth Synergy effects on costs due to existing infrastructure. European Microfinance Institutional models

  • European Microfinance Network

  • European Microfinance Network

  • European Microfinance NetworkAn enabling European policy

  • European Microfinance NetworkEuropean Progress Microfinance Facility (EPMF)

  • European Microfinance NetworkEuropean Progress Microfinance Facility (EPMF)Can I access Progress microfinance? Yes, if you: - want to become self-employed or set up/develop a microenterprise (
  • European Microfinance NetworkJASMINE (Joint Action to Support Micro-Finance Institutions in Europe)Technical Assistance: - evaluation / diagnosis / rating of the selected MFI - tailor-made training & Business support services

    JASMINE Workshops


    European Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit provision

  • European Microfinance NetworkCIP SME Guarantee Facility (SMEG)Loan guarantees to encourage banks to make more debt finance available to SMEs, including: - Loan Guarantees - Microcredit, guarantees for loans of up to 25000 to micro-enterprises with up to nine employees, particularly entrepreneurs starting a business - equity and quasy-equity guarantees - securitisation

    Spain: CERSA Compania Espanola de Reafianzamiento S.A.

  • European Microfinance Network

    - Au dpart dans les PVD, lobjectif est intgrer les pauvres, en Europe il sagit plus dune inclusion sociale que strictement conomique et productive.

    92% of European enterprises are microenterprises with less than ten employees1/3 of enterprises are started out of unemploymentSelf-employment represents more than one job in seven; making up 15% of total employment45% of all European would like to be self-employed21% of SMEs indicate that accessing finance is a problem and the % is much higher for microenterprises

    Spanish members:ACAF, Asociacion de Comunidades AutofinanciadasBBKCpAc, Fundacio Privada per a la Promocio de lAutoocupacio de CatalunyaMicrobank (La Caixa)Fundacion CajaSolCaja GranadaFIDEM, Fundacio Internacional de la Dona EmprendedoraFundacion ICOMarcelo Abbad ConsultoriaMITA, Centro de Desarrollo de Iniciativas Empresariales (ONG)Nantik LumPignus (Fundacion Cajasol)SURT, Asociacio de Dones per a la integracio laboralTransformandoWWB (Bancomujer)

    A Gender Focus on MicrofinanceAccess to EU FundingAdvocacy for Microfinance InstitutionsAn introduction to microfinance in EuropeDelinquency ManagementLoan OfficersMarketing and outreach in the Western European contextMicrofinance and Ethnic MinoritiesRisk and social performance measurement in microfinanceTheory and practice of microfinance in EuropePROGRESS: expected to leverage 500 million euros for 45000 microloans until 2014; average loan size of 11,000euros Targets: vulnerable groups and microenterprises


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