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<p>European Home Improvement Monitor 2018</p> <p>European Home Improvement Monitor 2018Research factsheet</p> <p>To provide manufacturers and retailers with a complete overview of home improvement market - spending on home improvement, market shares online &amp;offline purchase channels, development of DIY versus DIFM and other need-to-know information. These insights are provided for 20 product categories. Inaddition, each quarter one theme topic is covered.</p> <p>Research objective</p> <p>Planning &amp; Process</p> <p>Monthly measurements</p> <p>Report available </p> <p>each quarter</p> <p>Methodology</p> <p>600 online interviews per quarter Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and U.K.</p> <p>Annually, 26,400 successful online interviews</p> <p>Target group</p> <p>DIY consumers</p> <p>Countries</p> <p>Analysis, reporting &amp; advice</p> <p>Thorough data analysis in SPSS</p> <p>Comprehensive report in PowerPoint incl. advice</p> <p>Additional analysis on your exclusive questions</p> <p>Costs</p> <p>Quarterly theme </p> <p>questionsExclusive </p> <p>questions for clients</p> <p> Single country/category: 3,600</p> <p> European manufacturer: 9,000(all countries for single category)</p> <p> European retailer: 20,000(all countries/all categories)</p> <p>European Home Improvement Monitor 2018Why?</p> <p>Key insights Understanding the consumers Comparable insights</p> <p> Key trends like DIY vs DIFM, changes in</p> <p>DMU, orientation behavior, customer</p> <p>touchpoints, shares of purchase</p> <p>channels online and offline, and many</p> <p>more are shaping the market. Knowing</p> <p>where, how and when these trends</p> <p>become relevant is key market</p> <p>intelligence input for strategic decision</p> <p>making.</p> <p> The European Home Improvement</p> <p>Monitor follows trends in 11 countries</p> <p>covered by the research.</p> <p> Each quarter a key trend will be</p> <p>investigated and reported. Results are</p> <p>split on a country level.</p> <p> The European Home Improvement</p> <p>Monitor is a co-makership between our</p> <p>clients and USP. Together we decide</p> <p>which trends to investigate.</p> <p> Digitalization, is rapidly changing the way</p> <p>consumer orientate and how they purchase</p> <p>home improvement products.</p> <p> This trend makes pull marketing much more</p> <p>important. The consumer becomes more and</p> <p>more decisive in the DMU. The European</p> <p>Home Improvement Monitor provides key</p> <p>information on how consumers orientate</p> <p>themselves, how digital they are and much</p> <p>more. Information which is vital for a good</p> <p>marketing strategy.</p> <p> Trends and themes will be repeated in 1, 2 or 3</p> <p>year intervals. This way, trendlines and</p> <p>predictions can be made. For marketing</p> <p>professionals, the specific information on the</p> <p>home improvement market is hard to find,</p> <p>especially for your own product category. The</p> <p>European Home Improvement Monitor provides</p> <p>just that.</p> <p> Our customers are often Multi-national</p> <p>companies who need to receive comparable</p> <p>data for the countries in which theyre active.</p> <p>We deliver a country by country</p> <p>comparison. The report reveals that trends</p> <p>will not be the same in each country and</p> <p>develop at a different paste in the various</p> <p>countries.</p> <p> The European Home Improvement Monitor is</p> <p>conducted in 11 countries with the same</p> <p>methodology and questionnaire.</p> <p> Not only the trends can be compared country</p> <p>by country, but also by product category.</p> <p>This information is highly valuable to asses</p> <p>market conditions and sales feedback.</p> <p> The report has, when relevant, also a</p> <p>European perspective, but always with results</p> <p>split per country and product category as</p> <p>well.</p> <p>Section 1: Home improvement key insights</p> <p>This section aims at giving an overview of the European DIY market:</p> <p> European market size evolution</p> <p> European spending on home improvement</p> <p> Online purchases evolution</p> <p> DIY versus Do-it-for-me trend</p> <p> Country specific results</p> <p>Section 2: Theme chapter </p> <p>Each quarter different topics are included in the research. 2018 edition:</p> <p> Q1 2018: Drivers and barriers for home improvement jobs</p> <p> Q2 2018: Touch points during the application of improvement</p> <p> Q3 2018: Love brands</p> <p> Q4 2018: Multi-year developments</p> <p>Section 3: Home improvement per category</p> <p>This chapter provides key information on:</p> <p> Size of the total product category</p> <p> Share of the market held by professionals versus consumers</p> <p> Online (purchase) channel evolution</p> <p> Influence of consumers and professionals on product and brand choice</p> <p>Section 4: Appendix</p> <p>Contains background figures per region and country statistics.</p> <p>European Home Improvement MonitorWhat are we going to cover</p> <p>Product </p> <p>categories</p> <p>Adhesives</p> <p>&amp; Sealants</p> <p>Paint</p> <p>suppliesPaint</p> <p>Fillers &amp; </p> <p>Mortars</p> <p>Bathroom </p> <p>products</p> <p>Tiles &amp; Tile </p> <p>grouts</p> <p>Electrical &amp; </p> <p>Home </p> <p>automation</p> <p>Doors, </p> <p>Window </p> <p>frames/glass</p> <p>Floors</p> <p>Garden </p> <p>products</p> <p>Hand &amp; </p> <p>Power </p> <p>tools</p> <p>HVAC</p> <p>Insulation</p> <p>Plaster </p> <p>board &amp; </p> <p>stone</p> <p>Roofing</p> <p>Kitchen </p> <p>products</p> <p>Roof </p> <p>daylight </p> <p>solutions</p> <p>Safety &amp; </p> <p>security</p> <p>Wallpaper </p> <p>&amp; wallpaper </p> <p>adhesives</p> <p>Window </p> <p>decoration</p> <p>3,1</p> <p>%</p> <p>4,2</p> <p>%</p> <p>11</p> <p>,1% 6</p> <p>,5% 4,0</p> <p>%</p> <p>6,3</p> <p>% 3,6%</p> <p>10</p> <p>,5%</p> <p>8,1</p> <p>%</p> <p>6,9</p> <p>%</p> <p>6,3</p> <p>%</p> <p>4,7</p> <p>%</p> <p>5,8</p> <p>%</p> <p>8,0</p> <p>%</p> <p>5,3</p> <p>%</p> <p>5,9</p> <p>%</p> <p>9,0</p> <p>% 3,5</p> <p>%</p> <p>9,4</p> <p>% 4,7</p> <p>%</p> <p>5,0</p> <p>%</p> <p>9,4</p> <p>%</p> <p>Q1 16</p> <p>Q1 17</p> <p>Example results of 2017Online purchases, DIY vs DIFM trend</p> <p>Online purchases Home improvement products</p> <p>Q1 16 3.1% 4.2% 11.1% 6.5% 4.0% 6.3% 3.6% 10.5% 8.1% 6.9% 6.3%</p> <p>Q2 16 4.3% 5.6% 10.7% 5.0% 5.3% 5.5% 4.1% 9.3% 5.1% 5.0% 4.8%</p> <p>Q3 16 4.1% 4.4% 10.0% 4.4% 4.2% 6.5% 4.5% 10.7% 5.7% 4.8% 5.7%</p> <p>Q4 16 4.3% 5.1% 10.1% 5.7% 4.9% 6.2% 4.2% 9.3% 6.9% 6.0% 6.7%</p> <p>Q1 17 4.7% 5.8% 8.0% 5.3% 5.9% 9.0% 3.5% 9.4% 4.7% 5.0% 9.4%</p> <p>37%31% 26% 28% 31%</p> <p>33% 36%42%</p> <p>30%37%</p> <p>27%37% 33% 36% 35% 38% 36%</p> <p>40%31% 34%</p> <p>47% 46%</p> <p>63%69% 74% 72% 69%</p> <p>67% 64%58%</p> <p>70% 63% 73%63% 67% 64% 65% 62% 64%</p> <p>60%69% 66%</p> <p>53% 54%</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 16</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 17</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 16</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 17</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 16</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 17</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 16</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 17</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 16</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 17</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 16</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 17</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 16</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 17</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 16</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 17</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 16</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 17</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 16</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 17</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 16</p> <p>Q1</p> <p> 17</p> <p>DIY</p> <p>DIFMDIF</p> <p>M v</p> <p>s D</p> <p>IY</p> <p>Example results of 2017Country specific insights - Germany</p> <p>37% 45%</p> <p>49%</p> <p>44%</p> <p>41% 48%</p> <p>48%</p> <p>42%</p> <p>38% 47%</p> <p>48%</p> <p>41%</p> <p>Q1 1</p> <p>4</p> <p>Q2 1</p> <p>4</p> <p>Q3 1</p> <p>4</p> <p>Q4 1</p> <p>4</p> <p>Q1 1</p> <p>5</p> <p>Q2 1</p> <p>5</p> <p>Q3 1</p> <p>5</p> <p>Q4 1</p> <p>5</p> <p>Q1 1</p> <p>6</p> <p>Q2 1</p> <p>6</p> <p>Q3 1</p> <p>6</p> <p>Q4 1</p> <p>6 30% 30% 33%</p> <p>70% 70% 67%</p> <p>2014 2015 2016</p> <p>DIY</p> <p>DIFM</p> <p>21% 22% 25%</p> <p>6% 6% 6%7% 8% 7%6% 6% 6%9% 9% 10%</p> <p>51% 49% 46%</p> <p>2014 2015 2016</p> <p>Purchased by professional</p> <p>Other shop</p> <p>Speciality shop</p> <p>Wholesaler for professional</p> <p>Online shop</p> <p>DIY shop</p> <p>8,8% 9,1%9,9%</p> <p>2014 2015 2016</p> <p>Home improvement DIFM vs DIY</p> <p>Online purchasePurchase channel</p> <p>;rct=j&amp;q=&amp;esrc=s&amp;source=imgres&amp;cd=&amp;cad=rja&amp;uact=8&amp;ved=0ahUKEwjU5a_FxLfRAhUTcVAKHbKNBWMQjRwIBw&amp;url=;psig=AFQjCNE28QtqdyyTnq1B-2e8hooM96jXFA&amp;ust=1484136258483006</p> <p> The consumers who painted are asked how the paint was applied to the exterior or interior of their home.</p> <p> The figure below shows the percentages of consumers that used one or more online sources to get information about the paint they bought.</p> <p> Consumers from Poland and Spain clearly use online resources for orientation more often than the consumers from other countries.</p> <p>Example results of 2017Product chapter - Paint Methods of applying paint and Online orientation </p> <p>127 114 109 125 191 217 205 217 175 120 142</p> <p>Q: How was the paint applied? Multiple answers possible.</p> <p>Q: Did you get information about the paint online?</p> <p>Asked to respondents that bought paint</p> <p>Online orientation among paint buying consumers(last 4 quarters)</p> <p>Sample size 339 356 317 231 322 554 388 490 320 329 238</p> <p>Sample size 331 358 345 226 308 614 422 488 318 364 282</p> <p>22% 21%28% 27% 25%</p> <p>44%38%</p> <p>28%20%</p> <p>27% 31%</p> <p>127 114 109 125 191 217 205 217 175 120 142</p> <p>Method of applying the paint inside</p> <p>Last 4 quarters </p> <p>Roller 85.7% 85.6% 83.8% 59.2% 86.2% 87.5% 89.2% 74.3% 81.4% 81.9% 64.9%</p> <p>Brush 67.7% 62.8% 54.7% 64.0% 79.1% 44.4% 49.3% 78.9% 71.1% 54.1% 49.9%</p> <p>Paint sprayer 3.5% 3.1% 3.7% 6.6% 5.0% 4.3% 5.3% 2.4% 5.2% 5.8% 5.6%</p> <p>Other 0.6% 0.3% 0.6% 0.8% 0.0% 0.0% 0.2% 1.1% 2.7% 0.6% 0.9%</p> <p>Don't know 3.1% 3.0% 4.9% 2.5% 1.5% 1.8% 1.6% 2.8% 5.6% 3.8% 10.1%</p> <p>Method of applying the paint outside</p> <p>47.7% 62.9% 55.0% 40.0% 52.6% 56.6% 71.0% 29.5% 39.6% 51.5% 27.7%</p> <p>71.9% 56.6% 61.8% 64.7% 78.4% 51.4% 46.0% 72.0% 80.8% 51.1% 65.9%</p> <p>9.9% 14.2% 9.2% 10.8% 2.0% 13.7% 12.5% 7.9% 5.1% 9.1% 9.9%</p> <p>0.0% 0.0% 0.9% 0.0% 0.7% 0.0% 0.0% 0.5% 1.1% 0.0% 1.8%</p> <p>6.0% 3.4% 8.5% 5.5% 5.5% 5.0% 5.4% 7.4% 6.3% 14.2% 14.9%</p> <p>Sample size 331 358 345 226 308 614 422 488 318 364 282</p> <p>Example results of 2017Theme part Love brands Paint - Austria</p> <p>Aided brand awareness and usage 2017 (N=400)</p> <p>12%</p> <p>11%</p> <p>14%</p> <p>17%</p> <p>21%</p> <p>22%</p> <p>27%</p> <p>22%</p> <p>33%</p> <p>32%</p> <p>28%</p> <p>27%</p> <p>34%</p> <p>35%</p> <p>32%</p> <p>34%</p> <p>14%</p> <p>14%</p> <p>10%</p> <p>12%</p> <p>19%</p> <p>17%</p> <p>22%</p> <p>22%</p> <p>35%</p> <p>36%</p> <p>34%</p> <p>31%</p> <p>32%</p> <p>33%</p> <p>33%</p> <p>34%</p> <p>0 - 6 7 or 8 9 or 10 Don't know</p> <p>17%</p> <p>18%</p> <p>17%</p> <p>17%</p> <p>17%</p> <p>19%</p> <p>19%</p> <p>21%</p> <p>19%</p> <p>12%</p> <p>10%</p> <p>9%</p> <p>48%</p> <p>51%</p> <p>53%</p> <p>53%</p> <p>16%</p> <p>16%</p> <p>15%</p> <p>18%</p> <p>15%</p> <p>16%</p> <p>18%</p> <p>20%</p> <p>38%</p> <p>33%</p> <p>31%</p> <p>29%</p> <p>32%</p> <p>35%</p> <p>35%</p> <p>33%</p> <p>Easy to use (Importance score : 62%)</p> <p>Dulux 8.0 145</p> <p>Xyladecor 7.9 190</p> <p>Alpina 7.9 210</p> <p>Adler 7.9 274</p> <p>General rating avg N</p> <p>Adler 8.1 274</p> <p>Xyladecor 8.0 192</p> <p>Alpina 8.0 209</p> <p>Dulux 7.8 144</p> <p>Best quality products (Importance score : 82%) avg N</p> <p>Xyladecor 8.0 191</p> <p>Adler 8.0 274</p> <p>Alpina 7.8 210</p> <p>Dulux 7.6 145</p> <p>Value for money (Importance score : 63%)</p> <p>Alpina 7.3 210</p> <p>Adler 7.0 273</p> <p>Dulux 6.9 145</p> <p>Xyladecor 6.8 190</p> <p>Trust (Importance score : 68%)</p> <p>Xyladecor 7.9 192</p> <p>Dulux 7.8 145</p> <p>Adler 7.7 273</p> <p>Alpina 7.5 210</p> <p>68%</p> <p>63%</p> <p>56%</p> <p>52%</p> <p>47%</p> <p>45%</p> <p>36%</p> <p>19%</p> <p>17%</p> <p>17%</p> <p>16%</p> <p>7%</p> <p>7%</p> <p>25%</p> <p>21%</p> <p>12%</p> <p>21%</p> <p>17%</p> <p>8%</p> <p>8%</p> <p>4%</p> <p>2%</p> <p>3%</p> <p>5%</p> <p>0%</p> <p>32%</p> <p>Adler</p> <p>Obi</p> <p>Hornbach</p> <p>Alpina</p> <p>Xyladecor</p> <p>Tiger</p> <p>Dulux</p> <p>Schner Wohnen</p> <p>Bondex</p> <p>Synthesa</p> <p>Sikkens</p> <p>Brillux</p> <p>None of these</p> <p>Awareness</p> <p>Usage</p> <p>11%</p> <p>13%</p> <p>11%</p> <p>17%</p> <p>26%</p> <p>22%</p> <p>30%</p> <p>23%</p> <p>33%</p> <p>38%</p> <p>31%</p> <p>33%</p> <p>29%</p> <p>27%</p> <p>29%</p> <p>28%</p> <p>0 - 6 7 or 8 9 or 10 Don't know</p> <p>Max Euwelaan 51</p> <p>3062 MA Rotterdam</p> <p>+31-10-2066900</p> <p></p> <p>Call center +31-10-8002700</p> <p>USPs Project team</p> <p>Dirk Hoogenboom</p> <p>Research Consultant</p> <p></p> <p>+31 6 5209 8924</p> <p>Reinier Zuydgeest</p> <p>Managing Consultant DIY &amp; Installation</p> <p></p> <p>+31 6 2693 6109</p> <p>European Home Improvement MonitorA selection of our subscribers</p> <p>Annual subscription fee of 9.000 per year includes delivery of 4 reports per subscription year covering all 11 countries. </p> <p>Single reports available for 3.600. Adding a category to the international manufacturer report will cost 3.000 per category. Adding a country to the national </p> <p>retailer report will cost 1.600 per country.</p> <p>USP in Figures</p> <p>USP Marketing Consultancy</p> <p>Total</p> <p>70</p> <p>Head office Subsidiary</p> <p>Rotterdam Dsseldorf</p> <p>Consultants</p> <p>Research AnalystsProjectmanagers</p> <p>Market specialist installation, construction and DIY from the start</p> <p>Dedicated and multi-client research</p> <p>Active in the market for over 25 years</p> <p>218 dedicated market research projectsin 2016</p> <p>Revenue distribution</p> <p>turnover coming from international projects</p> <p>70%</p> <p>turnover coming from dedicated market </p> <p>research, 10% from multi client</p> <p>90%</p> <p>turnover coming from B2B, 30% B2C</p> <p>70%</p> <p>focus groups in-depth interviews</p> <p>82 2.104</p> <p>B2B CATI interviews</p> <p>B2C online interviews</p> <p>25.300 34.250</p> <p>Research in</p> <p>38countries in 2016</p>