european colonization of the americas part 2 (spain)

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European Colonization of America(Spain)


  • 1. European colonization of the Americas Part 2- Spain
  • 2. Background info
    • The Spanish colonization of the Americas was Spain's conquest, settlement, and rule over much of the western hemisphere
  • 3. The Big Four
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • France
    • Great Britain
  • 4. Spain
    • Credited with discovering the New World when Christopher Columbus officially landed in the Americas
    • Spains empire grew drastically over three centuries to become one of the dominant players in the new world.
  • 5. Spain cont.
    • Spains empire in the new world included: settlements in the Caribbean, Central America, most of South America, Mexico, what today is Southwestern United States, the Pacific and Caribbean coasts of North America, reaching Alaska
  • 6. Anachronous map of the Spanish Empire in red, and the Spanish Habsburg realms in Europe (1516-1714) in orange.
  • 7. The Conquistadors
    • Arguably the most famous group of explorers
    • Credited with conquering the Americas
    • Defeated both the legendary Inca and Aztec empires
    • The spread of diseases (such as smallpox) among the natives was the most deadly weapon they had at their disposal.
  • 8. Artist rendition of conquistador Pedro de Valdivia founding of Santiago de Chile.
  • 9. References


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