europe through an irish lens: development, progress, regress

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Europe through an Irish Lens: Development, Progress, Regress. Seán Ó Riain Sociology/ National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis, National Univ of Ireland, Maynooth. Development, Progress, Regress: Europe through an Irish Lens . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Europe through an Irish Lens: Development, Progress, Regress

Europe through an Irish Lens: Development, Progress, RegressSen RiainSociology/ National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis,National Univ of Ireland, Maynooth

Development, Progress, Regress: Europe through an Irish Lens Convergence on a European Development Model in the 1990s?Expanding the European Model I: Liberalisation and FinancialisationExpanding the European Model II: Deregulation and DisciplineEuropes Crisis and the Crisis of European DevelopmentEurope and Autocentric Development (Senghaas/ Mjoset)Spread of Mass Consump-tion

National System of InnovationLinking of Export and Domestic Economies Egalitarian Social Structure and Class CompromiseUneven Development inside the European ProjectEUEuroGermany, France, Italy, Belgium, Neth, Lux19511999Austria19951999Denmark1973-Sweden1995-Finland19951999Norway--UK1973-Ireland19731999Greece19812001Spain, Portugal19861999Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland2004-Cyprus, Estonia, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia20042007-11Bulgaria, Romania2007-Development as a Condition of Stability in Capitalism (Chart from IMF)

1. Development in Irelands Celtic Tiger: Convergence and ChoiceExpanded demand and employment

Disarticulated/ Fragmented EconomyDevelop-mental Network StateSolidarity without Equality2A. Irelands Property BubbleINVESTMENT BUILDING/NON-BUILDINGPROPORTION OF LENDING TO REAL ESTATE2B. International Lending and the Bubble

Net foreign liabilities of Irish banks (% of total liabilities) (Lane, 2011)2C. Core Finance Goes InternationalDOMESTIC CREDIT AND INTL LENDING IN FRANCE AND GERMANY (% OF GDP)2D. Turning Europe Inside Out% OF TOTAL EXPORTS AND TOTAL DEMAND IN EUROZONE 3A. Dynamism through Liberal Convergence? (OECD Indices)EMPLOYMENT PROTECTIONPRODUCT MARKET REGULATION3B. Discipline through Christian Democratic Convergence? (Guillen, Visser indices)CENTRAL BANK INDEPENDENCEWAGE COORDINATION3C. Persistent Differences in Social CompactsAverage Fiscal Balance 1999-2007 (% potential GDP)Average BusinessR&D Investment 1999-2007 (% GDP)% Learning Organisation of Work, 2000 (Lorenz & Valeyre)Social Spending, 2002(% GDP)Nordics/ Social Democratic0.32.265336.6Continentals/ Christian Democratic-1.71.424732.5Mediterranean-4.00.402426.6Liberal-2.50.972927.5Including:Ireland-2.70.802427.04A. The Double Movement in Liberal Political Economies 4B. The Double Movement in the European CoreCan the European Model survive the European Solution?LACK OF CREDIBLE COMMITMENTSWEAK AUTHORITYFISCAL TREATYAUSTERITY UNDERMINES DEVELOPMENTKEYNESIAN DEVELOPMENT NOW, DEVELOPMENT WITH DISCIPLINE LATER? WEAKENING EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY


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