Europe. Czech Republic Quiz – 5 typical features  the most famous drink => beer  world wide car producer => Škoda car  the most popular sport => ice-hockey.

Download Europe. Czech Republic Quiz – 5 typical features  the most famous drink => beer  world wide car producer => Škoda car  the most popular sport => ice-hockey.

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  • Europe
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  • Czech Republic
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  • Quiz 5 typical features the most famous drink => beer world wide car producer => koda car the most popular sport => ice-hockey capital (the most beautiful) city => Prague one of the most popular presidents => Vclav Havel
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  • Some information Our country has quite an average population comparing to European countries. There live four main nations. There are: Czech, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Slovak. The are also a lot of Gypsies who have Czech citizenship because they were born there. We tend to dispraise these people at the first moment. The Ukrainians and the Slovaks come to our country because they can get a job here. Their children can attend our schools and some of them have better educational possibilities here.
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  • Illegal migration of foreigners in 2000 - 2010 across state border breach of residential regime
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  • Development of foreigner numbers (having permament or long term residence ) 5 most frequent foreigner citizenships in CZ
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  • International migration 2006 2011 Czech x Slovak Republic
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  • The most frequent nationalities in our region
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  • About Pbram students work shot on the Day of Languages
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  • Nationality tree of our school 1.A 19x 2.A 18x 1.C 17x 3.A 1x 19 x 4.A 1x 22 x 2.C 20x 1x 5.A 1x 28x 6.A 1x 25x 3.C 1x 14x 4.C 1x. 1x 23x teachers : 1x 1x 20x
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  • Vietnamese icons: Traditional clothes are tight dress with long bell trousers, and hat. The most favourite sauce is fishsauce eaten with almost everything. They have undestroyable money where is Ho Chi Mink a very important person for them. Typical features of nationalities in our school
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  • German icons: For German people, the typical food are sausages, dumplings, pretzels and as for drink wheat beer. German people are proud of production of cars such as BMW, Volkswagen or Porsche. Germany does not have much traditional clothes but some of them sometimes wear Bavarian clothes, especially on beerfests.
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  • Russian icons: Traditional food is Borshch, one of the most famous Russian soups. Full of vegetables and meat, the layered flavours in this soup are especially nice with a dollop of fresh sour cream. Russia shares borders with 14 countries. One of the most well-known souvenirs are Babushka /a set of wooden doll-like containers that can fit one into another/, massive fur hats and vodka.
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  • Ukrainian icons: Salo is perhaps most famous. It is smoked, salted fat or lard that may also be flavoured with spices. National folk costume shows a different style of hair accessories, blouses and embroidered decoration. Traditional Ukrainian clothing is worn during festivals, special occasions or holidays.
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  • Italian icons: Spaghetti and pizza are the most famous dishes. Italians are fond of fashion, cars and politics. It is a historic country with lots of monuments such as the Colosseum, the Vatican museums or Leaning Tower of Pisa.
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  • Spanish icons: Garlic, olive oil, Spanish ham are traditional Spanish dishes and products which must not be missed in their cuisine. Some important Spanish party festivals are Fallas, Semana Santa, San Fermines, San Isidro, Carnaval A few communities have traditional costumes such as Traje tradicional manchego or Traje de fallera. You may know some sportsmen, for example Nicols Almagro, David Ferrer or Fernando Torres.
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  • Romanian icons: The Romanians are generally more talkative, outgoing and warm as compared to Western-Europeans. Mititei and Sarmale are national food, but this food is not frequently offered in restaurants. They wear traditional folk costumes for events or celebrations. The design depends on location. Men's traditional fur jackets are still worn in winter in rural areas, and women usually wear a painted woollen scarf, and often a traditional straw hat over this when working in the fields in summer.
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  • Slovakian icons: The Slovaks are more religious than Czech people, they keep their traditions and habits more and they are proud of that. The national food is haluky. Very famous is also trdelnik from yeast dough sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon and sometimes nuts.
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  • Congolese icons: Full name of Congo is Democratic Republic of Congo Mpondu ya moskais is one of the most popular dishes in Congo. It is rather served with rice or fufu - similar to Czech dumplings. The traditional dress is a pagne worn in the countryside. This is the name for the lively and coloured costume consisting of skirts, dresses, undershirts and many more items.
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  • Czech icons: Czech national food is dumplings, pork meat and cabbage. Pilsen beer is very famous among Czech people and even all over the world. Czech people usually wear sweatpants, jeans and T- shirts. There are some exceptions such as traditional folk costumes during some events in Moravia. Czech people like jokes, especially Czech humour. We are proud of our sportmen who do their career abroad, are famous and represent our republic. We esteem our former president Vaclav Havel.