EUI History of Science ?· Alexandre-Koyré (CAK) Paris and the Max Planck Institute of History and…

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<ul><li><p>EUI History of ScienceThinking Sciences at LargeTowards a Connected History of Scienceconvened by Stphane Van Damme in collaboration with the Working Group on the History of Science</p><p>6 February Dagmar Schfer Max Planck Institute, Berlin Ming China disintegrated. The chances and pitfalls of the global view</p><p>9 FebruaryAntonella Romano EHESS, Paris Putting the globe in print: a 16th century European perspective, its processes, actors and challenges</p><p>14 FebruaryBruno Latour SciencesPo, Paris How to represent conflicts on the politics of nature?</p><p>23 FebruaryPaolo Galluzzi Museo Galileo, Florence Digital Humanities for the history of science and technology and the promotion of scientific heritage</p><p>13 MarchBert de Munck University of AntwerpUseful knowledge and the urban imaginary: a contested history</p><p>5-7 April Annual postgraduate conference of the British Society for the History of Science. Partners: EUI; the Centre Alexandre-Koyr (CAK) Paris and the Max Planck Institute of History and Science (Berlin)</p><p>2 MayJuan Pimentel Spanish National Research Council The rhinocerous and the megatherium: an essay in historical morphology</p><p>5 MayMasterclass with the ENS Lyon on Corpus Daniel RocheCollege de France</p><p>30 MayHlne Mialet York University, Canada The thinking person disease: Rethinking the subject in the digital age</p><p>16 JuneMario Biagioli UC DavisVincent LpinaySciencesPo, ParisFrom Russia with codes: programming migrations in post-Soviet times</p><p>22 JuneJessica RiskinStanford UniversityRestless Clock</p><p>26 June Collecting the World: Forum on Hans Sloane James Delbourgo Rutgers UniversityLissa Roberts University of TwenteSilvia SebastianiEHESSSimon SchafferCambridge University</p><p>For complete information on times and venues, please check the EUI events calendar.</p></li></ul>