Eu strategy for the Danube transnational cooperation

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  • EU Strategy for the Danube: a new challenge in the context of the territorial cohesion in the SEE

    Bucharest, 20 January 2010

    SEE Joint Technical Secretariat

  • If it is relevant for my institution, region, county from a strategic point of view (mid term perspective)

    If it complies to the strategy of the SEE Programme, its objectives and its priorities

    If it is also relevant for other institutions within the countries of SEE

    If you find the right partners within the SEE eligible area to implement it (at least one of them should come from a Member State)

    I have an idea, is it transnational?

  • Transnational Programmes are a good option if you want to develop something in common with more states at a different scale

    You create connections all over the SEE area (members, candidates, neighbors)

    Improve communication with institutions abroad

    Create the premises for building partnerships which you can further develop afterwards, outside the framework of the programme

    If you decide for transnational cooperation


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