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  • We recycle, create and share

    for the day of friendship

    A creative training workshop for the Greek Teachers

    participating in the European project:

    "Recycling through Art".

    Fine Arts became our vehicle and

    participants were invited to bring with them any kind of

    recyclable materials.

    Also, were asked to express their creative spirit and ideas,

    to collaborate and of course

    to free their imagination!


    Type : On-site

    Date : 02.02.2016

    Location : 20th Primary School

    of Ilion, Athens - Greece

    Duration : 3 hours

    Language : Greek

    The activity was announced

    online on e-Twinning live

    platform. Participants from

    many countries attended

    the event.

  • Teachers from the other

    countries -

    Spain: Esperanza Caro, Marife

    Lpez Tomas, Nuria Gonzalo and

    Italy: Irene Confalone -

    participated as we used

    some of the materials that our

    partners sent to Greece,

    by traditional post,

    through the exchanging activities

    we had planed in the framework

    of our project.

    Anastasia P.

  • Theodora Ch.

  • Kalliopi V.

  • Sophie M.


    * Fine Arts techniques presentation

    * Experiential working as individuals

    * Organized creative activities to be realized in


    * Team working for an Art creation using recyclable


    * Participants experienced on combining different


    * We created and shared the results via the twin-

    space page created for our project, and visible

    to public.

  • Marina M. & Evangeline Tz.

    The event was successfully realized, withheld in a joyful and creative spirit!

  • Thanks to all foreign colleagues participating in

    our e-Twinning European project.

    Special thanks to the Teachers from 20th Primary School of Ilion,

    Athens Greece, Marina Siarava (Headmistress), Katerina

    Stamatidou (ITC Teacher), Evangelia Tzavara (Teacher of English),

    Sophie Misirly (Teacher for children with special needs) and from

    14th Primary School of Ilion, Athens Greece, Kalliopi Vlachou

    (Deputy Headmistress), Konstantinos Ropodis (ITC Teacher) and the

    Greek founder of our project Theodora Chandrinou (Visual Arts


  • Supervisor: Theodora Chandrinou Painter , Art Printmaker

  • 20th Primary

    School of Ilion,

    Athens Greece

    2015 -2016