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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Managing Your Conference Efficiently and Effectively</p> <p> GlobalStar Travel Management LLCAnnual ConferenceMiami, FL</p> <p> Presented ByJim AlkonVP, Corporate Travel &amp; Meetings Practice</p> <p>May 17, 2011</p> <p>eReg</p> <p>eConnect</p> <p>eScan</p> <p>eWiki</p> <p>eRFP</p> <p>eMobile</p> <p>eMarketing</p> <p>eBooth</p> <p>eHome</p> <p>eSurvey</p> <p>eBudget</p> <p>eScheduler</p> <p>eSeating</p> <p>eProject</p> <p>Event Website</p> <p>Custom tabbed websiteAll events home pageAll event content, infoEasy creation (non-tech)Multilingual</p> <p>eReg</p> <p>eConnect</p> <p>eScan</p> <p>eWiki</p> <p>eRFP</p> <p>eMobile</p> <p>eMarketing</p> <p>eBooth</p> <p>eHome</p> <p>eSurvey</p> <p>eBudget</p> <p>eScheduler</p> <p>eSeating</p> <p>eProject</p> <p>Seating, Booth Management</p> <p>Seating for banquets, galas, golfAuto-seat functionalityManage multiple seating for same eventVisual exhibit floor planOnline booth purchase</p> <p>eReg</p> <p>eConnect</p> <p>eScan</p> <p>eWiki</p> <p>eRFP</p> <p>eMobile</p> <p>eMarketing</p> <p>eBooth</p> <p>eHome</p> <p>eSurvey</p> <p>eBudget</p> <p>eScheduler</p> <p>eSeating</p> <p>eProject</p> <p>Agencies as Experts</p> <p>Tool to manage all key event functions for clientsYou are in control from start to finishSeamless for your customersExisting expertise in travel, destinations, venuesExpand existing corporate relationshipsForge new corporate relationshipsManage internal events</p> <p>eReg</p> <p>eConnect</p> <p>eScan</p> <p>eWiki</p> <p>eRFP</p> <p>eMobile</p> <p>eMarketing</p> <p>eBooth</p> <p>eHome</p> <p>eSurvey</p> <p>eBudget</p> <p>eScheduler</p> <p>eSeating</p> <p>eProject</p> <p>Spend Analysis</p> <p>Cross-event reportingSpend by vendorCost per attendeeHotel block managementMarketing efficienciesReal-time updating</p> <p>eReg</p> <p>eConnect</p> <p>eScan</p> <p>eWiki</p> <p>eRFP</p> <p>eMobile</p> <p>eMarketing</p> <p>eBooth</p> <p>eHome</p> <p>eSurvey</p> <p>eBudget</p> <p>eScheduler</p> <p>eSeating</p> <p>eProject</p> <p>Attendee Value</p> <p>Seamless registration experienceConnect with other attendees pre and postConstant marketing communicationManage exhibit, session timePersonalize agendaMobile appMatchmaking</p> <p>Who manages meetings?</p> <p>The larger the company,greater chance to use a third party</p> <p>Why some companies prefer to outsource</p> <p>More services becoming available from more sophisticated TMCsEconomic factorsTrust in web-based tools like never beforeTMCs with greater purchasing efficienciesTMCs have established confidence already handling corporate travel relationship</p> <p> Another factor in the mix: merging responsibilities..</p> <p> More travel managers are picking up responsibility for managing the meetings function within their organizations</p> <p>which brings in new challenges for these travel managers</p> <p>Time commitmentMeeting planners seeking ownership for their eventsInternal politics -- lack of cooperation between departments tension with marketingCapturing and coordinating infoIssues with mandating policyLack of a champion within top managementWho needs the headaches?</p> <p>When it comes to process and efficiency, meetings departments are asking</p> <p>Is our team maxed out with too many tasks and not enough time to do them?</p> <p>Do we have the proper tools to manage the team, manage our inventory and track budgets?</p> <p>Are we using multiple technology solutions and finding it hard to collect meaningful data?</p> <p>Are we optimizing your marketing efforts and driving registrations at the highest rate?</p> <p>Are we creating the best attendee experience?</p> <p>What you need to get the job done</p> <p>A robust registration site that tracks activity in real time</p> <p>A focused marketing campaign that cuts conversion costs</p> <p>One, flexible, integrated event management platform that captures all data and allows for easy analysis and action</p> <p>A solution that engages attendees and extends their ROI</p> <p>Peace of mind</p> <p>A golden opportunity for agencies</p> <p>Establish new niche in marketplace Create new revenue streamsImprove relationship with existing contacts at client companiesExpand contacts at client companiesEstablish new service areasSet infrastructure for attracting new accountsCan you be creative?</p> <p>Intelligent event management as a value-add to your clients</p> <p> What you should know.What you can do.How you can capitalize.</p> <p>A basic template for events: Is this how your clients operate?</p> <p> Project Management / Data Analysis</p> <p>What agencies need to know to help their clients with meetings</p> <p> can help you help your clients</p> <p>13 integrated modules manage every key step along the event planning lifecycleCreated by meeting planners for meeting plannersDedicated to ease of use, productivity and ROI for event staff and maximizing experience/relevance for registrantsTrack record of success ranging from top brands to small and mid-sized organizationsCited for event technology innovationConstant development stream to meet changing needs of the marketplaceExceptional touch!</p> <p> A solution that is effective and efficient</p> <p>All-inclusive: 13 modules keep all activity under one sourceIntegrated: Seamless information flow across online travel booking, webinar registration, marketing automation, CRM and financial softwareEfficient: Better processes cut set-up time and free up staffFluid: Easy path for delegates, optimizes attendee countComprehensive: Pinpoint reporting provides leverage in vendor negotiations and better planning for future eventsGlobal in a flash: Simply converts into one of 27 languagesSaaS: No renewals, licenses, updates to bog you downPriced right: No startup fees, free training, great value</p> <p>Registration</p> <p>Marketing</p> <p>Survey</p> <p>Budgeting</p> <p>ROI</p> <p>Time, Cost Savings</p> <p>Project Management</p> <p>Event Website</p> <p>Seating, Booth Management</p> <p>Agencies as Experts</p> <p>Spend Analysis</p> <p>Attendee Value</p> <p> Meetings Efficiencies</p> <p>eReg</p> <p>eConnect</p> <p>eScan</p> <p>eWiki</p> <p>eRFP</p> <p>eMobile</p> <p>eMarketing</p> <p>eBooth</p> <p>eHome</p> <p>eSurvey</p> <p>eBudget</p> <p>eScheduler</p> <p>eSeating</p> <p>eProject</p> <p>Event Lifecycle</p> <p>Questions to consider</p> <p>Am I serious about growing the meetings biz?Can I help educate my clients about meetings?Can I expand my services for meetings?Can I create a full-fledged MICE department?Will I refer a reliable, top-notch web-based event services company to my clients as a value-add?Will I be the hands-on, go-to source to perform meetings services for my clients knowing I have a reliable, efficient event mgmt. tool working for me?</p> <p>Learn more about etouches</p> <p>* Web Demo* Free Trial* Chat with us</p> <p> Jim Alkon 203-403-9008 jalkon @</p> <p> Thank You</p>


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