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<ul><li> 1. Ethiopia<br />By Jamie Vice, Ashleigh Sanders, and Rachel Kenderdine<br />3rd Hour<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Ethiopian Facts<br />Ethiopia is located in the non-coastal part of the horn of Africa.<br />The capital of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa<br />GDP per capita was $1000 in 2010. <br /> 3. Colonial History in Ethiopia<br />Oldest independent country in Africa and one of the oldest in Africa (Lucy, oldest found skeleton @ 3.2 million years old, discovered there in 1974)<br />Portugal established contact in 1500s to strengthen control over Indian Ocean region and to convert the peoples of Ethiopia to Roman Catholicism, but this resulted in roughly a hundred years of religious warfare <br /> During the 1700s (The Era of the Princes), there was no central power in Ethiopia due to competition between local rulers<br />The Emperor Yohannesbuilt upon the efforts of Tewodros in 1869 (brought Princes together), stopped invasions<br />The Emperor Menelik II (1889-1913) also fought off invasions, and in 1896 Ethiopia defeated Italy at the Battle of Adwa<br />In 1936, in the rule of RasTafariMakonnen, Italian forces invaded Ethiopia and five years later the British defeated the Italians, removing them from Ethiopia and returning RasTafari to the throne<br />Derg (committee) started in 1974, a socialist government with Major MengistuHaileMariam in power in a totalitarian government which ended 17 yrs. Later<br />Established Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front in 1989, returning Addis Ababa to the people, forming the Transitional Govt of Ethiopia in 1991<br />Adopted constitution for Federal Democratic Republic in 1994 and first parliamentary elections were held in 1995, with government being installed in August of 1995<br /> 4. Starving man in Ethiopian village<br /> 5. Result of the drought in Ethiopia<br /> 6. Addis Ababa<br /> 7. Resort<br /> 8. 9. Starving child<br /> 10. Addis AbabaAU conference center<br /> 11. Malnourished child and camels=drought-caused<br /> 12. 13. Addis Ababa<br />Picture of capital city from a hotel window<br /> 14. 15. Housing in an Ethiopian village<br /> 16. 17. Resort in Ethiopia<br /> 18. Slum of Addis Ababa<br /> 19. Malnourished, ill baby<br /> 20. Addis Ababa <br />Obelisk Monument<br /> 21. Addis Ababa<br />University in the capital<br /> 22. Ethiopian school<br /> 23. Grand home in Addis Ababa, capital city<br /> 24. Another slum of Addis Ababa<br /> 25. 26. Uptown Gurgaon<br /> 27. 28. 29. Ethiopian girl carrying water<br /> 30. Homeless in Addis Ababa<br /></p>