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<p>Ethical communicaton</p> <p>Ethical CommunicationBy Jiwoon H. Kim</p> <p>Communication</p> <p>EthicsEthics has to with what my feeling tell me is right or wrong</p> <p>The standards of behavior our society accept</p> <p>;The discipline dealing with what is good and bad</p> <p> *source: Merriam-Webster dictionary</p> <p>Ethics</p> <p>4</p> <p>Moral Standards</p> <p>RightsJusticeUtilityCare</p> <p>Ethical Culture</p> <p> T-Bone steak </p> <p> In INDIA??</p> <p>Principles for Ethical CommunicationObey relevant laws</p> <p>Abide by the appropriate code of conduct</p> <p>Adhere to your organizations policy on social media</p> <p>Take advantage of ethical resources</p> <p>Tell the trueAvoid misleading your reader</p> <p>Use design to highlight important ethical information</p> <p>Be clear</p> <p>Avoid discriminatory language</p> <p>Acknowledge the aid and ideas of others</p> <p>What do you think NOW?Dont mislead your Customers!Exaggerations!</p>