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Essential Nutrients. Bianca Hempston Computers 8. Carbohydrates. Examples: grains, beans , etc… Source of energy Not easily digested Make you feel full longer Helps create insulin Low carb eating  weight loss Types simple (sugar) complex (starches). Fats. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Essential NutrientsBianca Hempston Computers 8

1CarbohydratesExamples: grains, beans , etcSource of energyNot easily digested Make you feel full longerHelps create insulinLow carb eating weight lossTypessimple (sugar)complex (starches)

2FatsExamples: dairy, nuts, some meats, etc..Helps produce cholesterolA component foodGood/unsaturated fat are both: monounsaturated & polyunsaturatedTypes:good fat (Unsaturated)bad fat ( saturated & trans fat)

ProteinsExamples: beef, poultry, fish, eggs etc.Builds, maintains and replaces tissuesProtects you from diseaseTypes:Simple (Amino acids) Conjugated (glycoproteins)Organs and immune are made of this

VitaminsExamples: (A)- carrots, (C)- oranges, & (B)- leafy greens, etcHelps your body grow and developMain vitamins: A, B & C Found in water & fat Fat soluble (stay stored in your body for awhile) Water soluble (travel through bloodstream)In the foods we eatHelps growth, energy, tissue repair, waste removal, etc.Types: fat soluble water soluble

MineralsExamples: red meat, waters, pills, etc...Builds strong bonestransmits nerve impulsesPotassium- strengthens nervous & muscles systemTypes: Macro and TraceMacro (body needs large amounts)Trace (body needs small amounts)

FiberExamples: fruits, vegetables, whole grain, wheat, etcAre not easily digestedExamples: cereals and fruits etcMakes you feel full Helps create insulinTypes: Soluble fiber (partially dissolves in water)Insoluble fiber (doesnt dissolve in water)

WaterKeeps your body hydratedFlushes bad substances outKeeps your body working as it shouldKeeps you healthy and activeHelps digest foodBody is made up of 70% waterYou get water from foods tooRefreshes and reenergizes you


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