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  • Essential Driving Tips For New Drivers

  • Have you received your driver's license and are ready for the first drive?

  • Most of the people suggest to the new drivers to drive defensively .

  • As you are a new driver, you need to understand your needs and adjust the vehicle mirror or seat accordingly

    before you start your drive.

  • Let's know more about the basic driving tips for new drivers---

  • Get more training :-

    Passing the driving test doesn't mean that you can drive in all weather conditions. So, you should practice for some more days

    in different weather conditions.

  • There are some pass plus schemes available to train you properly after you

    passed the driving test.

  • Know your vehicle :-

    Make sure to familiarize yourself with the different controls of your vehicle before you go for a ride.

  • Some other controls to remember :-

    :- Seat control :- Radio

    :- A/c :- Defrosters

    :- Heaters :- Windows :- Locks etc

  • Follow road maps :-

    Whenever you are driving out, make sure you have the area map with you as in-case you got lost you could find a way to reach to

    the main road.

  • If you think you know all the roads in your city and you won't get lost, still you'll need it in case of emergency.

  • First Aid Kit In Vehicle :-

    First-aid kit should be a must in your vehicle for the basic treatment if something unthinkable happens.

  • When winter season starts, it's also good to pack a blanket, a couple of water bottles, some snacks as it could be possible to

    get stuck in road jam for few hours.

  • Follow the road signs

    The speed limit differs from road to road and without attention you can become a traffic rule violator.

  • Also make sure to obey the parking rules. Ex - if you park your vehicle in a no-parking zone, when you come back you might get

    a ticket or your vehicle get towed away.

  • Say No to cell phone while


    As per study of accidental research team, 70% accidents happen due to the use of cell phone while driving .

  • Always make sure to put all your concentration on driving to avoid any


  • Let's learn some defensive driving tips to be safe on road--

  • :- Always pay attention to all traffic rules and signs that

    will help you to prevent any mishaps.

  • :- Learn to drive in all weather conditions that will keep you safe from the changing weather related accidents.

  • :- Always maintain enough room while driving as it will prevent you from any rear-end accidental issues.

  • :- Make sure to learn important skills like parallel parking and proper merging to avoid confused driving on road.

  • :- Learn some basic DIY stuffs like jump start a battery, pop the hood, change a tire etc that can be helpful sometimes.

  • :- Make sure to keep a safe following distance to avoid accidents particularly on adverse weather conditions.