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1. success 2. success 3. why wefail! 4. excuse 2I am not STRONG enough 5. How long can youeat that shit? 6. REFRESH! 7. that`s all you needPASSION 8. JohnWayneCourage is beingscared to death,but saddling upanyway.1 9. The greatest barrierto success is thefear of failure.Sven GoranEriksson2 10. JonathanWintersIf your shipdoesnt come in,swim out tomeet it!3 11. Success meanshaving the courage, thedetermination, and the will tobecome the person youbelieve you weremeant to be.GeorgeSheehan4 12. TonyRobbinsIdentify yourproblems but giveyour power andenergy tosolutions.5 13. TonyRobbins If you are notwilling to risk theusual you will haveto settle for theordinary.6 14. JohnMaxwellLife is 10% of whathappens to me and90% of howI react to it.7 15. SUCCESS!