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  1. 1. 1 Your Journey to a Secure Cloud June 10, 2015
  2. 2. 2 SPEAKERS Ross Spelman, Cloud Assurance Specialist at Espion, will show you how businesses can confidently evaluate the impact of a move or procurement of a cloud solution & to successfully manage software platforms & infrastructure once in the cloud. Nigel Tozer, Product Marketing Director EMEA at CommVault will take you on your organisations journey to the Cloud & the options that public, private & hybrid cloud strategies can provide. Ruaidhri McSharry, COO at SureSkills will show us how cyber security is an issue for a whole organisation, from board to staff & from customers to suppliers its about Resilience!
  3. 3. IT Solutions & Consulting 3 SURESKILLS Learning Services Training & Certification Learning Service Provision - Develop - Support - Manage Training Service Provision - Certification Training - Tailored Training - Managed Training Services (Local) IT Service Provision - IT Change - IT Transition - IT Support
  4. 4. 4 WHAT? TRAINING & CERTIFICATION ACCREDITATION TAILORED VALUE BLENDED Project Management Service Management Business Analysis Unified Learning Applications VMware & AWS Technology Digital Marketing On-Boarding Specialised Other bespoke requirements Blending bespoke learning that is multi modality based on learners & business needs. Programmes that are developed with specific goals in mind sales readiness; baseline skills & more
  5. 5. 5 WHAT? IT SOLUTIONS & CONSULTING Our project management will ensure the smooth transition from implementation to support. As you take ownership we will make sure that you have the right level of service to maintain the systems. With your new systems in place and your staff trained up, you need to ensure continued business value sustain with continual service improvement. Change is good, we help you plan for Change, Our planning & risk management strategies ensure successful & sustained change with minimal disruption to the business. CHANGE TRANSITION SUSTAIN
  6. 6. 6 WHAT? LEARNING SERVICES DEVELOP SUPPORT MANAGE Global Support & Delivery Dell Education Services Global Operations ReadinessGlobal Education Services DEVELOP SUPPORT MANAGE Audience - Inside, Partners & Customers Service Provision - Help-Desk (L/CMS) - BI & Analytics - IM/KM Support - Content Management Comment: Helpdesk, System Support, Migration & Content Rationalization Audience - Inside, Partners & Customers Service Provision - Design, Development & Delivery - Multi-Modality - Global Certification - Execution Excellence Comment: ICM, VTSP, VCP, VCA Web Based Learning & Instructor Led Training Audience - Inside, Partners Service Provision - Full E2E Managed Learning Service - Though-Leadership - Business Value - Execution Excellence Comment: CAP/id2, 3E Approach & Operations Launch Readiness Process
  8. 8. Making Your Journey to the Cloud a Success Nigel Tozer
  9. 9. Your Journey To A Secure Cloud Friday 10th June 2015
  10. 10. Organisations need to be able to confidently evaluate the impact of a move or procurement of a cloud solution and to successfully manage software, platforms and infrastructure once in the cloud. need
  11. 11. Speaker: Ross Spelman With an in-depth knowledge and understanding of enterprise risk management and the importance of sound internal controls, I help companies to assess, identify and manage risk. Through the development and evaluation of business and technology standards, procedures and controls I help organisations keep their information safe, on premise or in the cloud.
  12. 12. The total market size for cloud computing is expected to reach $555 billion by 2020. Allied Market Research July 2014
  13. 13. Global SaaS software revenues are forecasted to reach $106B in 2016, increasing 21% over projected 2015 spending levels. A Goldman Sachs study published in January 2015 had already projected that spending on cloud computing infrastructure and platforms will grow at a 30% CAGR through to 2018 compared with 5% growth for the overall enterprise IT.
  14. 14. Importance for Businesses Achieve economies of scale increase volume output or productivity with less people. Overall cost per unit, project or product drops significantly. Reduce spending on technology infrastructure. Maintain easy access to your information with minimal upfront spending. Pay as you go (weekly, quarterly or yearly), based on demand. Globalise your workforce inexpensively. Users worldwide can access the cloud, provided they have an Internet connection. Streamline processes. Get more work done in less time with less people. Reduce capital costs. No need to spend big money on hardware, software or licensing fees. Improve accessibility. Access anytime, anywhere, making you more available. Monitor projects more effectively. Stay within budget and ahead of completion cycle times. Less personnel training is needed. It takes fewer people to do more work on a cloud, with a minimal learning curve on hardware and software issues. Minimise licensing software. Scale up and down without the need to buy expensive software licenses or programs. Improve flexibility. You can change direction without serious people or financial issues at stake.
  15. 15. Importance for Businesses
  16. 16. Businesses need to reduce risk
  17. 17. Overview of Cloud Assurance By gaining assurance on how a Cloud Service Provider is treating risk and by verifying the standard of their security controls, systems and practices, a cloud consumer can build trust. The areas to assess in order gain Cloud Service Provider assurance are: Business Context & Requirements Market Performance Analysis & Forecast Cloud Service Provider Business Analysis & Verification Cloud Service Provider Security & Verification
  18. 18. Business Context and Requirements
  19. 19. Market Analysis and Performance Thousands of applications in the cloud Fewer major platforms Elite group Different levels of volatility
  20. 20. SAAS Market Analysis and Performance
  21. 21. SAAS Market Analysis and Performance
  22. 22. SAAS Market Analysis and Performance
  23. 23. PAAS Market Analysis and Performance Bit healthier competition.
  24. 24. Looking at the market just tells a small part of the story Through the utilisation of PAAS companies are launching 80% more apps per year with a 70% accelerated time to market and a 75-85% reduction in infrastructure costs, resulting in a 520% return on investment. PAAS reduces time to software-launch by integrating with IaaS. PAAS Market Analysis and Performance
  25. 25. PAAS Market Analysis and Performance Looking at the market just tells a small part of the story
  26. 26. IAAS Market Analysis and Performance Few Major Players Market domination over last near decade
  27. 27. IAAS Market Analysis and Performance
  28. 28. IAAS Market Analysis and Performance Microsoft on the rise
  29. 29. Assessing a Cloud Service Provider Business
  30. 30. Size Certifications QMS History Stability Procedures Assessing a Cloud Service Provider Business
  31. 31. Strategic Business plan Strategic plan for the following 3 years Financial Financial statements audited Management Organisation chart Short-term objectives CV/Bio of people in the management of the company/unit responsible for the service Commercial Number of service users Evolution of service users Commercial plan for the service Assessing a Cloud Service Provider Business
  32. 32. Operation Service road map People certifications in the service operation Training policy Unwanted rotation ratio Service awards and recognitions Certifications (quality, development) Outsourcing policy Dispute resolution system (arbitration) Supplemental information Mergers and acquisitions Security incidents Changes in service plans Certifications and/or audits issues Change in key third party outsourcers Assessing a Cloud Service Provider Business
  33. 33. Metrics to Assess a CSP from a Business perspective If a cloud provider's pricing or promises seem too good to be true, they probably are. Assessing a Cloud Service Provider Business
  34. 34. The company filed for US Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October 2013 Introduced in January 2012, Exec.Cloud was designed with SMBs in mind. Two years after its release, Symantec realised that two features that they felt critical to its success were missing: content-sharing features and mobile capabilities. Rather than investing in the development of those features, Symantec felt it was a smarter move to focus on its other backup product rather than fix Exec.Cloud. This decision wasnt without repercussion for SMBs who signed up for Symantecs BE.Cloud. Assessing a Cloud Service Provider Business
  35. 35. Differences
  36. 36. Differences
  37. 37. Five layers of governance for IT are Network, Storage, Server, Services and Applications On premise - organisation has control over Storage, Server, Services and Applications; vendor and organisation can have shared control over Networks SaaS model - most layers are controlled by the vendor PaaS model - Applications and Services are controlled by both while Servers, Storage and Network controlled by the vendor IaaS model - Applications are controlled by the organisation, Services controlled by both while the Network, Storage and Server controlled by the vendor General Cloud Governance
  38. 38. Different Responsibilities for Cloud Governance Some Control & Governance Least Control & Governance More Control
  39. 39. CSP - Secures CSP - Secures CSP - Secures Different


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