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Download ESO Nightblade Character Sheet ... Soul Magic Soul Strike Soul Assault Shatter Soul Soul Trap Soul Splitting

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  • ESO Nightblade Character Sheet Name: Race:

    Magica: Health: Stamina:

    Skill Bar Weapon 1: U:

    1: 2: 3: 4: 5:

    Skill Bar Weapon 2: U:

    1: 2: 3: 4: 5:


    Head: Weapon#1:

    Shoulder: Weapon#2:

    Hands: Ring #1:

    Chest: Ring #2:

    Waist: Necklace:



    Assassination Death Stroke Incapacitating Strike Soul Harvest Assassin’s BladeW Killer’s Blade Impale Teleport Strike Lotus Fan Ambush Blur Mirage Double Take Mark Target Piercing Mark Reaper’s Mark Grim Focus Relentless Focus Merciless Resolve Passive Master Assassin Executioner Pressure Points Hemorrhage

    Nightblade Skills Shadow Consuming Darkness Bolstering Darkness Veil of Blades Shadow Cloak Shadowy Disguise Dark Cloak Veiled Strike Surprise Attack Concealed Weapon Path of Darkness Twisting Path Refreshing Path Aspect of Terror Mass Hysteria Manifestation of Terror Summon Shade Dark Shades Shadow Image Passive Refreshing Shadows Shadow Barrier Dark Vigor Dark Veil

    Siphoning Soul Shred Soul Siphon Soul Tether Strife Funnel Health Swallow Soul Agony Prolonged Suffering Malefic Wreath Cripple Debilitate Crippling Grasp Siphoning Strikes Leeching Strikes Siphoning Attacks Drain Power Power Extraction Sap Essence Passive Catalyst Magicka Flood Soul Siphoner Transfer

  • 2 Handed Cleave Carve Brawler Critical Charge Stampede Critical Rush Uppercut Dizzying Swing Wrecking Blow Reverse Slash Reverse Slice Executioner Momentum Forward Momentum Rally

    Heavy Weapons Balanced Blade Forceful Follow Up Battle Rush

    1Handed & Shield Puncture Ransack Pierce Armor Low Slash Deep Slash Heroic Slash Defensive Posture Defensive Stance Absorb Magic Shield Charge Shielded Assault Invasion Power Bash Reverberating Bash Power Slam

    Sword and Board Deadly Bash Fortress Deflect Bolts Battlefield Mobility

    Duel Wield Twin Slashes Rending Slashes Blood Craze Flurry Rapid Strikes Blinding Flurry Whirlwind Whirling Blades Steel Tornado Blade Cloak Quick Cloak Deadly Cloak Hidden Blade Shrouded Daggers Flying Blade

    Dual Wield Expert Slaughter Controlled Fury Ruffian Twin Blade and Blunt

    Bow Poison Arrow Venom Arrow Poison Injection Volley Scorched Earth Arrow Barrage Scatter Shot Magnum Shot Draining Shot Arrow Spray Bombard Acid Spray Snipe Lethal Arrow Focused Aim

    Accuracy Ranger Long Shots Hawk Eye Hasty Retreat

    Restoration Staff Grand Healing Illustrious Healing Healing Springs Regeneration Rapid Regeneration Mutagen Blessing of Protection Blessing Of Restoration Combat Prayer Steadfast Ward Ward Ally Healing Ward Force Siphon Siphon Spirit Quick Siphon

    Restoration Expert Cycle of Life Essence Drain Absorb Restoration Master

    Light Armor Annulment Dampen Magic Harness Magicka

    Recovery Evocation Spell Warding Prodigy Concentration

    Medium Armor Evasion Shuffle Elude

    Wind Walker Dexterity Improved Sneak Agility Athletics

    Heavy Armor Immovable Immovable Brute Unstoppable

    Constitution Resolve Juggernaut Bracing Rapid Mending

    Weapon Skills

    Armor Skills

    Destruction Staff Destructive Touch Destructive Clench Destructive Reach Wall of Elements Unstable Wall of Elements Elemental Blockade Force Shock Crushing Shock Force Pulse Weakness to Elements Elemental Susceptibility Elemental Drain Impulse Elemental Ring Pulsar

    Penetrating Magic Elemental Force Tri Focus Ancient Knowledge Destruction Expert

  • Werewolf Werewolf Transformation Pack Leader Werewolf Berserker Pounce Brutal Pounce Feral Pounce Hircine’s Bounty Hircine’s Rage Hircine’s Fortitude Roar Ferocious Roar Rousing Roar Piercing Howl Howl of Despair Howl of Agony Infectious Claws Claws of Anguish Claws of Life

    Devour Bloodmoon Pursuit Blood Rage Savage Strength Call of the Pack

    Vampire Bat Swarm Clouding Swarm Devouring Swarm Drain Essence Invigorating Drain Accelerating Drain Mist Form Elusive Mist Poison Mist

    Savage Feeding Blood Ritual Supernatural Recovery Unnatural Resistance Dark Stalker Undeath

    Soul Magic Soul Strike Soul Assault Shatter Soul Soul Trap Soul Splitting Trap Consuming Trap

    Soul Summons Soul Shatter Soul Lock

    Legerdemain Improved Hiding Light Fingers Trafficker Locksmith Kickback

    Undaunted Blood Altar Sanguine Altar Overflowing Altar Trapping Webs Shadow Silk Tangling Webs Inner Fire Inner Rage Inner Beast Bone Shield Spiked Bone Shield Bone Surge Necrotic Orb Mystic Orb Energy Orb

    Undaunted Command Undaunted Mettle

    Mages Guild Meteor Ice Comet Shooting Star Magelight Inner Light Radiant Magelight Entropy Degeneration Structured Entropy Fire Rune Volcanic Rune Scalding Rune Equilibrium Spell Symmetry Balance

    Persuasive Will Mage Adept Everlasting Magic Magicka Controller Might of the Guild

    Fighters Guild Dawnbreaker Flawless Dawnbreaker Dawnbreaker of Smiting Silver Bolts Silver Shards Silver Leash Circle of Protection Turn Undead Ring of Preservation Expert Hunter Evil Hunter Camouflaged Hunter Trap Beast Rearming Trap Lightweight Beast Trap

    Intimidating Presence Slayer Skilled Tracker Bounty Hunter Banish the Wicked

    Assault War Horn Aggressive Horn Sturdy Horn Vigor Echoing Vigor Resolving Vigor Rapid Maneuver Retreating Maneuver Charging Maneuver Caltrops Anti-Cavalry Caltrops Razor Caltrops Magicka Detonation Inevitable Detonation Proximity Detonation

    Continuous Attack Combat Frenzy Reach

    Support Barrier Reviving Barrier Replenishing Barrier Siege Shield Siege Weapon Shield Propelling Shield Purge Efficient Purge Cleanse Revealing Flare Lingering Flare Scorching Flare Guard Mystic Guard Stalwart Guard

    Magicka Aid Combat Medic Battle Resurrection

    Guild Skills

    Alliance War Skills World Skills

  • Champion Points Warrior Mage Thief The Lord Quick Recovery Heavy Armor Focus Bastion Nourishing

    Passives Field Physician (Rank 10) Infusion (Rank 30) Revival (Rank 75) Determination (Rank 120)

    The Lady Thick Skinned Elemental Defender Light Armor Focus Hardy

    Passives Spell Absorption (Rank 10) Resilient (Rank 30) Critical Leech (Rank 75) Unchained (Rank 120)

    The Steed Medium Armor Focus Resistant Spell Shield Block Expertise

    Passives Invigorating Bash (Rank 10) Phase (Rank 30) Shield Expert (Rank 75) Reinforced (Rank 120)

    The Ritual Precise Strikes Piercing Thaumaturge Mighty

    Passives Opportunist (Rank 10) Perfect Strike (Rank 30) Exploiter (Rank 75) Last Stand (Rank 120)

    The Apprentice Elemental Expert Blessed Elfborn Spell Erosion

    Passives Vengeance (Rank 10) Spell Precision (Rank 30) Foresight (Rank 75) Arcane Well (Rank 120)

    The Atronach Blade Expert Heavy Weapon Expert Staff Expert Bow Expert

    Passives Retaliation (Rank 10) Riposte (Rank 30) Butcher (Rank 75) Tactician (Rank 120)

    The Tower Magician Sprinter Bashing Focus Warlord

    Passives Ensnare (Rank 10) Inspiration Boost (Rank 30) Mara’s Gift (Rank 75) War Mount (Rank 120)

    The Lover Healthy Mooncalf Arcanist Tenacity

    Passives Plentiful Harvest (Rank 10) Synergizer (Rank 30) Master Gatherer (Rank 75) Wind Running (Rank 120)

    The Shadow Tumbling Befoul Elusive Shade

    Passives Fortune Seeker (Rank 10) Merchant Favored (Rank 30) Treasure Hunter (Rank 75) Shadowstrike (Rank 120)


    C21: Off C22: Off C23: Off C24: Off C25: Off C26: Off C27: Off C28: Off C29: Off C30: Off C31: Off C32: Off C33: Off C34: Off C35: Off C37: Off C38: Off C39: Off C40: Off C36: Off C41: Off C42: Off C43: Off C44: Off C45: Off C46: Off C47: Off C48: Off C49: Off C50: Off C51: Off C52: Off C53: Off C54: Off C55: Off C56: Off C57: Off C58: Off C59: Off C60: Off C61: Off C62: Off C63: Off C64: Off C65: Off C66: Off C67: Off C68: Off C69: Off C70: Off C71: Off C72: Off C73: Off C74: Off C75: Off C76: Off C77: Off C78: Off C79: Off C80: Off C81: Off C82: Off C83: Off C84: Off C85: Off C86: Off Head: Shoulder: Hands: Chest: Waist: Legs: Feet: Weapon #1: Weapon Bar #1: Weapon Bar #2: Weapon #2: Ring #1: Ring #2: Ring #3: Name: Text Field 3: Skill Bar 1: Skill Bar 2: Skill Bar 3: Skill Bar 4: Skill Bar 5: Skill Bar 6: Skill Bar 7: Skill Bar 8: Skill Bar 9: Skill Bar 10: Skill Bar 11: Skill Bar 12: Skill Bar 13: Skill Bar 14: Skill Bar 15: Button 7: C87: Off C88: Off C89: Off C90: Off C91: Off C92: Off C93: Off C94: Off C95: Off C96: Off C97: Off C98: Off C99: Off C100: Off C101: Off C102: Off C103: Off C104: Off C105: Off C106: Off C107: Off C108: Off C109: Off C110: Off C111: Off C112: Off C113: Off C114: Off C115: Off C116: Off C117: Off C118: Off C119: Off C1010: Off C1011: Off C1012: Off C1013: Off C1014: Off C1015: Off C1016: Off C120: Off C121: Off C122: Off C123: Off C124: Off C125: Off C126: Off C127: Off C128: Off C129: Off C130: Off C131: Off C132: Off C1017: Off C1018: Off C1019: Off C1020: Off C1021: Off C1022: Off C1023: Off C1