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  • The Estate Solutions Group is a steadily growing international group of companies offering a full range of high quality services in the fields of real estate facility management, maintenance and operation. Our goal is to satisfy each and all demands and requests of our clients.

    The Estate Solutions Group has been operating in the market since 1991. Our team has been engaged in the management and operation of real estate for over 22 years. Rich experience, expertise and use of the latest technologies allow us to be respected professionals in the field of property management.

    Our services comprise

    500 000people in


    3700apartment buildings

    and more than

    3.5million square meters

    of total apartment area;

    58commercial properties,covering a total area of

    270 000square meters;



    The International Quality Management System Stan-dard ISO 9001 and the International Environmental Management System Standard ISO 14001 certificates prove our companys high skill level.

    Mission, strategy and goals

    The Estate Solutions Groups mission is to become one of the leaders rendering real estate services in Eastern Europe.

    Our strategy is to offer the best services available and to expand constantly by acquiring both private and public utility companies and creating mutually benefi-cial economic public-private partnerships.

    Our goals:

    Expanding our range of services Providing high quality services in Eastern European Expanding our activities in foreign markets Listing the companys stocks Awards:

    Gazel 2012 a prestigious Lithua-

    nian award for fastest growing compa-nies.The Estate Solutions Group

    is a member of:

    Lithuanian Chamber of Housing Management and Maintenance, non-profit organisation Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts

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    500 000



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    270 000..;


    ISO 9001 ISO 14001.


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    Estate Solutions Group:

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    Gazel 2012


    Estate Solutions Group : ; - .


  • 5Lithuania/ Belarus/a Russia/

    Bsto administravimas

    Plangos but kis

    Senamiesio kis

    Debreceno valda

    Vits valdos

    Bsto valda

    Pastat kioprieira

    Kretingos bstas

    Vitos valdos Estate SolutionsGroup

  • 6Deividas Jacka The Estate Solutions Group Chairman and Development Director.

    , Estate Solutions Group.

    Nerijus arauskas Chief Executive Officer, member of the Board.

    Estate Solutions Group.

    Jevgenij Sakovskij Chief Marketing and Public Relations Officer, member of the Board.

    , .

    Giedrius Jokubauskas Chief Financial and Investing Officer, member of the Board.

    , .

    Aivaras Skma Director of corporate and legal issues consideration department, member of the Board.

    , .

    Remigijus Valentinaviius Director of CJSC Bsto valda, member of the Board.

    Busto valda, .

    Jurgita Trinskien Chief Personnel Management Department Officer.


    Vaidas Barakauskas Director of CJSC Pastat kio prieira, member of the Board.

    Pastat kio prieiura, .

    The Estate Solutions Group Board of Directors

    Estate Solution Group

  • 7The Estate Solutions Group and its subsidiaries provide integrated management services of real estate.

    Management: development and implementation of manage- ment practices, which include necessary regulations, program planning and preventive maintenance of real property facilities; budget planning, accounting and reporting; communication with tenants on management and operation issues; cooperation with federal and municipal regulatory agencies; utilities costs management.

    Advisory services and technical audit: availability check of the required executive and operational documentation on site; buildings and surrounding territory assessment; performance of engineering systems and equipment assessment; evaluation of facility completeness according to its class; providing recommendations on development of the performance in order to increase the lifetime of the equipment.

    Comprehensive maintenance and operation of: communication networks and electricity supply; heating and sanitation systems; housing ventilation and air conditioning systems (including repair of chillers and hydro modules for chillers of all types); low current fire systems; other household and commercial low current systems and networks (telephony, Internet, cable TV, broadcasting, security alarm systems, professional intercom systems etc.).

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  • 9Cleaning and ground service mainte-nance: landscape gardening and taking care of surrounding territory; granite tile and other solid surfaces polishing, covering linoleum with protec- tive varnish; washing windows and facades of buildings; garbage and snow removal.

    Construction and repair works: repair and redevelopment of premises; turn-key finishing; technical customer services; installation and repair of all types of engineering equipment.

    Elevator equipment maintenance: maintenance and repair of elevators, escalators and moving walkways; supply of elevator equipment; installation of elevators; complete replacement; partial replacement; modernization of elevators; elevators commissioning and start-up; technical examination.

    Apartment buildings renovation: roof insulation; full or partial facade insulation; basement and/or built-up roof insulation; windows and exit doors replacement; reconstruction of heating systems; renovation of ventilation systems; renewable energy equipment installation

    (except for heating pumps in areas with central heating);

    elevator renovation; owners examination; common premises finishing, if it is an integral part of renovation works.

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  • Achievable energy saving in apart-ment buildings with covered net area up to:500m: at least 145kW/h per 1m 501 3000m: at least 130kW/h per 1m3000m and more: at least 110kW/h per 1mComplete renovation of more than 70 apartment buildings has been scheduled for 2013 to 2015.


    , -: 500 . . 145 / 1 . ; 501 3000 . . 130 / 1 . ; 3000 . 110 / 1 . . 2013 2015 70- .










    Apartment buildings renovation

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    AdemAdem is one of the largest design, engineering and project management consultancy companies in Baltic States. The company employs more than 80 high qualification professionals who work in a variety of consulting fields.

    Eko bazThe company established in 2007 today has several branches in Lithuania (Vievis, Vilnius, Taurag and Utena) as well as in Latvia (Daugavpils and Ogre). It also built two waste management lines in landfills: one in Utena and another in Vilnius district. The company also provides clients with various other services, such as document shredding, management of waste packaging, selling, renting and maintenance of pressure equip-ment, and transportation services.

    Kauno tiltaiKauno Tiltai is the largest transport infrastructure company in the Baltics. Since the start of operations in 1949, the company has built over 100 bridges, and constructed and reconstructed a large number of roads in Lithuania.

    AdemAdem - . 80 , .

    Eko baz , 2007 , (, , ) ( ). : , . , , , , , , .

    Kauno tiltaiKauno Tiltai . 1949 100 , .

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  • CONTACTSEstate Solution GroupSmolenskaya square 3, Moscow, Russia


    +7 985 4251515www.esogroup.euE-mail:

    Estate Solution Group ., 3, ,


    +7 985 4251515www.esogroup.euE-mail:


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