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BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE IN EEN BANKOMGEVINGErwin RuymaekersBelfius BankThe Story2Each of our 1300 Sales andAccount Managers should have a weekly updateof their sales numberscompared to their peersand the sales targetsWe have been working hard andhave a set of excel-reports andmacros to get the numbers out of our databasesHead of Retail Sales Sales Support manager4 months laterThe Story3We are almost in 2014: I want somesomethinginteractive on my tabletHere we have it, a new solution with a new modern BI tool inthe cloudHead of Retail Sales Sales Support Manager4 weeks laterAsk the ICT division toimplement it by the end of next month!Head of Retail SalesThe Story4The Story5ICT ManagerWhy this solution? Do we really need anothersolution? What about the price and the othercosts? Head of Retail SalesProve me you have analternative solution. You have one week. And I want the solution implemented by the end of next month!Why dont you care about our architecture?The extension to otherdata ?Have you thought about a nice PDF ? 678910The solutionCollaborativeAssociativeUser driven Time-to-marketIn MemoryBusiness IntelligenceInteractive dashboardsMobile BI11The ICT solution QlikView used in Dexia Group since 2010For a very limited set of application areas : market risk and ICT dashboardingBecause of the split of Belfius from Dexia Group in 2011, the risk reporting application has been left asideEnd 2013: Unused QlikView-licences QlikView positioned as the BI-tool for data from software packages (SAP, IIQ,). TCO reduction of 75% Decision to start a selection process for the renewal of the transversal BI in the bank (6000 users)12QlikView added value in Belfius13Enabling fast and easy prototyping of solutionsTechnology appropriate to iterative development or agile methodologyA lever for development cost improvementAssociative model can reduce amount of data structure neededMultiple distribution channels, including Mobile BIInternal expertise+ External Partner14Balance15AgilityInnovationSpeedCommittmentQualityOperational ExcellenceCostsExpertise16Aligned People17Broad vision18ICT BI skills in 2014 are different from15 years agoAttract externalexpertiseBusiness ICT collaborationLearn fromscrum experiencesBusiness tellsthe story whatthe data shouldtellStimulatelearning19PURIAMRCBHRNext steps.02/2014 03/2014 04/2014 05/2014 06/2014 07/2014 08/2014 09/2014SCOPEN-1 Data control Training activities Recruitem.activ.DATADESIGNSCOPEDATADESIGNSCOPEDATADESIGNSCOPEDATADESIGNComp&Ben.SCOPEDATADESIGNTalent&Compet.SCOPEDESIGNDATADashboard1SCOPEDATADESIGNDashboard2SCOPEDATADESIGNDashboard1SCOPEDATADESIGNDashboard2SCOPEDATADESIGNDashboard2SCOPEDATADESIGNScope document is availableUnderstanding / validation of scope IT/BUSScrum development IT/BusKROKUSPASENDashboard3SCOPEDATADESIGN20Scrum Process21Underestimation of transformation of data. In a complex SAP environment, QlikView is not the best solution to handle this.Unsufficient experience with QlikView Data ModelsScrum: sounds nice, butCertified Training neededTraditional ICT profiles do need time to convertPitfalls22Flexibility is key! We do not want just another tool with the same business/ICT governance as today!Clear definition of roles: A poweruser is a central person in the business who collects the reporting/data analysis needs of their business and is the contact-person for ICT. A framework (look and feel, graphics,) will be defined as a guideline for all future developments. ICT is responsible for the Qlikview datamodels. ICT delivers the first release of a dashboard in agile collaboration with business partner.23Collaboration Business - ICTBusiness Intelligence & Analytics RoadmapGlobal Picture24CollectUnstructured dataStreamingWarehouseFederated Enrichments ReportModelAct DiscoverBelfius ChannelsOther ChannelsFront-End Systems And InfrastructureBack-End Systems And InfrastructureDocument Monitor -QualityLeadsSandboxKnowUsersQuestions25


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