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The Fast Track to ERTMSHigh Level Company Presentation2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL1

2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL#


2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL2Part 1 Who We are

Part 2 What we do


2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL3Who We areOur MissionWe are a railway signaling tool maker. Our solutions enable our customers outperforming their projects within reasonable time/budgetFocus on ERTMS niche within the value chainAgile & cost-effective solutions

Innovative: 75% T.O. re-injected in R&D!Customer satisfaction: #1 priorityPrivately ownedNo manufacturer dependency

Who We AreAgile multinational, building value added clients relationships2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL4IntegratorManufacturerNotified Body or Independent Testing ProviderRail OperatorInfrastructure Manager

Customer countriesExisting testimonial

Ordre des types de clients: illogique, maintenant quon voit plus clair. En 1: les Infra Manager, en 2, les Manaufacturers. Ensuite, it doesnt matter.

La question des partenariats: voir les 2 slides suivants

Our partnerships are a mix between technological and brokerage/resellers network. We are constantly contacted by new potential resellers, but we take nay new request into consideration with great care and reflexion.4


TechnologicalWho We AreOur Technological and commercial partnerships2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL5Our partnerships are a mix between technological and brokerage/resellers network. We are constantly contacted by new potential resellers and we take any new request into consideration with great care and reflection.

Railway communications tools / GSM-R

Rail and catenary measurement tools

Railway mapping toolsWe are complementary and act as real partners, seizing opportunities of cross selling in both directions.


Refaire au propre

Our partnerships are a mix between technological and brokerage/resellers network. We are constantly contacted by new potential resellers, but we take nay new request into consideration with great care and reflexion.5

2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL6

A software factory with additional competencies10 nationalities and 12 spoken languagesWho We are : ERTMS Solutions HeadquatersAn enthusiastic Team

Changer la lgende avec cases couleurs pluttType de clientsNom de clients rfrents6

2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL7Part 1 Who We are

Part 2 What we do


2/14/20178What we do: high level summaryCovering our customers needs, from requirements to maintenance

Laboratory TestingTestOBU.Sil0SpyboxTripleF-SnifferSubset-074 Automation PackageERTMSFormalSpecs + DMICBTCFormalSpecsSpecifications ManagementERTMSFormalSpecs + DMI

Onsite TestingERTMSCamCorder TestOBU.Sil0CBTCCamCorderTESTING

Trackside MaintenanceBaliseLifeCheck (EuroBalises, KVB,...)Track Circuit Life Check (TVM, Croco, Ebicab)LEUSignal VisibilitySpybox

Preventive maintenance set of tools, which equips any type of trains, fitted or not with ETCS.It automates the track asset maintenance; it enables to generate alarms and produce extremely detailed signal quality information and reports when it passes over a balise (eg. Eurobalises) or any types of track circuits (eg. TVM430).MAINTENANCE

Railway IT IntegrationSemantic Railways with Odase You look for an extremely agile solution to successfully deal with complex IT integrations, such as the integration of a software package with an ERP?

Be introduced to Odase, our industrial ontology engine.


What we doWe develop SW and HW solutions/products in Railway SignalingWe have a huge potential of innovation based upon our customers needs who share their vision with us -, and our own expertize of IT, hardware and the Railway world. We deliver products and customize them to answer our customers specificities.

2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL9


What we doERTMSCamCorder: the integrated onsite test tool2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL10PortableUser friendlySynchronized


What we doSignals Visibility Check2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL11

Automatic video analysis for signal detectionLaw: signals must be visible at 300 meters

What we doBaliseLifeCheck: Integrated preventive maintenance2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL12A BTM transmitting/receiving antenna transmits energy to the balise (TELEPOWERING) and receives signal from the it (UPLINK)

Transform the train into a Lab-on-wheelsAutomate the maintenance processSystem for automated measuring and qualification of ERTMS Balises

Independent of any other system (EVC)

Works with existing inductive balise systems:ETCS BalisesTBL1+ , SCMT Balises (ERTMS packet 44)KER Balises (KVB, EBICAB, RSDD)

Designed for balises maintenance

Subset 85 lab-on-wheels

Map of balises, and inter-balise measurement functionality

An electronics control & acquisition unit generates TELEPOWERING, digitizes UPLINK signalA software application Controls recording process, stores full UPLINK signal, analyzes and decodes balise emission, qualifies measurements, displays results

Pas mal du tout.Dupliquer pour montrer TVMLifeCheck en dveloppement?12

What we doERTMSFormalSpecs: the rail open language/tool/environment2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL13ERTMSFormalSpecs workbench source code and toolchainTestOBU.Sil0Useful for ERTMS related specificationsDesigned specially for the rail industryOPEN SOURCE (under EUPL license) / Additional modules: DMI / Scenario EditorSubset-076 testing : 20% completion3 research papers and severals press articles

Model ERTMS on-board requirements for Baseline 3 MR 1 to better manage specifications and easily maintain it?

Mettre logo des clients13

What we doSpyBox andTripleF-Sniffer2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL14The SpyBox is a passive acquisition hardware developed by ERTMS Solutions:collects the messages that are exchanged between various sub-systems (for instance between the EVC, JRU and STMs)transfers this information to the Triple-F Sniffer software

The Triple-F Sniffer softwaredecodes the informationdisplays the protocols according to ERTMS definitions which allows users to see whether the messages are compatible with ERTMS specificationsSpybox with GSM(-R) / GPS / WifiUpload JRU data to central server for train monitoringReal-time monitoring of EVC-JRU link (PROFIBUS, MVB, )Real-time monitoring of IgsmGSM/GSM-R modem / GPSLocal compact flash storage Wifi for: data upload in depots, software update, flexible ERTMS Solutions firmware


What we doOntologies: www.semanticrailways.com2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL15Odase: the industrial ontology engine, enabling notably to:Automate Train run data analysis centerIntegrate heterogeneous railway databasesAutomate Railway Network Operation CentersPreventive and predictive maintenanceEvolutive and flexible traceable customer enabledOdase Differentiators: OWL/RDF + SWRL, Reasoner, All-in-one platform, WorkbenchProven in use and in operations at several customers


DomainExpertsKnowledge EngineersSoftware Engineers

BusinessModelProgramJava, .Net, etcModelingRobots

Informal requirements


What we doFFFIScom Library2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL16Off-the-shelve, SIL4 software library forSLL/STL (connect STM and EVC)Subset-037 / EuroradioSubset-098 / Euroradio+

CustomersDeutaCAF SignallingHitachiAnsaldoMERMEC


Logos des clients?Raison des bouqins? (jolie image, mais raison dtre?)


What we do: ERTMS SolutionsCustomer references2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL17


2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL18

Thank you for your attention!

What we do: Other view on the products families

2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL19Test & CommissioningERTMSCamCorder ( TestOBU.SIL0 ( (DGM Disclosed under NDA)MaintenanceBaliseLifeCheck ( TVM430 LifeCheck ( Signals Visibility ( (LLC Disclosed under NDA)Formal ModellingERTMSFormalSpecs ( ERTMS Academy ( Semantic Railways ( MonitoringSpyBox / Sniffer ( Semantic Railways ( LegacySubset-074 tests ( Profibus / Euroradio / Subset-098 / / /

Mme slide quavant, 19

What we doERTMSCamCorder: the integrated onsite test tool2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL20

What we doSubset-074 Automation package2/14/2017Company Presentation CONFIDENTIAL21Full Subset-74 coverage: no coding, no integrationContains all


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