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<ol><li> 1. Eric Walsh Current Address: 216 Flowers Road Troy, Tennessee 38260 Home: 731-536-4713 Cell: 509-723-3109 PERSONAL INFORMATION Birth Date: January 6, 1953 Married to: Carol Flowers, December 18, 1993 Bachelor of Science, Education, Union University, Jackson, Tennessee, 1982 Concentrated in Childrens Ministries in work toward Master of Religious Education, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1989-93 Children: Katie (husband Jared) Mawhorter, born November 21, 1982 Ben, (wife Jade) born June 15, 1987 (Their mother died May 20, 1990.) Erica, born July 15, 1996 Bethany, born January 12, 1999 Ordained to the Gospel Ministry by the First Baptist Church of Lithia Springs, Georgia, 1978 Licensed to the Gospel Ministry by the Highland Baptist Church, Hickory, North Carolina, 1991 EDUCATION Bachelor of Music with Honors 1975 State University of West Georgia Carrollton, Georgia Major: Voice Minor: Education Master of Church Music 1977 The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Louisville, Kentucky Major: Voice Minor: Education Master of Divinity with Biblical Languages 1994 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Fort Worth, Texas Doctor of Philosophy 2002 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Fort Worth, Texas Major: Theology Minor: Philosophy of Religion MINISTRY EXPERIENCE Troy First Baptist Church, Troy, Tennessee 2014 ~ present member, teach preschool Sunday School, sing in Adult Choir, Journey Group member, help Pastor Vann Kissell as needed, supply preach in the area Greenacres Baptist Church, Spokane Valley, Washington 2009 ~ 2013 Associate Pastor, 2009 ~ 2011, to help with the work of the ministry Pastor, 2011-13, to work toward transition, unity, and a governing structure for the church </li><li> 2. Pastor, South Seminole Baptist Church, Seminole, Texas, 2006 ~ 2008 Our church sponsored a city-wide revival, held at the city Civic Center, with Dr. Levi Price preaching. Royal Ambassadors and Girls in Action were flourishing. Sunday School has led out in outreach visitation. Our fastest growing Sunday School department was the Young Adults. A great staff worked together as a team to plan worship, music, and youth events. Elected vice-president and president of our Seminole Ministerial Alliance as well as vice- moderator of our Permian Baptist Association. 2003 ~ 2005 Returning from Canada, we were active members of First Baptist Church, Troy, Tennessee. In this time I was involved in: preaching in the pastors absence Leading discipleship and Bible studies Leading Prayer Meetings Leading music in worship as needed, and singing in the choir For other ministries in our areas, I served as supply preacher, revival music leader, and Bible study leader. Pastor, Royal Heights Baptist Church, Delta, British Columbia, Canada, 2000 ~ 2003 As senior pastor I worked with the pastoral teams of our Spanish congregation, Vietnamese congregation, and the Korean congregation who also met in our building. We worked together as a team. God was most at work among our young adults for evangelism, discipleship, and leading worship. I particularly enjoyed ministering to families together and the joint Christmas Service where we sang Christmas Carols in four languages at the same time. Our purpose was to build our church around the Great Command (Mark 12:29-31) and the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20). Pastor, Sandy Lake Road Baptist Church, Coppell, Texas, 1998 ~ 2000 Serving a church that had split and come back together required that we learn to walk together with Jesus. This led us to three focal points in our life together. First was God: we are to love God first, above all else. Worship became a top priority life-style. Second was the body of Christ: we are to love each other. Nurturing and building up the body of Christ resulted in our participation in the life and ministry of Jesus among us. Sunday School was very important for us. Third was the world that does not know Jesus: we are to love those outside the body of Christ. Witness, evangelism, and missions showed us how to walk in joyful obedience to the Savior as we invited others to come to God. Again, the Sunday School led in outreach evangelism. We took care not to separate or neglect these three since Christ is the head of the body. Pastor, First Baptist Church, Slidell, Texas, 1995 ~ 1998 It was a delight to help a church organize for optimum ministry. Worship took on a new focus of importance. Attendance doubled from two years ago. We organized to form new Sunday School classes. The church became more involved in outreach and evangelism, baptizing new believers. Minister of Music and Youth, Baker Baptist Church, Weatherford, Texas, 1994 ~ 1995 Ministry here allowed me to continue to grow along with the church through Helping lead them in worship Planning youth and childrens discipleship ministries Leading Bible studies Preaching as needed and pastoral ministries Member of Southcliff Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas, 1991 ~ 1994 As a seminary student I was involved as a teacher in Adult Sunday School, Participated in the Wednesday night prayer ministry, Sang in the adult choir, and assisted as a music leader, as needed, in worship services, adult choir, childrens choirs, and the adult handbell choir. </li><li> 3. Associate Pastor, Highland Baptist Church, Hickory, North Carolina, 1990 ~ 1991 Minister of Music, Highland Baptist Church, Hickory, North Carolina, 1982 ~ 1990 While serving here we developed a graded choir ministry for everyone from age three through senior adults, including choirs for all ages, handbell groups for children through senior adults, instrumental ensembles, and classes in music instruction. This ministry worked well together with other ministries in our church and with other churches to be involved in music and mission trips and tours for multi-age level groups. We were able to see many of these come to Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Associate Pastor/Minister of Music, First Baptist Church, Morrow, Georgia, 1980 ~ May 1982 Minister of Music and Youth, First Baptist Church, Morrow, Georgia, December 1977 ~ 1980 PERSONAL STATEMENT I received Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior as a teen and was baptized into the First Baptist Church, Douglasville, Georgia. God called me to follow him in ministry while I was a sophomore in college. He then led me to years of fruitful service in music ministry, while at the same time always opening doors to preach, teach, and lead. Gradually the Lord began to redirect the focus of the ministry he had for me toward teaching and preaching. I believe that as a disciplemaker my task is to help believers, both individually and corporately, to discover what God is doing in their midst, to find out how he wants them to join him in his work, and then help them to make whatever adjustments are necessary, so that together we can then walk with the Lord in obedience. This will then be a call to walk together in ministry to the Lord in worship (Isa. 6:1-13), ministry to the body of Christ in nurture through discipleship (Eph. 4:11-16), and ministry to the unbelieving world in witness and missions (Matt. 28:18-20). I find it a great joy to help a church walk together with Jesus. Throughout my ministry I have been involved in teaching and building teams for ministry. Whether leading Continuing Witness Training, MasterLife, or F.A.I.T.H. Evangelism Strategy, I have been involved in disciplemaking. More often than not, my focus has been the Sunday School. I believe that these small groups can be the church organized for ministry, to help lead in reaching, teaching, and enfolding families into the life of the church and equipping them for service. The purpose of disciplemaking is to build the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23) into the life of every believer. Then as we live the Christian life in the community of faith, we can live to the praise of his glory (Eph. 1:6, 12, 14), so that everyone will see our good works and glorify our Father who is in heaven (Matt. 5:16) that the world may know that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father (Phil. 2:11). I am glad to be a part of what Jesus is doing in building up his church. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit of God would call his church to himself in such a way that a mighty movement of God in Revival and Spiritual Awakening would sweep our nation, so that the result would be a change in our culture. RERFERENCES Jack Long, Director of Missions, Beulah Baptist Association Phone: 731.885.2152 Email: Richard Kirk, Region 5, Church Health Catalyst, Northwest Baptist Convention Phone: 425-478-0945 Email: Kenny Carr, Pastor, Long Heights Baptist Church, McKenzie, Tennessee Phone: 731-697-1668 Email: Barry Bishop, Pastor, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Nine Mile Falls, Washington Phone: 509-294-9502 Email: Glenn Dobbs, friend, Spokane, Washington Phone: 509-991-1672 Email: </li></ol>