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<p> 1. Eric Petersen Art Portfolio - www.MoxieArts.com2166 Dryden Ct. Melbourne, FL. 32935 Phone - 207-423-3141 Email - MoxieArts@yahoo.comSUMMARY 2D/3D Environment Artist &amp; Game Designer with over 17 years of high-end game, mobile, and video post production experience Project management, building teams, cultivating new methods and practices towards efficiency Instilling visual production standards to create great art and design for games Assembled and documented product development plans, copy writing, project wide budgets, staffing plans and schedules Experienced working with publishers, executives, marketing, legal, license holders, investors, and stakeholders Managed medium sized team of 17 artists on Goldeneye Rogue Agent Managed internal and external teams of artist, animators, engineers, audio, QA, and development teams Entrepreneurial spirited and technologically proficient 21 published games titles for PlayStation 2 &amp; 3, Xbox &amp; 360, Wii, Ds, 3DS, Mobile, and PCSKILLS Maya 3DS Max Photoshop Crazy Bump Premiere Unreal Z Brush Unity Excel PerforcePROFESSIONAL HISTORYMoxieArts Melbourne, FL Creative Director / Designer /Artist November 2011-Present Grabble 3D (iOS, Android) Grabble Pop (iOS, Android) (in development) Grabble The Super Word Game (iOS, Android) (in development) Founded MoxieArts to create Grabble 3D with secured funding from private investors Designed, produced and directed production of 3 separate Grabble word games (1 currently published) Created all art, level design, modeling, texturing, animation, and logos, lighting and effects Economy game design and monetization of In App Purchases Coordinated all efforts involved and met strict weekly milestones with a small team of seven developers Wrote game design documents, project plans and power point presentationsFirebrand Games Merritt Island, FLSenior Environment Artist / Level Designer Photoshop / Maya / Crazy Bump July 2010 to January 2012 Nascar: Unleashed (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS, PC) Cars 2 (3DS) Level design and creation of several large 3D environments with multiple configurations Environment Lighting and Effects Environment Animated objects and props Particle EffectPlay Mechanix Glen Ellyn, ILLead Environment Artist / Level Designer Photoshop / Maya / Crazy Bump / Z Brush June 2005 to January 2009 Aliens: Extermination (Coin-Op) Buck Hunter Pro Open Season (Coin-Op) Deal or No Deal (Coin-Op) Big Buck Safari (Coin-Op) Terminator Salvation (Coin-Op) Designed and created several levels from concept to completion 3D environment art, modeling, texturing, animation with lighting and effects Cinematic sequences and end credits Self managed and created entire upgrade design for Buck Hunter Open Season Established art pipeline and mentored artists on Aliens Voice over talent 2. High Voltage Software Chicago, ILEnvironment Artist / Level Designer Photoshop / 3DS MAX March 2005 to June 2005 (Contract) Kids Next Door (Xbox, PS2) Family Guy (Xbox, PS2) Zathura (Xbox, PS2) Level design, environment art, modeling, texturing, and animation Concept pitch videos Story and script writing for the Family Guy the Video GameElectronic Arts - TKO&gt; Software Santa Cruz, CA Lead Multiplayer Environment Artist Photoshop / 3DS MAX April 2004 to November 2004 (Contract) Golden Eye Rogue Agent (Xbox, PS2) Lead a medium sized team, up to seventeen artists Optimization and adaptation for multi player Mentoring peers and helping artists on a daily basis with art direction Contract extended 4 timesMidway Games Chicago, ILEnvironment Artist Photoshop / Maya July 2002 to April 2004 NBA Ballers (Xbox, PS2) NBA Ballers Phenom (Xbox, PS2) Level design, environment art, modeling, texturing, animation, lighting Created exciting and subtle particle effects Wrote game concept design documents and power point presentations for pitchesElectronic Arts - Tiburon (6 month internship) Maitland, FLEnvironment Artist Photoshop / Maya February 2001 to July 2001 (6 month internship) Nascar Thunder 2001 (Xbox, PS2) Madden 2001 (Xbox, PS2) Environment art, modeling, texturing, animation, lighting Voice over talentVictory FX Animation Studios Orlando, FLAssistant Production Manager Photoshop / Maya March 2000 to January 2001 Sheena of the Jungle for Buena Vista Television (ABC) Sk8 Rats (3D Kids cartoon) Dooley and Pals (PBS) Organized production script revisions daily Assisted management of 11 artists daily for schedule updates Working with the production manager to schedule art tasks Video editing animatics for production 3D Prop Art Took detailed noted during daily reviews of pre-rendered 3D art.Avaria Corporation Orlando, FL3D Artist / Marketing / Writer Photoshop / 3DS MAX March 1999 to January 2002 Endless Ages (PC) 3D art Game designEducation3DS Max training at Future Media Concepts in Boston 1999Maya training from Alias Wavefront - 2000University of Maine (General A.A) - 1992Valencia College in Orlando, Florida (Film School) - 1994Central Florida State College (Entrepreneur Program) 2013Military ServiceU.S.A.F Air Traffic Control - 1990</p>