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8/07/2015To whom it may concern,

Eric Nyce was employed as a contractor for BHP Billiton for 7 months as a Directional Drilling Field Supervisor. Eric oversaw Directional Drilling operations for 12 BHP operated rigs in the Eagle Ford Shale for BHP.

During his time with BHP, Eric was helpful in recording performance, sharing lessons learned and being a part of a team that delivered improved performance throughout the field.

Eric was always willing to be flexible with regards to his schedule and showed very good work ethic. He was able to communicate with all parties as well as fed information back to his manager well.

If not for the reduction of commodities in the Oil & Gas sector, BHP would not have been forced to reduce from 26 drilling rigs down to 9. This drove BHP to reduce spending across the board. Erics position was a casualty of this re-structuring. Eric not released because of any performance issues.

Jacob Gauthier

BHP Billiton

Directional Drilling Advisor North American Shale

337-224-7518 (cell)