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  1. 1. ERIC W. JENKINS 3109 Knox Street Unit 548 Telephone Number 469-831-8393Dallas, TX 75205-4029 PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Dynamic DME Manager, DME Coordinator, and Respiratory Therapist with a successful record of accomplishments achieved throughout a diverse range of medical care over a 30 year span. Expert in integrating Medical Initiatives, Patient Care, and Governance execution to achieve performance gains, patient-relation, cost reduction, while maximizing team goals. Identify and manage risks/issues and resource conflicts that impact progress against deliverable. Core Competencies: OSA/Bipap/Cpap Quality Assurance Purchasing/Receiving Medicare/Medicaid Compliance Training/Education Billing Procurement Pricing Contract Negotiation Sales Orientation PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND American Durable Medical Equipment, Richardson, Texas 2013 to present DME Manager Manage all aspects of DME; including home health, respiratory therapy, warehouse and hospice care to determine the most cost effective means of day to day operations. Facilitate DME Medical Equipment training and implement Medicare compliance to insure accountability; including Cpap/Bipap per Medicare compliance. Monitor, measure, and analyze industry price trends and departmental expenditures to identify opportunities to reduce cost, manage control/performance of products and services. Deploy and implement CHAPS training initiatives, coordinate compliance down loads per Medicare guidelines, Negotiate contractual pricing and competitive bidding practices. Direct inbound and outbound logistics to determine the most efficient means of inventory warehousing, distribution of DME products and services. Negotiate insurance contracts with third party billing services, pricing, negotiate contractual pricing, and competitive bidding. Serve as liaison between the Administrator and CEO; coordinating referral services, healthcare analytics and facilitate staff meetings and providing Quarterly reports for board members. Healthline, Richardson, Texas 2009 to 2013 Respiratory Clinician Serve as the Respiratory Therapist managing both the Dallas and McKinney branches. Proven ability to interface with client-relation by providing qualitative procurement purchase orders, track inventory of Respiratory DME equipment and assist in insurance authorizations and billing. Performed Cpap and Bipap home and office set-ups. Conduct compliance per Medicare guidelines and provide to doctors and sleep labs. Orchestrated the Medicare compliance for 2 locations, perform third party insurer guidelines for durable medical equipment; along with managing care plans.
  2. 2. Conduct multiple pricing options for task prior to billing Medicare and Medicaid. HME of Texas, Richardson, Texas 2007 to 2009 Respiratory Clinician Specialized in Bipap and Cpap therapy and facilitated training for OSA surrounding the equipment functionality and compliance. Initiated the Cpap mask fittings and exchanges deployed training for mask maintenance and cleaning preventions. Conducted the Cpap compliance down-loads and faxed the results to the doctor's office, sleep labs or insurance companies. Processed referral orders, procurement controls and sold DME equipment to walk-in client base. Conducted in-home visits for Cpap and Bipap setups with clinical education and compliance training. Health Management Services, Dallas, Texas 2003 to 2007 Clinical Manager Managed the respiratory department and executed all clinical patient setups and OSA Educational initiatives across sectors. Conducted over night pulse oximetry, patient reporting and provided the results from down- loaded compliance. Provided house visits and in-house Cpap and oxygen concentrator setups and procurement orders on the DME equipment and supplies. Headed the inventory management and quality assurance initiatives. Coordinated and tracked referral for appointments and to monitor the status of patient care. Sleep Therapy Services, Dallas, Texas 2002 to 2003 Respiratory Clinician Performed Cpap/Bipap set-ups in office and in home. Facilitated OSA education program.. Facilitated training to patients on the proper maintenance and replacement for masks and Cpap supplies. Maintained the therapy compliance program. Managed the purchasing of equipment/supplies. Assisted in sales orientation and inventory control. Rhema Medical, Richardson, Texas 2000 to 2002 Respiratory Clinician and Local QA Performed Cpap, Bipap, nebulizer and oxygen therapy and physical assessments and patient set-ups. Conducted compliance visits, follow-ups, protocols, PFT and overnight pulse-oximetry testing. Facilitated patient, family and nurse education on respiratory equipment and supplies. Patient home follow-ups for medication Nebulizer Program. Assisted in scheduling of sleep equipment set-ups and managed patient follow-ups and setting up appointments dates and times.. El Centro College, Dallas, TX
  3. 3. CRT, RCP Associates in Applied Arts & Science Respiratory Program