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Eric DooleyCollege Address:119 N. Campus Ave.Oxford, Ohio 45056 Permanent Address:10996 Brooks Lane Plymouth, MI 48170 787-6066

PROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVETo pursue a career in the field of Information Systems and IT Consulting using my Engineering Management degree and work experience background while also working to achieve the companys goals.

EDUCATIONMiami University, College of Engineering and ComputingOxford, OH Bachelor of ScienceMajor: Engineering ManagementMajor Concentration: Electronics and ComputingHonors Deans Lists (2) - Spring 2013 and 2015 University Merit Scholarship- $4000/yearRelated Courses Information Systems: Computer-Aided Experimentation (ECE 303 programmed micro Arduino controller) Programming JAVA (CSE 174) Object-Oriented Programming (CSE 271-Fall 2015) Computing & Engineering (ECE 102) Business foundation classes: Economics (ECO 201 and 202) Financial ACCT (ACC 221) Electrical Engineering: Electrical Circuits Analysis (ECE 205) Signals and Systems (ECE 306) Digital System Design (ECE 287-Spring 2015) MGMT/Consulting: Operations/Supply Chain (MGT 302), Management/Leadership (MGT 291), Operations Planning and Scheduling (MGT 451)Expected graduation: May 2016

GPA: 3.4/4.0FSB: 3.7/4.0

WORK EXPERIENCEVizion Solutions Applications Developer and System Implementation analyst Cleveland, Ohio Three month client implementation project Developed a Labor Quoting web application using the main building blocks of ASP.Net Web Forms Used the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Visual Studio in development Backend coding language C# implemented for the applications classes Front-end web pages were constructed in HTML markup The Web application drew data from SQL Server database and used stored procedures to calculate and centralize logicSummer 2015

STUDY ABROAD SEMESTER8 Countries in 6 weeks: European Business Law/Accounting Program International/Comparative ACCT (ACC 383) and International Business Law (BLS 464) Responsible for course work, travel planning between classes (transportation and lodging) for 50% of the time from Amsterdam Spain Italy Greece Summer 2014

CAMPUS LEADERSHIP/ TEAMWORKAssistant Social Chair and member of Sigma Nu FraternityOxford, Ohio Member: Actively participated in promoting fraternity and organized recruiting of the largest incoming new pledge class in last 5 years (34 new members Jan 2014) Assisted in training incoming new members Big brother to 2 members Social Chair: Collaborated with Inner Fraternity Council to plan civic, fund raisers, philanthropic events which further developed organizational and collaborative skills Worked as member of the Executive Board to define Sigma Nu annual objectivesProgramming Research/Student Directed Special Project Developed a personal program with my Computer Science professor outside of class Focus of enhancing my understanding of JAVA and introduction to OOPOctober 2013 toMay 2014

Spring 2015

Skills Experienced with JAVA, Programmable Arduino micro controllers, ASP.Net Framework: C# and HTML