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  • Eric Copeland

    Mobile 937-798-1936 email

    Highlights of qualifications :

    Professional in audio capture, editing, mixing, composition, performance.

    Over 35 years experience in media creation, development, editing, and live music as well

    as event presentation.

    Proficient technically in a variety of audio and video environments including live

    performance, studio production, and location engineering.

    Consistent work record and international experience.

    Valid passport, drivers license, clean record.

    Audio Skills: Experienced live sound engineer, proficient in the setup and operation of

    PA systems and all associated components, including digital and analog mixing consoles

    (FOH and monitor), power amplifiers, loudspeakers (mains, fills, subs, monitors and in

    ears), proper gain structure, signal path and signal processing (effects, dynamics, EQ,

    crossover, etc.), microphones (dynamic, condenser, ribbon; wired and wireless), DI

    boxes, snakes, playback devices, and recording devices (standalone and computer-based

    DAWs). -Proficient in cable maintenance, proper coiling and storage, and

    repair/soldering. -Able to quickly isolate and correct audio problems, such as buzz, hiss,

    feedback, and signal loss.

    Hardware Knowledge:

    Consoles including Yamaha PM1 D to CL series, Solid State Logic 6000 & 9000,

    Soundcraft Ghost, Soundcraft Spirit, Midas Venice Series, Allen & Heath GL2200,

    Digico SD7 SD8, Behringer X 32, Mackie 32.8, AVID SC 48 and Profile Consoles, and

    many more. Signal Processing including dbx DriveRack PA, TC Electronics M-One XL,

    M2000 and M350, Lexicon MX & MPX Series, Teletronix LA-2A, UA 1176, Symetrix

    565E & 501, Dbx 160A & 1066, and numerous other effects, dynamics processors, and

    graphic EQs.

    Computers - proficient in Windows and Mac platforms, operating recording and playback

    software including Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Steinberg WaveLab, Presonus Studio One

    Pro , Cubase, Tracktion , Magix Sequoia 12 , Ableton Live and standalone samplers such

    as 360 Systems Instant Replay.

    Additional Skills :

    (Electrical, Visual, Carpentry & Shop): Experienced in hanging and focusing of common

    theatrical lighting instruments, follow spot operation, operation of two-scene preset

    boards, basic wiring and circuit knowledge, setup and focusing of video projectors, and

    video camera operation. Experienced in set construction and stage assembly, including

    carpentry, power tools, and painting. Certified Fork Lift op and Aerial lift op.

  • Touring experience ( FOH, Monitors and or Tour management):

    Karsh Kale : East Indian electronica tabla master and AIWA award winner 2002-present

    FOH/tour manager.

    Sunidhi Chauhan: East Indian Idol Judge, Bollywood actress, AIWA award winner/

    Monitor engineer Summer 2016

    Unlocking The Truth : Sony Universal rock band , FOH 2015-present

    Junior Marvin: former guitarist for Bob Marley 2002-2014 FOH/Tour manager.

    Norman Brown : Grammy award winning guitarist FOH/monitors 2006-2007.

    Maysa Leak: Grammy Nominated vocalist FOH/tour manager 2002-2006..

    Musica Fresca featuring Voltio, Akwid, Yerba Buena, and Radio Mundio for Palm

    Pictures records Yahoo music and Bank Of America, tour manager, monitor engineer,

    FOH for Akwid 2006

    .Work Experience :

    Rock This House Audio and Mastering: lead mixer and mastering engineer

    Increased client base from US based audio company to clients world wide. Designed and

    built mixing platforms and room designs for mixing and mastering in 4 locations for the

    company. Increased live mixing clients from 2 to 30..

    CPRigging Nashville TN:: A-1,A-2 audio tech, production lead, V-2,short and long lens

    camera op/meeting room tech/ Fork Lift op freelance, worked with companies such as

    PSAV,Freeman,On Time, Amazon, National Association of Broadcasters etc.

    Video Tech Services Nashville TN :: Freelance A-1,A-2 audio tech,V-2, short and long

    lens camera op/meeting room tech.

    The Historic Lincoln Theater Washington DC : Audio director

    Oversaw a complete audio system upgrade to a digital front and back end and found

    funding for the upgrade. Wrote an audio training manual for all techs on staff. Increased

    audio staff from two to four techs.

    9:30 Club Washington DC audio A-2

    Mixed monitors and FOH for daily shows, over saw audio changeovers for touring acts.

    did audio repairs of cables, sound systems and consoles.


    TESST Electronic School Hyattsville MD Electronic Tech Certification

  • Awards: Nominated for Washington Area Music Association Live Sound Engineer

    Award 5 times