Equal Opportunities & Diversity Deutsche Telekom Maud Pagel, Vice President Equal Opportunities and Diversity Human Resources Strategy Deutsche Telekom

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  • Equal Opportunities & Diversity Deutsche Telekom Maud Pagel, Vice President Equal Opportunities and Diversity Human Resources Strategy Deutsche Telekom ==!"
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  • Socio-political background to equality Art. 3 of the German Constitution states: (1) Everyone is equal before the law (2) Men and Women have equal rights. The State promotes the genuine implementation of equal rights for Women and Men and strives to eliminate existing disadvantages. (3) No one may be disadvantaged by reason of their sex, background, race, language, homeland and origin, faith, or religious or political views. No one may be disadvantaged by reason of a physical handicap. Reality: Equality of Women and Men only formal
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  • ==!" Position of Women in Federal German society Proportion of Women in employment approx. 63 % Few day-care facilities for Children 3-6 years Combining family and career a problem Women mainly employed in low-paid jobs Few Women is specialist or management positions Not always equal pay for equal work
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  • Deutsche Telekom Group Europes biggest telcommunicationcompany 265.000 employees worldwide 1/3 female = 88.000 women 54 billion group revenue (in 2002) ==!"
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  • Women at Deutsche Telekom Women make up about 33 % of the work force Few Women in technical occupations Low proportion of Women in management positions => slight influence on corporate decisions Most part-time jobs are held by Women => interrupted career (e.g. low participation in training courses)
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  • ==!" Equal Opportunities & Diversity Group Works Agreement Compulsory section Objectives Scope Measures: a. Give preference to employing Women in under- represented areas b. Equal opportunities commissioner to be compulsory c. Training concepts in General guidelines for equal opportunities Monitoring Reporting for Germany
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  • ==!" Equal Opportunities & Diversity The possibility of designing measures for: Co-operation between men and women Equal opportunities as a quality criterion Women in IT Women in managerial positions Focus on female customers Flexible working hours work & life balance best practice
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  • IT systems electronics technician Information technology specialist IT systems business administrator IT jobs at Deutsche Telekom The future begins with training ==!"
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  • engineering future inside (e|f|i) Increasing the number of women in engineering Measures for increasing the number of women in engineering Marketing concept Support measures Setting up workshops Portrayal in the media Mentoring ==!"
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  • Girls Day - Take our daughters to work The aim here is to give girls a new perspective on careers To encourage girls to become something other than hairdressers or sales girls, etc., to get them interested in technology as well ==!"
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  • Development - Measures for women Mentoring-Programs Cross-Mentoring-Programs with other companies Seminar on strategic-action-skills (for female managers) Leadership seminars for female managers ==!"
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  • Diversity In our company, individuals are our most precious resource. Only they are capable of shaping the future with initiative and creativity. A company is nothing without its people - this means men and women; And 33 % are women! Excerpt from the Deutsche Telekom Management and Action Principles
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  • ==!" Diversity = individuality of people (individuals) Managing Diversity = strategic management approach aim / objective: increase company profits by successful use & proactive management of diversity on market/customer and employee side alike Diversity
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  • ==!" Fields of Diversity Management core dimensions gender, age, ethnical background, religion, disability, sexual orientation external dimensions cultural background, education & professional training, personal status, language, work style, way of thinking organisational dimensions service with the company, organisational involvement, competencies
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  • ==!" Diversity Why? demographic development cultural changes changes in values, attitudes and believes European integration, globalisation High-Tech-Telecommunication world wide mobility various M&A-activities integration of national and international subsidiaries development/advancement as global player
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  • ==!" Diversity Management - Why? customer satisfaction flexible and divers marketing instruments & differentiated communication open up new market segments / target groups and increase customer satisfaction employee satisfaction positive acknowledgement of individual differences increase employee satisfaction, leads to less absenteeism, lower fluctuation and increased productivity
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  • ==!" Diversity-Management - Why? results Cross-cultural organisations are able to adapt better and faster to rapidly changing internal and external surroundings. Mixed teams have a faster and more creative way of successfully dealing with business challenges. financial aspects Diversity Management is a tool positively stimulating share prices. Some investment trusts preferably invest in companies with an proactive Diversity Management.
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  • ==!" Diversity involves changing the way you think Diversity helps companies shape the future Internationalisation, globalisation Re-organising / re-structuring / re-engineering Cost pressure / productivity pressure Increasingly competitive market Open your eyes: Identify the issue Open your mind: Identify the opportunities Change the way of doing business: Be committed to change
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  • ==!" motto of the 2004 Equal opportunity prize LIVING DIVERSITY goal to show how management and staff translate good ideas into best practice ideas connected to Equal opportunity between men and women Diversity: individual differences like age, cultural background, language More information http://diversity.telekom.dehttp://diversity.telekom.de or Meeting Point/People and Sponsoring
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  • Women go online Cooperation partners Federal Ministry of Education and Research Federal Institute for Employment Deutsche Telekom AG Foundation Women give new impetus to technology Brigitte, T-Online ==!"
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  • 152.000 women trained 300 locations from 1999 to 2003 10.200 free welcome courses and 5.800 reasonably-priced follow-up courses only women are trainers 20 million hits on www.frauen-ans-netz.de Women go online ==!"
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  • family on the net HlgyekNet Hungary figures - dates - facts Training the trainers at MTAV - 500 interested 400 training sessions Enormous resonance in the public Analysis of the market situation Acceptance from the government and other relevant groups in society
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  • 50 plus Cooperation partners Federal Ministry of Family, Seniors, Women and Youth Federation of Senior-Organisations Deutsche Telekom AG Dresdner Bank Foundation Women give new impetus to technology http://www.feierabend.de Freizeit-Revue T-Online ==!"
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  • They are ridiculously few companies which use the potential of women to their advantage! What an expensive mistake Tom Peters Women are the Chance No.1!