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The research evaluated 10 insurers active in the motor, life, travel, pet and household sectors. They were tested on their ability to provide answers to 10 routine questions via the web as well as their speed and accuracy when responding to enquiries sent via email, and links to social media.


  • 1. THE WEB SOCIAL MEDIA 2011 2012 10+1030+501 1 3 5 TWITTER TWITTER FACEBOOK FACEBOOK The number of insurance companies embracing social media ONLINE INSURANCE CUSTOMER SERVICE STUDY 2012Analysis of 10 leading insurers, across the motor, life, travel, pet and household sectors. How simple is it to get answers to routine customer questions via the web and email? How has this changed since 2011? To download the full report visit http://www.eptica.com/Multichannel-Study-2012.html DISTINCTLY AVERAGE THE STATE OF UK CUSTOMER SERVICE EMAIL Email black hole uncovered It was impossible to contact 20% of insurance companies via email. 2011 70% 2012 80% The fastest, accurate reply took 1 hour, 18 minutes The slowest, accurate reply took 49 hours, 38 minutes In total the UK insurer websites surveyed could only answer an average of 4.8 questions out of ten, worse than 2011s 5 questions out of ten. 10+40+50+50 5 STATIC FAQ 5 KEY WORD SEARCH 4 WEB SELF SERVICE 1 CHAT 2011 50% 2012 48% ONLINE QUESTIONS ANSWERED WEBSITE HELP FACILITIES y y 80+50+60+30 COMPANIES ALLOWED YOU TO EMAIL PROVIDED AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT RESPONDED WITH AN ANSWER ANSWERED ACCURATELY 8 5 6 3 NUMBER OF WEBSITES


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