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    EPISODE 156

    Expert Secrets & Online Strategies with Russell Brunson

    SEE THE SHOW NOTES AT: www.amyporterfield.com/156

    AMY PORTERFIELD: Hey there, Amy Porterfield here. Welcome to another episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. Today I have a special guest. His name is Russell Brunson.

    You likely already know Russell, but just in case you dont I wanted to share with you how I found out about this guy many, many years ago. Youve probably already heard me talk about this program called The New Money Masters. I worked on it right before I left the Tony Robbins Company.

    In this program Tony interviewed different internet marketing entrepreneurs to find out about their business, tips and tricks for internet marketing, and he really talked about their lifestyle as well. I was hooked on internet marketing when I started to hear from some of the experts he brought on that episode.

    I was intimately involved with The New Money Masters because I worked on the segment with Marie Forleo and that really sealed the deal with my friendship with Marie because we got to go back and forth. She was the only woman featured on the program and that was really cool.

    The youngest person featured on the program was Russell. I dont remember how old he was at the time but looking at him now and listening to him, the sound of his voice, he sounds like hes 16 years old. I wish I could look that young for that long but this guy has a special gene for sure.

    Beyond looking and sounding young, he has actually been in business for about 14 years. He has started and scaled many companies online. Hes a best-selling author, owns a software company, and you likely heard me talk about Click Funnels before,



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    thats Russells company. He has a supplement company, a coaching company, and thats just to name a few.

    The guy is definitely a powerhouse but hes also completely down to earth and a lot of fun. Even though Ive never hung out with him, he seems like a guy that I would like to hang out with or, better yet, he seems like a guy Hobie, my husband, would love to hang out with. They seem very similar in terms of their personalities.

    I also love that Russell was a big-time wrestler in high school and college. Hobie was as well and now Hobie is so proud because Cade is following in his dads footsteps. He went through his first year of high school wrestling and god MVP for Freshman so were on. Its all about wrestling in the Porterfield house these days.

    I got to spend some time with Russell and I think youre going to love this interview. He just came out with a book called Expert Secrets. It is fantastic. You know I would never recommend something I didnt think would really add value to your business. Youve got to get this book.

    I read the entire book from start to finish and absolutely loved it. I took tons of notes and I want you to get your hands on it. First of all, to get the book for free, you just have to pay shipping and handling, go to http://www.amyporterfield.com/secrets and it will take you to the page so that you can get the book.

    I hope you get the book because I think Im going to be talking about it a lot over the next few months, different strategies and tips that I learned from it and am applying to my own business. I want to share that with you and I want to be talking the same language so grab the book, for sure.

    Inside the book, Russell talks about creating a mass movement. Thats what this episode is all about. Were going to get into becoming a charismatic leader, creating a cause, and creating a new opportunity, which has to do with your market and your niche. Were going to get to that, for sure.

    I wont make you wait any longer. Lets bring Russell on.

    Hey Russell, thanks, so much for being on the show. Im really excited to have you here.

    RUSSELL BRUNSON: Thanks for having me. Im excited too.



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    AMY: Before we get into all the details, I wanted to ask you about actually writing another book. I know the process was not easy for you and I heard you even started from scratch after you had written a bunch. What was that all about and why did you feel like you needed to write this book?

    RUSSELL: Its funny because a lot of my friends who write books consider themselves authors. Ive never really considered myself an author but Im somebody that has stuff I want to share stuff so bad. Thats been my big focus. I wrote the first book and it turned out really good and its helped a lot of people. But I swore I would never write a book again. It was a one-time deal.

    For me, I wanted to write a really good book and there is a lot that goes into that. So I took two years off swearing I would never write a book again. Then one day a lightning bolt of inspiration hit and I knew I had to write the book.

    I knew exactly the title and it became super clear and I thought, OH NO!

    AMY: I dont want to do it!

    RUSSELL: I started it and I dont think I was quite ready for it yet but I jumped in and started writing it. I got to the point it was about 240 pages and it was almost ready to send for a first draft to the editor. I was on a family vacation and it was about two in the morning and it was good but it wasnt great.

    I didnt really want to write a good book. I didnt want to do it unless it was great. I had just learned Snapchat at the time and I had a couple of hundred people following me. I was going to make it real so I got on Snapchat and said, Everyone, Im going to delete this entire book right now.

    I highlighted all 240 pages and clicked delete. This was eight months into it.

    AMY: Okay, thats crazy.

    RUSSELL: It was so scary. Im not going to lie.

    AMY: So you completely deleted the whole book, on Snapchat, no less, which was even cooler. And then you just started over. It wasnt what you wanted it to be and you just had to start over.



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    RUSSELL: Yeah. Its funny because a lot of times were not willing to do that. I dont think I was going to do that but I just thought if I was going to do it, it was going to have to be awesome or what was the point of doing it.

    I started over and it was kind of cool. Since I had done it once I knew the pieces that were impactful but I knew a lot of it wasnt. So I had to decide how to structure it the right way and it gave me a lot of time to reprep and plan. Then I spent the next seven or eight months writing it again.

    The second time I am really proud of what came out at the end.

    AMY: You should be. The book is awesome. I absolutely love it. I loved the first one but I feel like this one is even better.

    RUSSELL: Well thank you, thats awesome.

    AMY: Its so good. So were going to dive into some of the specifics of the book. You start things off with this idea of creating a mass movement. It includes become a charismatic leader, creating a cause, and identifying a new opportunity.

    I want to break this process down with you because I think mu listeners are going to find each of these different sections incredibly valuable. If youre cool, I want to just start at the top.

    RUSSELL: That would be awesome.

    AMY: Okay, cool. You start with talking about becoming a charismatic leader. Right at the beginning of the book, I dont want to give it all away, but you mention the idea of 1,000 true fans. I know my audience would love this concept, especially as you explain it to them.

    They dont have huge lists just yet, they dont have big social media followings, and you are saying you only really need 1,000 true fans. How can that be true?

    RUSSELL: Its funny because the first time I thought of that process, theres a guy named Kevin Kelly that wrote an article called 1,000 True Fans. I thought the same thing when I first read it. You always hear about people who say they have a million followers on Facebook and they have all of the numbers.



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    As I was reading the article there is a little excerpt that I would love to read, A true fan is defined as a fan that would buy anything you produce. These die hard fans will drive 200 miles to see you sing, they will buy the hardback, paperback, and audible versions of your book. They will purchase figurines sight unseen. They will pay for the best-of-DVD version of a You Tube Channel. They will come to your chefs table once a month.

    It goes on and on with all of these things. These are the people that love you. Its not like just a customer. Thats one thing. But its a true fan that connects with you and you have had an impact on them. They keep coming back to you and will buy over and over and over again.

    It was interesting. As I started looking at our customers, we started looking at all of our databases, and it was interesting how the point where I broke to become financially free was the point where I had about 1,000 fans. I kind of define fans as people who have bought more than one thin


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