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<ul><li><p>Equal opportunities at CERNJosi SchinzelEqual Opportunities Officer</p><p>EO/JS</p></li><li><p>What do we mean by Equal Opportunities? Fair treatment for recruitment and promotionwork place free of harassmentsupport for work/life balanceThe Equal Opportunities teamConclusionAgenda</p><p>EO/JS</p></li><li><p>Fair treatment Fair treatment for recruitment and promotion regardless of sex, ethnic origin, physical handicap, sexual orientation or religion, nationality, age,</p><p>At CERNsalaries are dependent on qualifications and experience onlyrecruitment of women hired matches the percentage of women applicationspromotion of women is generally fair however there are no women in top management</p><p>The Equal Opportunities team monitors recruitment and career development and suggests improvements.</p><p>EO/JS</p></li><li><p>Women at CERNSlow, but positivetrend</p><p>EO/JS</p><p>Chart1</p><p>15.5</p><p>16</p><p>16.6</p><p>17.2</p><p>17.3</p><p>19.3598148862</p><p>at end of year</p><p>percent</p><p>% Women at CERN</p><p>Sheet1</p><p>Start% Women</p><p>200015.50</p><p>200116.00</p><p>200216.60</p><p>200317.20</p><p>200417.30</p><p>200519.36</p><p>Sheet1</p><p>at end of year</p><p>percent</p><p>% Women at CERN</p><p>Sheet2</p><p>Sheet3</p></li><li><p>EO/JS</p></li><li><p>Work place free of harassment</p><p>What is harassment?</p><p>CERN has a legal obligation to protect staff against harassment</p><p>Administrative Circular 32 (being revised) covers the principles and procedures governing complaints of harassment</p><p>Any importunate behaviour towards another person that interferes with the work or well-being of the latter on a continuing basis, in particular verbal or physical aggressive and/or violent acts and unwarranted behaviour that create a hostile or unbearable working atmosphere.</p><p>EO/JS</p></li><li><p>Work place free of harassment (2)Harassment does not includemanagement actionsrefusal to promote a person who does not deserve promotionreassignment to a different task professional differences in opinionacceptable human interaction gentle teasing, pointing out mistakes. </p><p>EO/JS</p></li><li><p>Work place free of harassment (3)If you are being harassedSay a firm NO to unacceptable behaviourTalk to your management hierarchy Supervisor, Group Leader, or your Human Resources Coordinator.If it is affecting your health talk to the CERN doctors or psychologist.Contact the Equal Opportunities Officer or a member of the EO Advisory Panel for confidential advice</p><p>EO/JS</p></li><li><p>Support for work/life balanceWhy?To give your best performance you need to be healthy in mind and body</p><p>Work/life balanceMaintain outside interestsDo not spend an unreasonable percentage of your time at work</p><p>Help for working parentsChild careCreche (under discussion)KindergartenLeaveMaternity leave 14 weeks (plus 4)Paternity leave 3 days (extension under discussion)Parental leave 3 months (under discussion)Leave for sick child 7 days/year with medical certificateSpecial leave with agreement of hierarchySaved leave up to 22 days/yearReduced working hours (80% - 50%)Work at home 1 day / week - with agreement of hierarchy</p><p>EO/JS</p></li><li><p>The Equal Opportunities teamEmphasis on promoting AWARENESS Promote policies and practices to encourage equality in all respectsConsultation and investigations on requestWorking towards making EO an integral part of CERNs culture</p><p>EO/JS</p></li><li><p>In conclusionCERN is an exciting place to work</p><p>Enjoy your workGive your best both at work and at homeIf you have worries concerning equal opportunities contact one of the EO team.</p><p>All suggestions on how to improve Equal Opportunities at CERN are very welcome!</p><p>(We do have a WEB page, but it is currently being revised)</p><p>EO/JS</p><p>Introduce myselfPhysicist/software engineer specialising in data management for accelerator control</p></li></ul>