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Progress of NPR in ODISHA

Dt. 24th Jan 2014

By DCO, Odisha

ABOUT NPRGeneration of Aadhaar number of each individual above 5 years is an important component of NPR Project.NPR Project in the state is conducted as per the provision of Citizenship Act 1955 and issue of Identity Cards Rule 2003.Biographic data of each individual was collected during 7th April -22nd May, 2010 in the State.After data entry the collection of Photo-Biometric Data is now in progress.So far out of the target population of 3.84 Crore, Biometric enrollment is completed for population of 2.47 Crore (64.33%).1st round collection of Photo-Biometric is completed for 19 districts.The Biographic data along with Biometric-data are being uploaded to UIDAI portal.UIDAI is processing the data generating the Aadhaar number of each individual and dispatching it directly to the person concerned through post

PRESENT ENROLMENT STATUSBME Present StatusPLAN OF COMPLETIONFirst Round BME Completed SI NODISTRICTTarget Population 2nd Round BME Status/ Expected Date of Completion % age Complete1Balangir1,567,292In-progress/Jan-2014882Cuttack2,352,690In-progress/Feb-2014803Khurda 2,059,185In-progress/Feb-2014654PURI 1,555,409In-progress/Feb-2014835Balasore2,122,738In-progress/Feb-2014756Bhadrak1,415,040To be started/Feb-2014757Jagatsinghpur1,081,072To be started/Feb-2014828Kendrapara1,380,532To be started/Feb-2014799Dhenkanal1,071,144To be started/Feb-20149410Angul 1,146,482To be started/Feb-20147811Nayagarh889,652To be started/Feb-20147912Debagarh282,473To be started/Feb-20148813Nuapada587,759To be started/Feb-20146914Boudh282,972To be started/Feb-20147315Kendujhar1,635,106To be started/Mar-20146416Mayurbhanj2,278,567To be started/Feb-20148317Jajpur1,706,337To be started/Feb-20147818Subarnapur572,826In-progress/Feb-20147619Kandhamal668,751To be started/Mar-201463Enrolment Operation in ProgressSI NODISTRICTTarget Population 1nd Round BME Status/ Expected Date of Completion 2nd Round BME Status/ Expected Date of Completion % age Complete1Sundargarh1,872,493In-progress/ Feb-2014To be started/ Mar-2014612Bargarh1,340,163In-progress/Jan-2014To be started/ Mar-2014653Sambalpur937,739In-progress/ Feb-2014To be started/ Mar-2014504Koraput1,231,755In-progress/ Feb-2014To be started/ Mar-2014345Ganjam3,238,903In-progress/ Feb-2014To be started/ Mar-2014436Gajapati536,608In-progress/Jan-2014To be started/ Mar-2014647Nabarangpur1,088,672In-progress/Jan-2014To be started/ Mar-2014628Rayagada866,259In-progress/ Feb-2014To be started/ Mar-201489Kalahandi1,424,083In-progress/ Feb-2014To be started/ Mar-2014410Jharsuguda518,616In-progress/ Feb-2014To be started/ Mar-201411Malkangiri540,011In-progress/ Feb-2014To be started/ Mar-2014DBT/DBTL Odisha Four districts viz. Balangir, Puri, Khordha & Cuttack were selected for DBTL where the scheme is to be operated from 1st Feb 2014.Subarnapur district has been selected for DBT . Further three more districts viz. Baleswar, Bhadrak & Sundargarh have been selected for DBTL where the scheme is to be operated from 1st April 2014.

As per Directive from ORGI, Special Camps were setup at all distributer premises of Balangir district on pilot basis from 14-Dec-2013 to 22-Dec-2014 with extension upto 31-Dec-2013 and further extension upto 31-Jan-2014. (Total 47 days) Operator Utilization as on 17-Jan-2014-At Balangir

Coverage Of NPR Left Out Population Left out population in First Round is covered during Second round of BME operation along with the new entrants in the concerned Enumeration Block (EB).

Enumerators are inviting Enrollees by visiting door to door in their EBs to ensure their presence at BME camps.

If Capture percentage is still low, there will be establishment of special centres for BME under close supervision of Tahasil/Town/District Administration.Coverage of Out of NPR Population To cover the persons who were not covered during NPR survey or he/she is a new entrant after NPR, fresh NPR schedules were filled up during First Round of BME operation by the Enumerator under his/her jurisdiction.

For these persons Demographic Data entry were done at Bulk Data Center.

Afterwards these population are being covered during Second round of BME operation.Coverage of DBT / DBTL Beneficiaries 2nd round BME operation in DBT districts to cover all left-out including DBT/DBTL beneficiaries has been prioritized. Deployment of Kit had been made as per the requirement of of concerned DBT departments at Charge level camps.Steps taken for collection of Photo-Biometric Data : 1. List of left-out whose BME is required is being prepared. 2. Arrangement has been made for filling-up NPR data in the prescribed form. 3. Program for collection of Photo-Biometric data is now taken up. 4. Left-out beneficiaries are being called to the respective camps as per program. 5. State Government has sanctioned a sum of Rs 53.64 lacs for establishment Of Permanent Centres for four months to collect all the left out persons in eight DBT districts.

Coverage of Rejected EnrolmentsIt is reported that BME packets of some persons are rejected due to various reasons causing disappointment to the people who have already gone through BME operation. A sense of doubt is created among the people when they got the message of rejection.

A huge number around 30 lakhs of BME have been reported rejected due to data/process error.

Coverage of Rejected Enrolments.ContdBME packets were successfully generated during enrolment and same were accepted during uploading at CIDR server.

Total technology for generation of BME packets were provided by highly technical team of UIDAI authority considering all technical aspects and protocols.

UIDAI authority is requested to reconsider the rejected packets for Generation of Aadhaar Number as these were not rejected during enrolment.Steps are being taken for installation of helpline by UIDAI to sort out the rejected enrollments.

Setting-up of Permanent Enrollment CentresAnd RGI policy for coverage of under 5 age group The proposal for setting-up of permanent Enrolment centres at districts/ sub-districts is now under active consideration. ECIL is starting BME enrollment at Tahsil/ Block offices on 25th Jan at Cuttack, Khurdha, Puri, Balangir, Balasore, Bhadrak .

There is no proposal for biometric coverage of under 5 age group, however those who attain age group of 5 will be covered in the permanent centres. Thank YouE-mail: dco-ori.rgi@censusindia.gov.in bishnupada.sethi@gmail.com